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Hello guys, I wanted to let you know that since 4 days I have problems with LJ.
I can't access to my inbox because the page keeps on loading,
and the same thing happens when I try to leave a comment or reply to a message.
That's why I'm so slow in answering you, sorry m( _ _ )m

I already tried to fix this thing following some instruction wrote on the FAQ but it didn't work.
I'm thinking to contact LJ support, even though I still don't know how to do it...

Some of you had/have the same issue?
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Hello guys!

And... Sorry for still not having replied to all your the PM/comments, I'll manage to do it today or tomorrow...

Ahhh it's a busy period!

By the way, lately I realized that me, the one who never trusted people and who never relied on anyone because I was betrayed too much times, also from my family members...
I'm seriously in love with my fandom friends!

Seriously guys, we are far apart, and I don't know well some of you, but in my heart I really feel I love you!
You are the reason I'm still fighting in this world ^^

Since my friends have different religions and I don't know if all of them understand what really are religious celebrations as Christmas and
Easter, today I'll try to explain them in few words what really are and how we celebrate it (here in Italy).

My religion is Catholic Christian, that is my Country's official religion. Actually I never was a believer, but my parents gave me baptism and made me do Communion and Confirmation because if someone dies without make these sacraments, they won't have a funeral, and they can't be buried. (I never understood this rule, but it works in this way).

As I said, I'm not religious, but maybe just because of it, I'm able to accept and respect all the different religions and different belief.
I mean, for what I think, everyone is absolutely free to believe in what he wants! It can be a God, a Spirit or whatever...
It's just ok! And... It's not in the topic, but I'm ok also with sexual differences. I always had homosexual friends and I love them for what they are. I really don't care if they love people of their same sex or what. They're free to love who their heart chose!

Ok, re-starting to talking about celebrations:
Christmas (in italian Natale) = The birthday of Jesus Christ, son of God and Virgin Mary and it's celebrated every year in December 25th.
Easter (in italian Pasqua) = The resurrection of Jesus Christ, 3 days after his death. The celebration day changes every year but it's always on Sunday. It changes because it follows Lunar Phases, and it's celebrated on the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon, after the Spring Equinox (March 21st).

Easter is the most important celebration of Christian Catholicism, even though Christmas has spread more around the world because the Coca-Cola company, created Santa Claus XD
Yes, it was Coca-Cola company the one who created the modern Santa Claus, dressed in red.
They mixed the italian tradition of the bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra (Nikolaos of Bari - Nicola di Bari) with the germanic mythology of Odin (Wôtan <- Hoping I wrote it well) and they came up with this old man with white beard who became famous basically everywhere....

Easter is more important than Christmas because it symbolize the liberation of human sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ was crucifix, and after 3 days from his death he rise again, in Paradise with his father, God.

Easter celebrations are changed during the years, but the symbols are still the same:

- FIRE: It represents the victory of the Light against the Darkness. During the Easter's night, the priests light a candle outside the churches.
- CANDLE: It symbolizes the resurrection, the new life that Christ gave to the humans. After the priest light the candle, the believer follow him into the Church, who represents the way for the salvation.

- WATER: It represents the purification, a new baptism. During the Easter Mass, the priest blesses the believer and their eggs using blessed water.

- EGGS: It symbolizes life, rebirth and Spring. In the old times, starting from middle ages, and also when I was a kid (I feel so old!!) there was the tradition of decorate the shell of boiled eggs, and exchange it with friends and family, then eating it at the end of Easter Lunch.
In the last years, boiled eggs are been replaced by big chocolate eggs, wrapped in colorful paper, that people buy to the supermarket or chocolate shops. There also chocolate eggs decorated with icing and sugar ^^

- BUNNY: It symbolizes Christ, and represents the resurrection. Usually during Easter there are bunnies drawn everywhere, who carry baskets full of eggs... He's the one who brings the new life.

- DOVE: It symbolizes Peace and is a recall from the Genesis. Here in italy, during Easter, we eat a gateau with a dove-shape.

- LAMB: It represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the tradition is to eat Lamb meat during Easter lunch. (I never ate it, poor lamb!)

- BELLS: It represents the sound that announce to the believers that something is happened. During Easter they ring the churches' bells a lot! This morning they started at 7. So noisy!!

Well, this is more or less what Easter is, or at least what I know about Easter in my religion...
I hope it will be helpful for the ones who didn't know about it...

See you soon, and Happy Easter again~
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Yaaa Ohayou gozaimasu!

Well, here is already 11AM...


Yesterday night a family friend finally brought to me my Synology NAS System with 2 twins HDD, in replace of my dead external HDD...

