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Hello guys, and welcome to my journal! \(^.^)/

I'm Pelko Azrael, for friends I'm Pel / Peru / Azu.
I'm European, and before to get into Japanese Entertainment world, 4-5 years ago,
I was totally into Metal and Rock (especially the ones from North Europe).

I love Rock, Metal, Opera, Classical music, and some J-pop.

I totally adore animals, especially cats and dogs.

I love guitars, stars, colors and sky.

I'm also a totally Drama-addicted.  

I entered in JE world thanks to Drama and KAT-TUN, but currently my favorites groups are:
A.B.C-Z, ふぉ〜ゆ〜 (4U.), Snow Man,  "MAD"/MADE/THEY武道 (TheyBUDOU) now called 宇宙Six (UchuuSix), タッキツバ(TakiTsuba), 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma), NEWS, 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8),ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's West)...

I also Love Kinki Kids, TOKIO, SMAP... And I somehow like all Johnny's groups, (Kisumai, JUMP... )including Juniors.

Outside JE I like a lot of rock bands/artists and listing them would take too much time and space... For list some: MY FIRST STORY, 超特急 (Choutokkyuu), ROOT FIVE...


I'M POSTPONING BUYING RELEASES (INKT&Choutokkyuu new album, ROOT FIVE DVD&Single, Takizawa Kabuki


My Journal is semi-friends locked.

If you want to add me and be added back, or to be friend with me,
please, start with leaving a comment in this post,
and I'll be happy to know you and maybe later add you back.
If I was the one who added you at the beginning, it's because I'm interested in you (because of what
you wrote in your LJ or because of what you shared.)

I usually leave comments when I add someone, if I didn't it's because my

internet/computer had something wrong in that moment, or I was in a hurry
before to go out, so forgive me please. m( _ _ )m

Minna yoroshiku!! (^o^)/~

NOTICE: Since few months ago, I have big problems with my computer,
it keeps on shutting down every few seconds/minutes totally randomly.
That's why lately I'm not active on LJ (my personal LJ, communities, private messages...)
Hopefully I'm going to have it fixed in the next months, so, if you're waiting for my answers please be patient, thank you~ ^^

Ok, it looks like I finally managed to fix my computer's problems, however it can be it will take me a
while to reply at all messages/comments in my inbox, because real life is always busy
and lately I'm so fuckin' lazy...


This is a list of what there is on my LJ.
(Click on the stars for get the link)



A.B.C-Z Discography
Busaiku Discography
INKT Discography
Johnny's West Discograpy
MY FIRST STORY Discography Part 1 (2012~2015)
MY FIRST STORY Discography Part 2 (2016~????)
Nakayama Yuma Discography
Rootfive Discography


A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5

A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 (A.B.C-Z Konya wa J's Club)

ダイヤルA.B.C☆E (Dial A.B.C☆E )


01. Can I reupload the file?

02. Can I copy the link somewhere else/give them to other people?

03. Can I use it for subbing purpose?

04. Can I use it for subbing purpose even if I turn the video file in a hardsub that I upload?


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So guys, today I'm here just for letting you all know
that starting from May, 2017 I stopped to upload A.B.C-Z radio show here on my journal.

I'll continue the upload only at [ profile] crazy_accel .
(Check the "radio" tags on the community to find the masterpost)

Have a nice summer~

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Bene ragazzi, non sono né un'esperta di DW né altro, ed ho cominciato ad usarlo solo 4-5 giorni fa, ma ho già
sperimentato le opzioni "import" e "crosspost" e in alcuni punti mi sono confusa, stesso discorso vale per una
mia amica, quindi ho pensato che una specie di tutorial poteva essere d'aiuto.

Prima di tutto, cosa sono l' import e il crosspost?

IMPORT = Copiare tutti i posts e le impostazioni del tuo livejournal sulla tua pagina dreamwidth.
Si tratta di una copia, quindi non verrà cancellato nulla da LJ.

CROSSPOST = Postare contemporaneamente qualcosa sia su DW che su LJ.

Come fare l' import ed il crosspost è spiegato in modo semplice nelle FAQ di DW: >>CLICK<<
Ma se qualcosa andasse storto, e non capiste cosa, potete seguire questi passaggi:


01 - Dovete registrarvi creando un account DW account, con un nome utente, una password ed un'email
, dopo di che, convalidare il vostro indirizzo email cliccando sul link che DW vi invierà.

02 -  Dopo aver convalidato l'account, andate sul sito di DW: e cliccate sul menu
"organize" --> "Import" che trovate in cima alla pagina.

03 - Nella finestra che appare, selezionate l' opzione livejournal, poi riempite le caselle con: il vostro nome utente di LJ e la vostra password di LJ, poi cliccate "continue".

04 - Selezionate ciò che volete importare, e poi date l'ok. Vi suggerisco di importare tutto insieme, così non
dovrete rifare il tutto più volte.


01 - Dovete avere un account personale e aver creato una community su DW (per farlo selezionate "create

community" dal menu "create".

02 - A questo punto andate sul sito di DW : e cliccate sul menu "organize" --> "Import" che
trovate in cima alla pagina.

03 - Nella finestra che appare, selezionate l'opzione Livejournal, poi riempite le caselle con: il vostro nome
utente LJ
, la password del vostro account LJ, il nome della vostra community poi cliccate "continue".

04 - Selezionate ciò che volete importare e poi date l'ok. Vi consiglio di importare tutto insieme, così non dovrete
rifare il tutto più volte.

05 - Per future importazioni, non dovrete più "riempire le caselle" dato che il vostro account rimarrà memorizzato,
dovrete solo passare dal vostro nome utente DW al nome della vostra community su DW, cliccando "switch" nella pagina "import" .


-Una volta che viene cliccato "import", non potete più fermare il processo di importazione.

-Quando il tutto è importato, potete cancellare ciò che avete importato, anche tutto insieme.

- Potete modificare le pagine importate  solo sul vostro LJ personale, per le communities NON potete.


Per prima cosa, sappiate che potete fare crosspost SOLO sul vostro LJ personale, NON nelle communities.
Detto questo, prima di poter creare crosspost dovete aggiungere il vostro "altro sito" nella vostra lista dei siti.

01 - Aprite e cliccate sul menu "organize" --> "Manage Account" che trovate in cima alla pagina.

02 - Nella finestra che si apre, cliccate la scheda "other site".

03 - Selezionate "livejournal" come tipo di account ed inserite il nome utente del vostro account livejournal.

04 - Se volete che TUTTI i vostri futuri post su dreamwidth vengano postati anche su livejournal, selezionate
 "crosspost by default" e poi salvate le modifiche, in caso contrario, salvate le modifiche senza selezionarlo.

05 - Se avete selezionato l'opzione "crosspost by default", quando posterete qualcosa non dovrete fare 
nient'altro, mentre se non l'avete selezionato, quando posterete qualcosa di cui volete fare un crosspost,
dovete semplicemente selezionare il vostro account livejournal e l'opzione "crosspost this entry"
impostazioni del post, praticamente quelle dove ci sono anche "mood", "Music", "comments" eccetera.

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So guys, I'm not a DW expert or whatever, and I just started using it 4-5 days ago, but I've already experience
importing and crosspost, and I got confused in some parts, and my friend too, so I thought I could somehow help.

First of all, what are an import and a crosspost?

IMPORT = To copy all your livejournal entries and setting on your dreamwidth pages.
It's just a copy, nothing will be deleted from LJ.

CROSSPOST = To post simultaneously the same post in DW and LJ.

How to import and crosspost is easily explained here in DW FAQ: >>CLICK<<
But if something goes bad and you don't know why, you can also follow these steps:


01 - You need to register a DW account, with a username, password and active email, then validate your
email clicking the link DW will send to you.

02 -  Once you got your account validate, go on DW homepage: and click on the menu
"organize" --> "Import" you can find in the upper part of your page.

03 - In the window that appears, select the Livejournal option, then fill the boxes with your LJ account username and your LJ account password, then click "continue".

04 - Select what you want to import and import it. I suggest to import everything altogether so you won't have
to re-do stuff many times.