Finally I can download whatever I want~

Well, yesterday (and today too) I felt so sick that I really can't but the friend suddenly came and since he was doing me a big favor, I could say him only "thank you" even though I really needed to throw up, wash myself and go to sleep...
Aaah my head hit so muchhhhh!

Anyway he stayed here trying of install and make working this system around 2 hours O__O
He already tried it at his home and he had no problems... he also make the system download 3 movies  for his kids o.O
(One of the movies is Frozen X*D Yay I wanted to watch it too!)
But when he came here and he faced my Macbook he was like: WTF it's different from windows!

Hahaha it was quite fun that a computer genius like him (I mean, he basically build computer systems since more than 20 years!)
was so lost in front to a dramatically simple system like mac XD

Anyway, thank you again Mr. M.M. from today I can start to DOWNLOAD LIKE A CRAZY!!!

Speaking about it, guys, if I won't found anymore some drama I lost with my HDD death, can I ask you help?

Yaaa Ohayou gozaimasu!

Beh, sono già le 11 di mattina...


Ieri in tarda serata un amico di famiglia mi ha portato il mio Sistema NAS Synology con 2 HDD gemelli, che andrà a rimpiazzare il mio defunto HDD esterno...

Finalmente posso scaricare tutto ciò che voglio~

Beh, ieri (ed anche oggi) sto così male che non ce la posso fare, ma quell'amico è arrivato all'improvviso, e mi ha fatto un gran favore,  quindi ho potuto solo ringraziarlo nonostante quando è arrivato avessi bisogno di andare a rimettere, andare a lavarmi e infilarmi nel letto tentando di dormire....
Aaah mi scoppiava la testaaaa!

Ad ogni modo è rimasto qui tipo 2 ore per installare e cercar di far funzionare il sistema O__O
Lo aveva già provato a casa sua e non ha avuto problemi... Aveva anche fatto scaricare al sistema 3 film o.O
(Uno dei quali è Frozen X*D Yay lo volevo vedere anch'io!)
Ma quando è venuto qui e si è trovato davanti il mio Macbook ha reagito tipo: E che cavolo è diverso da com'era su windows!

Hahaha è stato piuttosto divertente che, un genio dei computer come lui (insomma, costruisce computers e sistemi per computers da più di 20 anni!) era così disorientato davanti ad un sistema assurdamente semplice come quello del mac XD

Comunque, grazie ancora Sig. M.M. da oggi posso cominciare a SCARICARE COME UNA PAZZA!!!

A proposito ragazzi, se non riuscirò più a trovare dei drama che ho perso con la morte del mio HDD, posso chiedervi aiuto?

2nd Thing:
This drama season~

I wanna inform everyone that:
Bunny&Clover are subbing Yowakutemo Katemasu
Helloheydays is subbing BORDER
Drama Fever is subbing Gokuaku Ganbo
Torachan will sub MOZU
Earthcolors@d-addicts will sub Shinigami-kun

And now my first impressions...

I watched :

I don't like it.
Yes, I watched it only raw and I didn't understood the most of the dialogue but...
It didn't catch my interest.

I watched it before raw, and I enjoyed it, then with english subs and I can say I really like it!
Haha I already love the characters!

I watched it raw, but I right away liked it!
I love the story, the characters, the settings...
I'm waiting forward for the subs~

I watched it hardsubbed but I had already watched the 1st 5 minutes and I liked it...
It's really fun and I think it will be a really good drama!

I started to watch it, but since I felt too much sick I turn off my pc...
I watched more or less 5 minutes and it was more idiotic than what I expected...
Well, I'll wait for the subs for watching it.

Yesterday evening, I just put it on, and...
I was like: What?! I understood what they were saying!! How it's possible?! LOL
But then I had to cooking and cleaning so I stopped it right away but...
I have to keep on watching it!

Ok, for now that's all...

See you soon~

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Just a quick update for letting know at who is interested that I just updated this season drama HERE in the old post, with 2 new entries XD

SHARK 2nd season and MOZU 1st season ^^

The drama I'll watch will be...

If you want to talk about it, feel free to do it even if I don't know you!
Everyone is welcome ^^

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Here the last episode.
Ecco l'ultimo episodio.



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Here episode 12.
Ecco l'episodio 12.


"17:00! Dopo di che, mi sono diretto verso la cassa del ristorante del quartiere, per pagare il conto!"

"17:00! After that I walked over to pay the bill at the register in my neighborhood restaurant!"
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Here episode 11.
Ecco l'episodio 11.