01 - You need to have a registered account and to create a community on DW (to do it select from the menu
"create" and then "create community". 

02 - At this point go on DW homepage: and click on the menu "organize" --> "Import" you can
find in the upper part of your page.

03 - In the window that appears, select the Livejournal option, then fill the boxes with your personal  LJ account
, your personal LJ account password, the name of your community and then click "continue".

04 - Select what you want to import and import it. I suggest to import everything altogether so you won't have
to re-do stuff many times.

05 - For future importation, you don't need to do the "filling the boxes thing" since your account keep recorded,
you just have to switch from your DW username to your DW community name in the "import" page.


-Once you click "import", you CAN'T stop the import process.

-Once everything is imported, you can delete your imported entries, though, and also delete all of them.

- For your personal LJ you can edit imported entries, for communities you CAN'T edit entries.


First of all, know that you can make crosspost ONLY in your personal LJ, NOT in communities.
Said this, before to be able to make cross-posted entries you need to add your "other site" in your sites list.

01 - Open the and click on the menu "organize" --> "Manage Account" you can find in the
upper part of your page.

02 - In the new window that opens, click the "other site" sheet.

03 - Select "livejournal" as type of account and insert the username of your livejournal account.

04 - If you want that ALL your future dreamwidth entries will be posted also on your livejournal, select
 "crosspost by default" and then save your changes, otherwise save the changes without select it.

05 - If you selected the "crosspost by default thing", when you'll be posting something you won't have to do
anything else, while if you didn't, when you will post something you want to crosspost, you simply have to
select your livejournal account and "crosspost this entry"
in the posting setting aka the ones near "mood",
"Music", "comments" etc.

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Ciao ragazzi, pare che sia approdata anche qui!

Come potete dedurre anche dall'aspetto, questo è una sorta di "backup" del mio LJ (Livejournal).
Presto troverete tutti i miei post anche qui e
tutte le nuove pagine verranno postate contemporaneamente qui e su LJ.
Finché... Lascerò Livejournal e mi stanzierò qui definitivamente.

No, non ho intenzione di farlo subito, ma lasciate che vi spieghi una cosa:

Non so se avete già letto la nuova politica di LJ...
Beh, fa abbastanza schifo.
Praticamente ci sono restrizioni in qualunque cosa, praticamente una vera dittatura...
Niente più libertà...
Oltretutto c'è la possibilità che da un giorno all'altro la nostra pagina LJ  e tutto il suo contenuto sparisca,
a causa di varie cose, tra le quali un russo che si alza col piede sbagliato o un crash dei servers.


Perché LJ era una piattaforma blog americana, creata da americani nel 1999, con spirito americano, 
(quindi basato su libertà eccetera), poi nel 2007 il sito è stato acquistato da un'azienda Russa, ma ha
continuato a venire gestito da americani, ed i suoi servers erano ancora in California, ma nel 2009 hanno cominciato
a spostare uffici e tutto il resto in Russia. Questo spostament di "Tutto quanto" pare sia terminato a Dicembre del 2016,
quando tutto, inclusi i servers sono stati spostati definitivamente in Russia.

Fino a questo mese (Aprile del 2017)  tutto è stato ancora "normale" ma ora la politica del sito è cambiata e si  
basa sulle regole e politiche russe.

Tradotto, zero libertà, un oceano di restrizioni eccetera (ovvero la dittatura) .

A dicembre, varie persone hanno già lasciato LJ e si sono spostate su DW (Dreamwidth) o altri siti,
a causa della "cosa dei server" che vi ho accennato prima.
Pare che i servers negli stati uniti fossero più sicuri di quelli russi, e lo spostarli in rssia abbia causato
varie preoccupazioni.

Sono totalmente ignorante riguardo a servers e cose del genere, ma da quello che ho imparato da gente
esperta in queste cose, i server russi possono andare in palla da un momento all'altro, perdendo tutto ciò
che contengono, possono venire hackerati più facilmente ad hanno un sacco di altri problemi.
Quindi c'è il rischio che se uno di questi server schiatta o ha problemi, tutta la nostra roba sparisca per sempre.

A dicembre l'ho considerato un problema, specialmente per le mie communities e quelle che modero/seguo,
dato che in esse ci sono anni di roba archiviati, ma ho deciso di aspettare ancora un po' e vedere come la
situazione si sarebbe evoluta.

Beh, direi che si è evoluta male?
Yes, the servers didn't suddenly die so far, there was just a day of maintenance when LJ didn't work and 
made a mess with my post (it posted a post I was writing in a community in a totally different one and 
everything got lost, and I still have to re-write that post.)
Anyway the biggest problem here is the new absurd policy of LJ.

Considerate solo il fatto che il loro discorso inizia così: "Questa è la nostra politica, quindi  d'ora in poi,
se volete continuare ad usare LJ, dovete accettarla e rispettarla, se no siete liberi di andarvene immediatamente.
Ad ogni modo, monitoreremo ogni vostra attività su LJ, e avremo il diritto di cancellare il vostro account e/o
la vostra community se, secondo la sensibiltà russa, può essere considerata offensiva."

Voglio dire, questi ci hanno obbligato ad accettare la loro politica (con un click), per permetterci anche solo
di finire ciò che stavamo facendo sul nostro Livejournal, scrivere, leggere i messaggi ricevuti e tutto il resto...
Non ci hanno nemmeno avvisato, niente di niente! E si aspettano persino che tutti vedano le cose con
"Sensibilità russa". Sul serio??

Beh, se fosse stata una nuova politica "normale" le cose non sarebbero state così complicate, ma...
Per sintetizzare fra le varie regole della nuova politica ce ne sono alcune del tipo:

"Se la tua pagina riceve più di 3000 visite al giorno lo considereremo sospetto, perché se accade una
cosa simile o siete terroristi, o pedofili, o condividete materiale porno, o comunque fate attività pericolose,
usate linguaggi osceni, diffondete materiale segreto, o cose simili."

"Fra le altre cose, non potete diffondere informazioni riguardanti la vita di normali cittadini, non potete
parlare delle elezioni russe, e dovete assolutamente seguire le leggi della Federazione russa."

"Potete scrivere solo cose obbiettive, e dovete confermarne la veridicità prima di scriverle, oppure
dovrete cancellarle immediatamente. Pertanto non potete usare questa pagina per falsificare informazioni,
you'll have to delete right away what you wrote. Therefore you can't use this page for sharing falsified infos, 
distribuendo qua e là discorsi informativi con cui noi (Federazione Russa) non concordiamo."

"Non potete parlare di politica, sesso, età, razza, scambi commerciali, azioni (in borsa), affari, religione,
lingue, posto in cui si vive, ma siete liberissimi di scrivere qualunque cosa concordi con la Federazione Russa."

"Non potete inserire nella vostra pagina nessun tipo di testo o materiale che non concordi con la Federazione Russa."

"Non potete pubblicizzare la vostra pagina perché è contro la legge No. 38-FZ of March 13, 2006."

"Se abusate dei vostri diritti, verrete considerati criminali, per questo dovete fornirci un vostro indirizzo email
valido, in caso dovessimo contattarvi riguardo a questioni legali."

Dicono anche che c'è un ufficio governativo che controlla tutto ciò che c'è su LJ, al fine che "vengano rispettati
gli standards della legge russa."

EDIT: Ho appena saputo che l'ufficio scritto qui sopra ora sta controllando l'orientamento sessuale della gente
sulle pagine LJ, perché non vogliono persone gay fra i loro iscritti e che agiranno contro gli omosessuali e
contro chi parla di cose "non etero" su LJ. STIAMO SCHERZANDO?!

Questo è solo un breve riassunto di tutto lo schifo, o per lo meno il poco che ci ho capito...
Ma sinceramente per me è stato abbastanza...

Perciò ho dato vita a questo account DW, che in realtà già avevo ma me ne ero scordata...
All'inizio lo userò solo come sito "backup" nell'attesa che i miei contatti LJ vengano su DW
(cosa che scommetto accadrà), e nel caso accadesse qualcosa di brutto, come ad esempio
che le regole peggiorassero ancor di più, o se perdessi tutti i miei posts a causa del cortocircuito
di un serve, semplicemente cancellerò il mio account LJ, e terrò solo questo.
Lo stesso discorso vale per la mia community, e quelle con cui collaboro/sono moderatore.
Non ho assolutamente intenzione di perdere tutto a causa di cose  superstupide.

A proposito, spostare tutti i posts, le info del profilo, le impostazioni eccetera da LJ a DW è davvero facile
e può essere fatto semplicemente cliccando il pulsante  "Import" dal menu "Organize" che troverete in testa
alla pagina, e per le communities funziona più o meno allo stesso modo.
C'è anche la possibilità di un cross-posting fra LJ e DW (praticamente ciò che scrivi su DW può essere in
automatico postato anche su LJ)...
Appena posso scriverò un tutorial su come Importare/fare il crosspost delle cose per gli amici che hanno
difficoltà a farlo.


Me ne stavo scordando, ma chi è nei miei "mutual friends" di LJ e vuole esserlo anche qui, deve solo
lasciare un commento nel masterpost (o anche qui) comunicandomi qual'era il suo user-name LJ, e ovviamente che eravamo "amici" anche su LJ.


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Hi guys! It looks like I landed here too!

How you can tell by the look, this is a kind of "backup" of my LJ (Livejournal) page,
soon you'll be able to find all my posts here too, and  from now on,
all my new entries will be cross-posted here and on LJ....
Until when... I'll quit LJ and move here permanently.

No, I'm not planning to do it right now but please, let me explain you something:

IDK if you already read the new LJ policy...
Well, It kinda sucks?
Basically there are restrictions about everything, a real dictatorship...
No-more freedom...
Plus we can suddenly lose everything we have on our LJ page because of many reasons,
including a Russian who wakes up with the wrong mood or a crash of servers.


Because LJ was an american blog platform, created in 1999 by american people, with american spirit
(so freedom etc), then in 2007 was bought from a Russian company but stil managed by americans.
Its servers were still in California but in 2009 they started moving offices etc in Russia.
The "moving everything" process ended in December 2016, it seems, when everything, server included,
was permanently moved in Russia.

Until this month (April 2017) everything was still "normal" but now the policy of the site changed,
and is based on Russian policy and politics.

So zero freedom, tons of restrictions etc etc.(aka dictatorship) 

Back in December, there were already people who quit LJ and joined DW (Dreamwidth) or other sites,
because of that "server thing" I mentioned before.
Apparently servers in US were more secure and reliable than Russian's, and the moving the servers
in Russia caused many worries.

I'm totally ignorant about servers and whatever, but what I learned from people who know these things,
is that Russian servers can crash anytime, losing everything in them, can be hacked easily and can have tons
more problems. So there's the risk that if those servers die or have problems everything disappears forever.

At that time I considered it a problem, especially for the communities I own/moderate/follow in which there are
years of stuff stored, but I decided to wait a bit more and see how the situation evolved.

Well, it evolved in a pretty bad way?
Yes, the servers didn't suddenly die so far, there was just a day of maintenance when LJ didn't work and 
made a mess with my post (it posted a post I was writing in a community in a totally different one and 
everything got lost, and I still have to re-write that post.)
Anyway the biggest problem here is the new absurd policy of LJ.

Just consider that it starts as: "This is our policy, so if you want to keep on using LJ from this moment forward,
you have to agree it and respect it, otherwise you're free to leave right away.
Anyway, we'll be monitoring each activity of yours in LJ and we have the right to delete your account
and/or community if, according Russian's perception,it can sounds offensive. "

Like, they did force us to agree (with a click) even just for finishing what we were doing on LJ/read our
inbox or whatever...
They didn't give even a notice before it, anything at all! And they even expect that everyone see things in
a "Russian perception"... Seriously?

And well, if it was a "normal" new policy maybe this thing wouldn't have been such a big deal but...
Just for summarizing, the new policy has, among many others, rules that sound like:

"If your page has more than 3000 visits in a day, we'll consider it something suspicious, because if something
like that happens, or you are terrorists, or pedophiles, or you share porn material, or anyways you do dangerous
activities, you use obscene language, spread secret material or stuff like that."

"Among the other things, you can't spread infos about the life of a normal citizen, you can't talk about Russian 
elections, and you have absolutely to follow Russian Federation's law."

"You can write only objective things, and you have to confirm their truthfulness before to write them, otherwise
you'll have to delete right away what you wrote. Therefore you can't use this page for sharing falsified infos, 
scattering around informative talks about something we (Russian Federation) don't agree."

"You can't talk about politics, sex, age, race, trades, stocks, business, religion, language, place where you live,
but you're totally free to write everything is in accord with Russian Federation."

"You can't put on your page any kind of text or material that isn't in agreement with Russian Federation."

"You can't promote your page because it's against Russian law No. 38-FZ of March 13, 2006."

"if you abuse of your rights, you'll be considered a criminal, that's why we need your valid email address if we need to contact you about legal matters."

They also say there's an office of government that check everything on LJ for the purpose of having "Russian law
standards respected"...

EDIT: I just got to know that the office I mentioned before is now checking through LJ pages the sex orientation of the
owners because they don't want gay people there, and they'll act against gay people and people whose journal
talks about not hetero stuff. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

This is just a little summary of all the shit, or at least the few I understood about it...
And for me is more than enough...

That's why I brought to life this DW account that I actually already had created and forgotten.
At first I'll use it just as a backup site, waiting for my LJ people moving to DW (because I bet it will
actually happen), and if something bad will happen, like rules becoming even more absurd, or losing
all my posts because of server crashing, I'll just delete my LJ account and keep just this one.
Same thing goes for the community I own and maybe also the ones I moderate/collaborated with.

I really have no intentions to lose everything I posted for superstupid reasons.

BTW, To move all entries, profile infos, setting etc from LJ to DW is super-easy and can be done clicking
"Import" from the menu "Organize" you find in the header, and same thing more or less works for communities.
There's also the chance of automatically cross-posting stuff  in LJ+DW...
I'll write a tutorial soon about how to import/crosspost stuff, for the friends who have difficulties with it.


I was forgetting but who is my mutual friend on LJ and wants to be my mutual friend here too, has just to leave a comment in my masterpost page (or also in this post) letting me know what his LJ username was, and that we were friends already on LJ.

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Hi guys! I'm dropping a message for letting you know that I updated all episodes of Ebi Radio Shows from February,
and that from this week, my entries will never be public again...

- A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 CLICK
- A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 (A.B.C-Z Konya wa J's Club) CLICK
- ダイヤルA.B.C☆E (Dial A.B.C☆E ) CLICK

No deep reasons behind it, just, I'm super-slow updating because of daily life stuff coming up one after
another, so I end up letting entries unlocked for months and it isn't so nice in terms of safety...

Anyway don't worry, you don't need to join my LJ for get the radio shows links,
because I'll post everything on [ profile] crazy_accel with the same peace I'm posting it on my LJ.

I already shared there all 2016 episodes in 3 masterposts, and today I'm going to post there
the ones aired so far in 2017 so don't worry, nothing will change for you guys...
Just... I probabily won't write down updates since I'm too busy for it and it's what refrained me
from posting the episodes faster, so you'll need to click the tag with the radio show name
on the community or to save the link of the masterpost and check it out every week.

Thank you for your understanding!

Changing the topic, if someone is interested, I recently uploaded in my Ebi Discography masterpost:


I also uploaded this:


That's all.
Have a nice day!
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Here the masterpost for Go!Go!5's January episodes!

As always, this post will be locked a week after the upload of the last episode of the month .


☆2017.01.07 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #41 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.14 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #42 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.21 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #43 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.28 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #44 >>DOWNLOAD<<

*Click HERE for episodes #36~#40 (December, 2016)*

*Click HERE for episodes #44~#48 (February, 2017)*

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Hey guys, here the January masterpost for
ダイヤルA.B.C☆E (Dial A.B.C☆E) episodes!

I hope you all are doing fine!
Sorry for taking so long with the updates.

As always, this post will be locked a week after the upload of the last episode of the month .

Radio Show Website:
Radio Show Twitter:
Radio Show Email:

☆2017.01.06 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #15 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.13 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #16 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.20 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #17 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.27 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #18 >>DOWNLOAD<<

*Click HERE for episodes #10~#14 (December, 2016)*
*Click HERE for episodes #19~#22 (February, 2017)*
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Happy New Year!!
So, as I do every year, I'm going to share my music playlist of 2016!

As always all the data are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate
enough to be shared...

Here my most listened artist during 2016:

01 - NEWS
02 - A.B.C-Z
03 - 超特急 (Choutokkyuu)
05 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuuma)
07 - √5 (Root Five)
08 - KAT-TUN
09 - TOKIO
10 - The LadyBird
11 - The Rasmus
12 - 細谷佳正 (Hosoya Yoshimasa)
13 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
14 - INKT
17 - Leverage
18 - 橋本良亮 (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
19 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
20 - tacica

Ok, if the 1st six places are pretty expected, because they're the artists I really followed the most this past year,
I'm pretty surprised by The LadyBird, The Rasmus and Hosoya Yoshimasa...
I didn't remember at all to have listened so much to them, while I believed to have listened more to SPYAIR and OLDCODEX.
Also, I didn't expect that INKT had dropped at the 14th place...Well, probably it's beause I didn't get its new album, so
I haven't listened to anything from them recently...

Here my most played songs during 2016:

01 - 細谷佳正 - go on (Hosoya Yoshimasa - Go On)
02 - NEWS - ヒカリノシズク (NEWS - Hikari No Shizuku)
03 - NEWS - Touch
04 - A.B.C-Z - Great5
05 - A.B.C-Z - PERIOD
06 - NEWS - Wonder
07 - NEWS - 星の旅人たち (NEWS - Hoshi no Tabibito-tachi)
08 - MY FIRST STORY - One Light
09 - A.B.C-Z - Tomorrow
10 - 橋本良亮 - Crazy about you (Hashimoto Ryosuke - Crazy About You)*
11 - 中山優馬 - Feeling Me Softly (Nakayama Yuuma - Feeling Me Softly)*
12 - MY FIRST STORY - 君の唄 (MY FIRST STORY - Kimi no Uta)*
14 - スキマスイッチ - Ah Yeah!! (Sukima Switch - Ah Yeah!!)**
15 - 超特急 Feat. Marty Friedman - Beautiful Chaser (Choutokkyuu Ft Marty Friedman - Beautiful Chaser)**
16 - MY FIRST STORY - Missing You**
17 - NEWS - BYAKUYA***
18 - tacica - Leo***
19 - A.B.C-Z - Fly a Flag****
20 - MY FIRST STORY - Home****
超特急 — Yell (Choutokkyuu - Yell)****

*/**/***/****= These song have the same number of listen,
and number 20 are both those songs because all of them have the same number of listen,
that actually are the same number of listen of number 19.

Waaaait, what?!?! Hosoyan's song at the first place?? Seriously???
I was truly convinced that my most listened song of the year was actually "One Light"
my obsession since I heard it for the first time, having me crying while listening to it.
For the rest I'm not so surprised... I just thought "Fly a Flag" was in upper positions and
that was present in the list BURNOUT SYNDROMES' song ヒカリアレ(Hikari Are) was in the list...

And after it:

The last song listened in 2016: 渋谷すばる — 琉我 (Shibutani Subaru - Ruwa)

The 1st song listened on 2017: セツナクルーズ — 777 (Setunacrews - 777 )

Ok, that's all for 2016 music...
So, what do you think about it? What is your 2016 play list?
If you feel like that leave me a comment and let's talk about it!
Have a nice day/afternoon/night!

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It looks like LJ got crazy and re-posted something I actually posted 3-4 YEARS AGO.
Please, do not pay attention to it, and sorry.

Pare che LJ sia impazzito ed abbia ri-postato roba che in realtà era stata pubblicata 3-4 ANNI FA.
Per favore, non fateci caso e scusate.
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Here the latest episodes of October,
you can find the 1st episodes of November in new posts.


☆2016.10.29 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #31

☆2016.10.28 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #05
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Hi guys!
This time I'm sharing the 2nd Ebi regular radio show...
I didn't plan to do it, because Budhe-chan [ profile] tetsuko_himura was already sharing it,
but since she missed the 3rd episode, and I was going to upload it for her,
I thought I should have uploaded it for everyone needs it.

A.B.C-Z Konya wa J's Club (A.B.C-Z Tonight's J's Club) is a radio show that airs the last Tuesday of each month,
and it looks like many guests (especially Johnny's Jr) will appear in it.

Note: I don't live in Japan, so I'm not the one recording this radio show, it's people living there who share it with me,
so I can't guarantee that they'll keep on recording/sharing it, but as long as they'll do I'll keep on uploading it.

RADIO SHOW EMAIL: >>Click Here<<

☆2016.04.26 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #01 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.05.04 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #02 >>DOWNLOAD<< 「スペシャル10時台」

☆2016.05.31 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #03 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.06.28 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #04 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.07.26 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #05 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.08.12 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #06 >>DOWNLOAD<< 「夏スペシャル8時台」Guest: ふぉ〜ゆ〜 (4U.)

☆2016.08.12 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #06 >>DOWNLOAD<< 「夏スペシャル9時台」Guest: ふぉ〜ゆ〜 (4U.)

☆2016.08.30 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #07 >>DOWNLOAD<< NOT AIRED BECAUSE OF THE TYPHOON.

☆2016.09.23 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #07 >>DOWNLOAD<<「秋スペシャル 前半」Guest: 屋良朝幸 (Yara Tomoyuki)

☆2016.09.23 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #07 >>DOWNLOAD<<「秋スペシャル 後半」Guest: 屋良朝幸 (Yara Tomoyuki)

☆2016.09.27 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #08 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.10.18 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #09 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.11.29 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #10 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.12.27 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 20161227 #11「年末スペシャル8時台 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.12.27 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 20161227 #11「年末スペシャル9時台 >>DOWNLOAD<<

For 2017 Masterpost click HERE
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Hey you guys, guys playzone!

How are you all doing???? Is 2016 started well?

Soooo, I'm here to do the usual thing I'm doing in the latest 2 years...

My "Music playlist of the year 2016"

Also this time, all the data are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate enough~

Anyway if you want to share your list of songs, or discuss about it, please leave a comment!

Here my most listened artist during 2015:

01 - A.B.C-Z
02 - 超特急 (Choutokkyuu)
03 - TOKIO
04 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma)
06 - INKT
08 - KAT-TUN
09 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
10 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
11 - 雅-MIYAVI-
12 - セツナケルーズ (Setunacrews)
13 - √5 (RootFive)
14 - NEWS
15 - タッキー&翼 (Tackey&Tsubasa)
17 - Mr. Children
18 - Bon Jovi
19 - 橋本良亮 (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
20 - Poets Of The Fall

Oook.... I was really surprised about this ranking...
I mean, I knew that A.B.C-Z would have been in the upper places and Choutokkyuu too, but TOKIO 3rd?!
Really?? When I listened so much to them, again? O.o also Yuma... It's pretty high even if I knew I listened
to him a lot the past winter-spring (Pretty much fault of YOLOmoment I guess) but... Hasshi in the list...
I wouldn't ever imagined it...
Oh well, another playlist FUUULLLLLL of japanese music...

Here my most played songs during 2015:

01  - 中山優馬 - 貯金箱  (Nakayama Yuma - Chokin Bako)
02  - A.B.C-Z - ずっとLOVE (A.B.C-Z - ZuttoLOVE)
03  - A.B.C-Z - 恋に落ちたボディガード (A.B.C-Z - Koi Ni Ochita Bodyguard)
04  - A.B.C-Z - Finally Over
06  - セツナクルーズ - filter (Setunacrews - filter)
07  - Jonne Aaron - Taivas Itkee Hiljaa*
08  - 超特急 - ikki!!!!!i!! (Choutokkyuu - Ikki!!!!!i!!)*
09  - セツナクルーズ - extreme (Setunacrews - filter)**
10  - A.B.C-Z - A.B.C-Z LOVE**
11  - 超特急 - Believe×Believe (Choutokkyuu - Believe×Believe)**
12  - A.B.C-Z - ボクラ~LOVE&PEACE~ (A.B.C-Z - Bokura~LOVE&PEACE~)**
13  - A.B.C-Z - 僕らのこたえ〜Here We Go〜 (A.B.C-Z - Bokura No Kotae~Here We Go~)**
14  - ジャニーズWEST - My Best Friend (Johnny's WEST - My Best Friend)***
15  - セツナクルーズ - ハイブリッドマン (Setunacrews - Hybrid Man)***
16  - 橋本良亮 - One by One (Hashimoto Ryosuke - One by One)****
17  - セツナクルーズ - 旅立ちの日に (Setunacrews - Tabidachi No Hini)****
18  - 超特急 - EBiDAY EBiNAI (Choutokkyuu - EBiDAY EBiNAI)*****
19  - セツナクルーズ - Morning purple (Setunacrews - Morning purple)*****
20  - A.B.C-Z - 5 rings
        橋本良亮 - 恋涙 (Hashimoto Ryosuke - Koi Namida)
        戸塚祥太 - 君といた (Totsuka Shota - Kimi Toita)
        GLAY - 時計 (GLAY - Tokei)
        みーちゃん - The Fox (Mi-chan - The Fox)
        セツナクルーズ - sky Fall (Setunacrews - sky Fall)

*/**/***/****= These song have the same number of listen,
and number 20 are all those songs because all of them have the same number of listen.

Yeah, I like Chokin Bako but!!!! Why first?!?! Have I really listened it SO MANY TIMES??
I thought the most listened song of 2015 was Choutokkyuu's "Beautiful Chaser" because I totally fell for that
song but it isn't even listed!! Why???
Also, ZuttoLOVE as second song??? Are you joking?? I don't dislike it but I never was really into that song O___O Also, Jonne Aaron's song... I remember I listened it the past winter but... SO MANY TIMES????
If LastFM-san didn't tell me I would never ever ever imagined such ranking!

And now:

The last song listened on 2015: タッキー&翼 - 青春の先の希望 (Tackey&Tsubasa - Seishun No Saki No Kibou)

The 1st song listened on 2016: 蛇足 / 【蓮】 - 盲目の宇宙飛行士 (Dasoku x Ren - Moumoku No Uchuu Hikoushi)

So... Have a nice day and a happy new year, once again!
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Hello guys! It's been a while since the last time I updated, isn't it?
Well, I'm busy with other stuff... As always...
BUT yesterday night, talking with [ profile] sky_fish7 I realised that I hadn't posted yet something I subbed...
Like in September-October...

At first I wanted to make an hardsub, but as the most of you know, I work on a mac, not on windows,
and, for what I know, there aren't mac softwares for hardsubbing karaoke...
So at first I gave up to upload it but then...
I started to talk with [ profile] naryabutterfly and we (both) got a bit angry for HOW people treat this band.

I explained it in detail HERE, in a old post where I'm sharing their full discography (well, almost full)...
But in few words, My First Story is a great rock band composed by serious musicians and...
The vocalist is ONE OK ROCK's Taka younger brother who has a voice really similar to his.
Unfortunately people know this band just as "the band of Taka's little brother", and don't pay attention to those guys... BUT...
Their music is great, and technically speaking they are even better than ONE OK ROCK.
ONE OK ROCK is really great, but it's "protected" by a big agency and a major recording company,
that's why its music is "influenced" and "built" from many expert people who take care of everything...
While MY FIRST STORY is an indie band, who auto-produces its music through a indie recording company.
The music is made just by them, and they collaborate with lots of groups and artists of the indie scene for
improve and grow as musicians.

So please people, STOP to call MFS as "Taka's younger brother's band", and give them a chance to rock your butt out!

Anyway... The song I subbed is a really sweet love song, a ballade, nothing so rockish compared to the other songs...
But if you want I recommend you some song or you want to have infos, feel free to ask me.


Ciao a tutti, è passato un po’ dall’ultima volta in cui ho scritto qualcosa, eh?
Beh, sono impegnata in altre cose… Come sempre…
MA, ieri notte, parlando con [ profile] sky_fish7 mi sono resa conto di non aver ancora postato qualcosa che ho subbato…
Tipo in Settembre-Ottobre…

All’inizio volevo fare un hardsub, ma come la maggior parte di voi saprà, io lavoro su un mac, non su windows,
e per quel che ne so, non esistono software per mac che hardsubbino karaoke.
Così all’inizio ci avevo rinunciato, ma poi…
Ho cominciato a parlare con [ profile] naryabutterfly e… ci siamo un po’ arrabbiate per COME la gente tratta questa band.

L’ho spiegato dettagliatamente QUI, in un vecchio post dove ho condiviso la loro discografia completa (o quasi)…
Ma in poche parole, i My First Story sono una grande rock band composta da musicisti seri e…
Il cantante è il fratellino minore di Taka degli ONE OK ROCK, che ha anche una voce simile al fratello maggiore.
Sfortunatamente la gente li conosce solo come "la band del fratellino di Taka", e non presta attenzione a loro, MA…
La loro musica è fantastica e tecnicamente parlando sono persino meglio degli ONE OK ROCK.
Gli ONE OK ROCK sono molto bravi, ma vengono "protetti" da una grande agenzia y e da un’importante casa discografica,
per questo la loro musica è "influenzata" e "creata" da molti esperti del settore, che si occupano di tutto quanto…
Mentre i My First Story sono una band indipendente che auto-produce la propria musica supportati solo da un’etichetta indipendente.
La loro musica è fatta solo da loro, che collaborano con un sacco di altri gruppi e artisti della scena indie per migliorare e crescere come musicisti.

Quindi per favore, SMETTETELA di chiamare i MFS "la band del fratellino di Taka", e date loro l’occasione di dimostrarvi ciò che valgono!

Ad ogni modo… La canzone che ho subbato è una canzone d’amore, piuttosto dolce, nulla di così rocckeggiante paragonata alle altre loro canzoni…
Ma se volete che vi consigli qualche loro canzone, o avete bisogno di informazioni, chiedete pure.


★ So guys, this song is called 花ー0714ー (Hana-0714-), that means "Flowers, July 14th";
but it's read as " 離れないよ " (Hanarenai Yo), that means something like "don't leave me".

I transcribed the kanji I found in the original booklet, and I translated the lyric from them, and I just
started to self-learning japanese, so there are surely mistakes.
So please, don't claim it as yours, don't share elsewhere and if you find some mistake let me know about them,
I'll be happy to fix them.

Also, Hiro changes the lyric while singing during this live gig,
so in the subs I obviously wrote the lyric he was singing, instead of
the original one I'm writing here.


★ Bene ragazzi, questa canzone si intitola 花ー0714ー (Hana-0714-), che significa "Fiori del 14 Luglio";
ma va letto come" 離れないよ " (Hanarenai Yo), che significa "non lasciarmi".

Ho trascritto i kanji che ho trovato nel booklet originale per poi tradurre il testo da quelli, ed ho appena cominciato a studiare il giapponese da autodidatta,
e ci saranno sicuramente un sacco di errori.
Quindi per favore, non dite che le traduzioni sono vostre, non condividetele su
altri siti, e se trovate degli errori fatemelo sapere per favore, sarò felice di correggerli.

Inoltre nel concerto live Hiro cambia le parole mentre canta,
quindi nei subs ho scritto il testo che sta cantando e non quello originale
che ho postato qua sotto.



Do not repost, do not put on streaming site and do not hotlink.
The post will be locked in a week.
I ripped and cut the RAW from my own original DVD so I'll be able to tell right away if you used it.

Vietato caricare su altri siti, mettere in streaming e condividere questi link.
Questo post diventerà friends-locked in una settimana.
Ho rippato e tagliato la RAW dal mio DVD originale, quindi mi accorgerò subito se qualcuno la userà.


生まれて初めて こんな気持ちになった…

何一つ取り柄も 持ち合わせてないけど
ねぇ、お願い… 隣に居てよ!!

だって紛れもなく ただ君を愛してる…

100年先もずっと 君をみてたいの!!
君は僕の 全て捧げた人だから!!
笑って 泣いて 手をとりながら最後まで…

君はもう 一生分の愛をくれたね
次は僕が 君にあげるよ…

大した言葉も あんまり言えないけど



何もしてあげられない こんな僕と
Umarete hajimete kon'na kimochi ni natta…
Kimi ni yatto meguri aeta!!

Nani hitotsu torie mo mochiawase tenai kedo
Nee, onegai… Tonari ni ite yo!!

Shichi gatsu juu yon nichi ni kimi to issho ni naru to kimeta! !
Datte magire mo naku tada kimi wo aishiteru…

Hyaku-nen saki mo zutto kimi o mitetai no! !
Kimi wa boku no subete sasageta hito dakara! !
Waratte naite te wo torinagara saigo made…

Kimi wa mou isshou bun no ai wo kureta ne
Tsugi wa boku ga kimi ni ageru yo…

Taishita kotoba mo anmari ienai kedo
Sono kawarini “hana” wo okuru yo!

Shichi gatsu juu go nichi ni aratamete kidzukasa reta!
Yappa eranda michi wa koko de yokatta’nda…

Kimi wo aishiteru yo! !

Boku ga nokori no toki wo kakete
Kitto kimi wo shiawase ni suru kara! ! !
Nani mo shite agerarenai kon'na boku to
Issho ni ite kurete arigatou!
Chikai no yubi wa, kimi wa uketotte kuremasu ka…?
It’s the first time that a feeling like this is born..
I finally met you!!

Me, who has no value,
Hey, stay beside me.. I pray you!!

On July 14th, I decided to stay with you!!
Because it’s evident, I love you..

I’ll watch over you even in 100 years!!
Because you’re the one I devoted all myself!!
Laughing, crying, while we hold our hands until the end..

You filled my life with love
Now I’m the one who will give it to you..

I’m not someone who says so many great words,
I give you flowers instead!

On July 15th, I become aware of it!
As I thought, I’m glad to have chosen you along this road..

I love you!!!

For all the rest of my life
I’ll surely make you happy!!!
Thank you for staying with me
Even though I can’t give you anything!
Will you receive this ring as oath?
É la prima volta che in me nasce un sentimento del genere..
Finalmente ti ho incontrata!!

Io, che non ho alcun valore,
Hey, stammi accanto.. Ti prego!!

Il 7 Luglio ho deciso di stare con te!!
Perché è evidente che ti amo..

Veglierò su di te anche fra 100 anni!!
Perché tu sei colei a cui ho dato tutto me stesso!!
Ridiamo, piangiamo, mentre ci teniamo per mano fino alla fine..

Tu hai riempito la mia vita d’amore
Ora sarò io a dartelo..

Non sono il tipo che ti dice tante belle cose,
Però ti mando dei fiori!

Il 15 Luglio me ne sono reso conto!
Come pensavo, sono felice di avere scelto te, lungo questa strada.

Ti amo!!!

Per tutto il resto della mia vita
Ti farò sicuramente felice!!!
Grazie di stare con me
Anche se non riesco a darti nulla!
Accetterai questo anello, come giuramento?
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I did the same thing the past year, so why not doing the same this year?

All the datas are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate enough ^^

Anyway if you want to share your list of songs, or discuss about it, please leave a comment!

Here my most listened artist during 2014:

01 - A.B.C-Z
03 - INKT
04 - KAT-TUN
05 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
06 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma)
07 - Sexy Zone
08 - Guys Playzone (Playzone Cast from 2011-2012-2013)
09 - Koma'n
10 - √5
11 - FT Island
12 - The LadyBird
13 - Tarja Turunen
14 - Poets Of The Fall
15 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
16 - Hammerfall
17 - NEWS
19 - Elvenking
20 - Kis-My-Ft2

Awww somehow I think there's something weird in this ranking LOL
For the 1st 3 position I expected it... They are my most loved groups right now...
But... KAT-TUN in the 4th position?? Seriously?? I didn't expect it at all!
Plus, Sexy Zone at 7th!! I was really into "Bad Boys" and "Power of Run" I guess...
Koma'n at the 9th is weird as well... I mean, I don't remember when was the last time I listened to his music O.O
Same thing for Hammerfall and Elvenking! NEWS I guess it's because I loved the World Cup Theme Song, and I overlistened to it LOL About Kisumai I don't exactly know... Oh, right, it could be because of "Luv Sick"...
But I think it's still odd...

Here my most played songs during 2014:

01 - A.B.C - Z - 僕らのこたえ 〜Here We Go〜  (A.B.C - Z - Bokura No Kotae ~Here We Go~)
02 - ジャニーズWEST - ええじゃないか (Johnny's WEST - Ee Ja Nai Ka)
03 - Kis-My-Ft2 - Luv Sick
04 - ジャニーズWEST - バンザイ夢マンサイ (Johnny's WEST - Banzai Yume Mansai)
05 - Poets Of The Fall - Cradled In Love
06 - ジャニーズWEST - その先ヘ...(Johnny's WEST - Sono Saki e...)
07 - ジャニーズWEST - 浪速一等賞! (Naniwa Ittoushou!)
08 - 中山優馬 - Missing Piece (Nakayama Yuma - Missing Piece)
09 - A.B.C - Z - 5rings
10 - INKT - A Whole New World
11* - 中山優馬 - 愛までがナイフ (Nakayama Yuma - Ai Made Ga Naifu)
12* - 中山優馬 - High Five (Nakayama Yuma - High Five)
13**- 中山優馬 - So Crazy (Nakayama Yuma - So Crazy)
14**- MY FIRST STORY - 不可逆リプレイス (MY FIRST STORY - Fukyagaku Replace)
15**- INKT - Iron Heart
16**- INKT - Fight For Freedom
17**- INKT - Nobody Knows
18***- 中山優馬 - Blossom Tree (Nakayama Yuma - Blossom Tree)
19***- INKT - 45'
20 - INKT - Trigger

*/**/***= These song have the same number of listen.

Wow... I totally didn't expect this kind of list..
The only one I knew was the 1st place...
I was totally into "Bokura no Kotae"... But the others...
Ehhh? All those JWest songs? Really? And even Yuma's?!
Plus... Luv Sick... O.o This isn't even my fav song of Kisumai...
But I guess it's because I listened to it a lot of times while I was karaoking it -.-
Damn my scrobber who scrobs basically from everywhere I turn on music.
I'm shocked for the low position of Fukyagaku Replace...
I loved so much that song but... Somehow it's only at 14th place O.O
So weird!!

Anyway, I want also add:

The last song listened on 2014: 男闘呼組 – 翼なき疾走 (Otokogumi - Tsubasa Naki Shissou)

The 1st song listened on 2015: Ill Niño - Me Gusta La Soledad

So... Have a nice day and a happy new year, once again!

Thank You

Dec. 31st, 2014 08:51 pm
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December 31st, 08:35PM

I'm home alone with my puppies.
I just took dinner and in the silence I could think.
While I was eating I had all kind of thoughts, so I decided to write here.

I ate some fish my mom left home for me.
She bought it already cooked at the fish stand of the market yesterday morning.
It didn't taste good.
I was thinking it was annoying, then I remembered something.
That fish, gave his life for become my food. I should at least be grateful of it!
So I felt like crying, once again, and it's weird but the taste of the fish turned better.

I also remembered that someone... A friend, who is a chef, the past year told me that when he kills fish or other sea animals for cooking them at the restaurant where he works, he feels really bad...
So, someone that works there as dishwasher, and he's a native american, taught him a prayer for thanking and saying sorry to all the animals who die for becoming our food. I thought it was great, even though I still feel bad for them...

Speaking about it, that friend is someone who really hurt me. He isn't anymore in my life since November of the past year.
He was the kind of person who came back to town after 10 years spent working in another city, and randomly entered in my life careless. Then, after we were close and having asked for my help he disappeared, and re-came back after few months.
Then, after becoming really close to me, bringing back a lot of thing of the past, and having totally used me for solving all his problems...
(Because I was stupid enough to do everything I could for helping a friend, even though my health sucked and my situation wasn't so good)
Anyway, after all these things, he disappeared definitely, leaving me alone few days before my birthday, without saying a single "thank you" or explaining why he suddenly got cold and distant before to disappear.

Well, I'm going out of the topic so... Where we was?
Oh yeah, at my New Year's Eve dinner LOL

Before, I said "I felt like crying once again". Yep, because in these days I feel so sad, and I got easily mad. It's not because I'm alone this night, I'm used to it, plus, this year it was my choice. I really don't mind to be together with my puppies, I think it's the best instead ^^

The feeling of sadness is gave from the fact I haven't did anything good in this year that is going to finish. I don't like myself, I don't have any confidence, so I couldn't do anything.
It's not the world fault, it's not my country situation's fault, it's just me, who hasn't been strong enough to step forward and make my own future, my own life.
I know, but I haven't the guts of admitting it, so I keep on despising myself
deep insight, and getting angry and sad.

I'm so stupid and useless...
I hate that my parents always considered me as the "Stupid, ugly and useless" one,
but... They were right..
I always said I prefer the truth, said face to face...
But I guess this is the only case I would have liked that they lied.
I would have liked that they pretended to love me for giving me the self confidence and the strength to face my life.

Putting all these depressing things aside, I want to say anyway "Thank you" to this year.
Because as I always thought, everything happens for some reason, even though maybe we can't understand the true reason when that thing happens...
So, for this year 2014, I think it's the same...
Right now I feel like there wasn't anything good for me on this year, but...
Maybe there was, and I still can't see it...
So, Year 2014, thank you!

Speaking about the change of the year...
I don't know how old I was when I heard about this thing but...
This is the representation I always liked about the change of the year:
The old year, is a reeeally old man with long white hair and beard.
He's so tired, slow and weak, and he's gonna die. But he's not scared about death,
because he has come across his path.
In the moment he will die, a baby will born: The new year.
This baby will grow day by day, becoming a kid, a teenager, a man, an old man...
Until he will die on the next december.

So, this is the representation I like about the year... But... I always felt bad for the poor old man...
"Why he has to die?!" I always thought.
Well, I'm the kind of person who felt bad about a lot of things...
For example when I ate vegetables or fruits I ask myself: "And if this vegetable/fruit can feel the pain, and I'm making it suffer while I'm eating it?"
Or when I throw away some object, I think "What if it feels sad because I'm trowing it away?"
Yep I'm a weirdo...
After all what we know? Maybe they really have feelings and we don't know...

Ok, let's stop here with these kind of speakings or I'll never end this thing...
I was here for saying "thank you" isn't it?
So, it's better if I do it.

My "thank you" is for all the creatures living and not living who had part in my life during this year, but here I'll wrote only the persons who have a LJ for simplify the things.


Thank you for the first friends I met in the fandom, years ago.
[ profile] jemjem86 , thank you to be my friend. Even though we had tempestous periods and sometimes we haven't understood each other we're still here! I think it's great.
[ profile] silentkat76 , [ profile] cyloveyourself thank you very much for being my friends, for dealing everyday with me, with my annoyng requests about the fansub, and not saying me "just goes to the hell" LOL
You're really so kind, girls!
Oh, right, thank you also to all the persons who follow our fansub.

Thank you to the Madozoku members I got to know during the last years...
[ profile] hikaeru , you already know how much I like and respect you as person, and I'm so happy to be your friend!
Thank you for everything! 本当に本当に本当に本当に (PS: You're a great teacher!)
[ profile] drowsy_observer , you know I love you, right? We ended up being similar and liking the same things, so it always was simple to talk, to rant and everything else! Thank you to be my friend, and part of my life!
[ profile] yararanger ,  you're just so cute that I can't! Thank you to be yourself as the person you are! And sorry for always sounding weird and annoying... I'm the kind of person who makes a lot of messes trying to be helpful for people >.<
[ profile] raven_weasley , you're a person so funny and interesting! Thank you to be always so friendly with me <3
I hope we'll end up knowing each other more during 2015!
[ profile] yoki_seity , thank you to always say "thank you" to someone like me, who doesn't deserve so much kindness!

Thank you to all the fandom friends! Guys, you made up my days when I was in a bad period...
I was able to keep on living thank you to your support!
[ profile] shisaigas , thank you for all our "deep" talks about all sort of things and all you're suggestions! It's been so fun! I hope we will keep on like that ^^
[ profile] himaori ,  thank you so much for all you taught me and for being a so nice friend! And also for understanding my "weird" way to be a fans!
[ profile] sky_fish7 ,  thank you for always be so warm and cheerful with me! You're such a sweet person! I hope we'll be friends for looong loong time ne~
[ profile] niji_bunny , thank you for everything, really! I miss you, and I hope you're doing fine, finding your answers and your path. Stay healthy and take care, please... Wherever you are!
[ profile] tomapiya ,  thank you for your huge kindness! You're so nice with everyone that it's so easy be friend with you!
[ profile] hakucchan, thank you for having been always so nice with me even though I asked weird questions and made weird talks!

Thank you also to all the people I ended up knowing only recently! I hope in the next year we'll know each other more!
[ profile] rosa_elefante , [ profile] yukiko_no_niji , [ profile] ichigo_85 , [ profile] mizuki_ichigou , [ profile] naryabutterfly and all the others!

Thank you guys!!

I'm counting on you for the 2015 too!!

So... I think no one will read all this thing from the beginning to the end but...
If someone will do it, thank you! And sorry if you find typos or grammar mistakes...
I haven't beta readed what I wrote, and I'm half asleep LOL

I wish all of you a great 2015!


Pelko Azrael
housekini: (Ebi1)

So, it happened that a couple of weeks ago I fell in love so much with THIS song, that...
( [ profile] drowsy_observer it's your fault!! XP )

I decided to try to write down the lyric...
<-- Feel free to download the song and flail at Ebi!!

It's juts the short version they performed at Shokura (you can download the performance HERE at
[ profile] tomapiya 's journal) ,
but it's SSSSOOO cool!


It's finally over
ここから 始まりの 時動き出す
Restart 舞うよ 歪んで空を
変えてゆく この手で…
Bright Now!

戦いの中残る 5stars
手にした (力で)
(Baby…) 痛み 苦しむ闇
(Ready!) 終わらせに行こう

It’s finally over   必ず 掴むんだ  あの光を
Restart 飛べよ  はぐれ多世界
Fly High!

Yeah, ready go

さあ今こそたたえろ 歓喜の声 so yellow
頭上続くblueへ 上昇誘うNew Wave
闇に陽が混じリpurple world
烈火な情熱Red Color

Ready… Let’s go!
(Break the World)
(Break the World)
(Break the World)
(Break the World)

It’s finally over   必ず 掴むんだ  あの光を
Restart 飛べよ  はぐれ多世界
It’s finally over (It’s finally over)
ここから (change the world)
始まりの時動き出す (don’t never stop)
Restart 舞うよ
歪んで空を (Yes bright now! Yeah!)
変えてゆく この手で…
Bright Now!
Bright Now! Yeah!


It’s finally over
Koko kara   hajimari no  toki ugokidasu
Restart  mauyo hizunde sora wo
Kaete yuku kono te de…
Bright Now!

Tatakai no nakanokoru 5stars
Nani ka wo kanji atsumaru 5rings
Yume wo tomoni kanaeru 5people
Tenishita (chikara de)
Mamori ataeru mono
(Baby…) namida itami kurushimu yami
(Ready!) omaharase ni yukou

It’s finally over kanarazu tsukamunda ano hikari wo
Restart tobeyo hagureta sekai
Kowo egaki hitotsu ni…
Fly High!

Yeah, ready go!

Saa ima koso tataero  kanki no koe so yellow
Zujou tsudzuku blue he joushou sasou new wave
Ai de somari iku pink na heart
Yami ni higa konjiri purple world
Rekka na jounetsu Red Color

Ready… Let’s go!
(Break the World)
Kako wa sutero
(Break the World)
Mae ni susume
(Break the World)
Yume no tame ni
(Break the World)

It’s finally over kanarazu tsukamunda ano hikari wo
Restart tobeyo hagureta sekai
Kowo egaki hitotsu ni…
It’s finally over (It’s finally over)
Koko kara (change the world)
Hajimari no  toki ugokidasu (don’t never stop)
Restart mauyo
Hizunde sora wo (Yes bright now! Yeah!)
Kaete yuku kono te de…
Bright Now!
Bright Now! Yeah!

housekini: (KosshiTatsu1 Housekini)
Hello guys! I didn't wrote here for so long...
I had to upload stuff, but... I have a problem!

Yep, I have issues with my computer...
basically randomly the screen become black and the system re-starts because of a graphics card crash.

Now, I had this problem in the last 6 months, but lately it happen really really often...
I already know what's the problem and stuff, and it's a issue that they can fix changing the logic board...
But it costs LOTS of money that I don't have...


Notice that I have BIG problems in uploading everything.
(With my internet connection it takes to me around 2 hours for uploading 200MB, and if every 5-10 minutes the computer restarts by itself, I have to re-start the upload every time... It's fucking annoying!)

Same thing is for subs... Every time I open aegisub and I have to open a video, my graphics card panics and the computer re-starts, so I'm not even able to sub normally...

I seriously hope it will stop or I'll become crazy.

Salve gente! É da un sacco che non scrivo qui...
Dovevo caricare delle cose ma... Ho un problema!

Già, un problema con il computer...
Praticamente, lo schermo, ogni tot diventa casualmente nero e il sistema si riavvia a causa di un crash della scheda grafica.

Ebbene, ho avuto questo problema per tutti gli ultimi 6 mesi, ma ultimamente capita davvero spesso...
So già qual'è il nocciolo del problema e via dicendo, e sarebbe risolvibile cambiando la scheda logica...
Ma questo costerebbe UN OCEANO di soldi, che non ho...


Sappiate che ho GRANDI problemi nel caricare qualunque cosa.
(Con la mia connessione internet ci metto circa 2 ore per caricare 200MB, e se ogni 5-10 minuti il computer si riavvia da solo, io devo ricominciare il caricamento del file ogni volta...É dannatamente fastidioso!)

Stessa cosa per i subs... Ogni volta che devo aprire un video in aegisub, la mia scheda grafica va in panico ed il computer si riavvia, quindi non riesco a subbare normalmente...

Spero davvero che la pianti di fare così o impazzirò.
housekini: (KosshiTatsu1 Housekini)
Hello guys~
(Hey you guys! Guys Playzone!) ← No, this line isn't in the topic, but lately every time I say/write/read/listen to the word "guys" the song comes to my mind~

Days ago, I promised to my papa/imouto(?) Erunyan, that I would explained her the real story of Cinderella... And I also still have to explain her what the hell I studied in high school, since she was surprised when I said her I studied Architecture XD

Another thing.... Please, [ profile] hikaeru , stay safe! After what happened today in the crazy country where you live, I'm so worried about what can happen to you, that I really can't...
Sorry for being so annoying.

So... The subjects I studied in high school were:
Math [5 years] (algebra, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, analytic, science statistics, probability); physics [2 years] (Classical mechanics, Quantum mechanics, matter, electromagnetism, Astrophysics); chemistry [2 years] (Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, cultural heritage chemistry) ; Earth science [1 year] ; biology [1 year] ; Italian grammar [2 years], Literature [5 years](mostly italian and european), poetry, epic poetry, narrative ; UK Literature -in english -(poetry and narrative) [3 years] ; History of art [5 years] ; History of UK art -in english- [3 years] ; english grammar [2 years] ; Philosophy [3 years]; World History (focused on italian and european history) [2 years] ; Right and economy [2 years] ; Painting techniques [5 years] ; plastic arts and sculpture [2 years] ; architecture and urban planning [5 years] ; Project&Design [3years](Graphic Design -without pc softwares- , color theory and psychology, layout, Shape psychology, advertising) ; Physical education (both theoretical and practical) [5 years]
 ← I think it's all...

And now, I can finally talk about the real story of Cinderella.
(This is something that anyone who attended italians high school studied -or should have studied- so I'll write only in english.)

As the most of you know, Cinderella was written by the french writer Charles Perrault and later revisited by the Brothers Grimm. But the original story was written by the italian writer Giambattista Basile, who seems took inspiration from Egyptian tradition and chinese folklore (but this thing isn't still proved so, don't take it for sure, please)

Basile's story is different from the one we know...
And it's something like this:

once upon a time, lived a widower prince, who deeply loved his daughter, named Zezolla. He gave her the best teacher he could, for make her learn a lot of good things, and Zezolla was really happy but.. The new wife of his father didn't like her.

The girl was always scared by the stepmother, and she was always complaining with her teacher, saying she wanted the teacher was her mother...Until when...The teacher said her to her: "Just say to your stepmother you need an old dress, from the ones inside the chest, and when she'll lower, break her neck with the lid of the chest."

Zezolla did it, and then persuaded her father to marry her teacher.
After the marriage, Zezolla met a dove, which said her if she was in need she could call for her, "the dove of the Fairies from Sardinia island".
For a week the teacher was a good mother for the girl, and then, she introduced to the prince her 6 daughter she kept secret until then. The father was so into the stepdaughters that forgot about Zezolla, who ended up becoming a waitress, dressed in rags, who slept in front of the kitchen's fireplace, that's why they changed her name on "Cinderella" (Cinderella).

One day the father had to go to Sardinia island for job, and asked to all his daughters what they wanted as gift from the island.
The stepdaughters replied stuff like jewels, clothes... But Cinderella said to the father he only had to ask to the Sardinia's Dove to bring her something, and that he hadn't to forget about it, no matter what, or he would been blocked on the sea.

The prince remembered the stuff for the stepdaughters but not the thing to do for Cinderella, and his ship couldn't depart from the harbor, but the master of the ship, dreamed about a fairy, and the fairy said him that the prince forgot about his daughter request. So, the day after, the prince went to the
fairie's cavern, and received from the fairies a seed, a hoe, a golden bucket and a silk tablecloth for Cinderella, who had to farm the seed.

In a week the seed became a big plant, and a fairy came out from the plant asking for Cinderella desire. The girl said she would like going out to the home without her sisters knew about it. The fairy taught her a magic formula and she was magically dressed in a beautiful way, and sitting in a carriage.

When she was out home, the king noticed her, and fell for her beauty, so he asked to his servant to follow her and discover who she was, but Cinderella was able to escape, and came back home.
It happened again, and again, until when, during her runaway, Cinderella lost a shoe...
Then the servant bring the shoe to the King, who searched the owner of the shoe between all the women of the reign, and when he found Cinderella, he made of her his Queen. *Singing "King&Queen&Joker" by Sexy Zone*


Well, it's similar to the modern version, isn't it?
But here there isn't the midnight stuff, and above all...
Cinderella is actually a murderer, not a innocent poor girl.
Here, in the first part of the tale she's a spoiled kid who kills her stepmother for get what she want,
and, even though she did something bad, she had the fortune to met the magic dove who quickly settled all her problems...
In the modern version, she's a pure girl who had only 1 stepmother (not 2) who was really bad, however she stay honest and worked hard, until the fairy went to rescue her, and thanks to this immaculate image they were able to come up with a moral, which isn't in the original story.
That's why the story is called "La Gatta Cenerentola" (the Cat Cinderella), because the girl, was sly and cunning like a cat ^^

Ok... That's all... Thank you for reading until the end...
I hope I didn't forget anything...Well I studied this stuff 10-11 years ago, so I can't be enough accurate, but I hope I explained a bit the thing...

Well, now I'm really tired, so...
Goodnight everyone!



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