"Ore 15. Ho infilzato la crocchetta dall'esterno con le bacchette."

"3 PM. I poked through the outside of the croquette with the chopstick. "
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Hello~ Yes, today I'm in a "writing-mode" and so I'm writing another post XD
Well, this is the first time I post something like that,
but since I'm a drama-addicted I thought I should post it...

I feel to say that reading the plots of this season drama I was a bit disappointed because they are almost all detective-drama, and I really don't like detective/police drama and police drama.

Anyway, this is the list of drama that I'm planning to watch during the upcoming season...

(Please, don't copy&paste the plots I wrote, or I can get really mad. I don't know how much they are accurate, because I have written it on my own, reading the infos from official japanese sites, and I'm not good in Japanese, so it's possible that I get something wrong. Among other, if I took the effort to trying to write something, based on what I understood, you can do the same thing since all of us are born with a brain that just asks to be used. Ok?)


Genre: Detective
Broadcast network/ period: Fuji TV - Starting on April 15th.
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Cast: Sato Takeru, Watabe Atsuro, Katsuna Shiori.
Plot: Akimura Shimao is the n#1 detective from Ginza Police Department, even though he's a crazy playboy. One day the young detective Sawara Natsuki is put under his care, and it happens that Natsuki is Akimura's son. They didn't see each other in the last 10 years because Akimura divorced to his wife, and Natsuki (who hates his father) was raised by his grandparents.
Why I wanna watch it: Yep, it's a detective drama, and I wrote just before that I don't like detective drama, but according to the plot it seems more a "human" that a "detective" drama, and Sato Takeru is one of my favorite actors, so I want to try to watch it.


Genre: Human / Business
Broadcast network/ period: Fuji TV & KTV - Starting on April 8th.
Air time: Tuesday 22:00
Cast: Sawamura Ikki, Kuroki Meisa
Plot: Mitamura Yukio is the president of a big Company who cares only about profit and takes advantage from his employees. One day he decide to study " company management" at university, and there he meet young university mates and the teacher Akiyama Kyoko, who slowly change his way of think.
Why I wanna watch it: I'm still not sure about this drama, but I should to take a look, because it can have a good story even though I never liked Kuroki Meisa's expressionless face in whatever role she plays.


Broadcast network/ period: TV Asahi - Starting on April 10th.
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Cast: Oguri Shun, Aoki Munetaka, Furuta Arata
Plot: Ishikawa Ango is a detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Area and one day a criminal shoots him in the head. He miracolously survive, but the bullet get stuck in his head. When he goes back to work, he goes to the crime scene of a murder case, and he sees a crying kid. The strange thing is that he's the only one who can see that kid, because the child is actually the victim of the murder.
Why I wanna watch it: Yep, again a detective drama... I told you before that this season will be full of detective/police stuff, isn't it? Anyway this is very particular and I guess it won't bother me.


Broadcast network/ period: FujiTV - Starting on April 19th.
Air time: Saturday 23:10
Cast: Sawajiri Erika, Nakamaru Yuuichi, Nanao
Plot: Yoshinari Chinami is a girl who always dreamed to work in the Fashion field, but she works at a clothing material shop. One day she suddenly have to work for a fashion magazine. Soon she realizes that it's a troublesome job full of jealousy and dirty tricks, but the assistant photographer Nishihara Itsuki will help her.
Why I wanna watch it: Once in a while I like to watch a romance drama, and this looks a bit similar to Rich Man Poor Woman... I mean: A girl who has a dream that seems so far but somehow a prince appear and helps her... The fact that Nakamaru plays the prince is a plus!


Genre: ???
Broadcast network/ period: FujiTV - Starting on April 14th.
Air time: Monday 21:00
Cast: Ono Machiko, Miura Shohei, Naka Riisa, Shiina Kippei
Plot: Kanzaki Kaoru is a girl who works hard with all she has because she's afraid of poverty since when she was a child and her mom's restaurant went bankrupt. One day she lend to a colleague in need 1 million yen she had carefully saved, and because of it, she get into debts. Trying to fix this situation, she enter in Koshimizu Management Consultant and meets people that maybe can guide her.
Why I wanna watch it: The first part of the plot, recalls me Zenkai Girl... And the 2nd part isn't so clear, so... I wanna try...


Broadcast network/ period: NTV - Starting on April 16th.
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Cast: Anne, Kamikawa Takaya, Osugi Ren
Plot: Hanasaki Mai is a bank employee, and her job is find what doesn't work within the bank, and fix it. She's a straight person and she has no problems to go against her bosses.
Why I wanna watch it: The type of character remembers me a lot of Saito-san, and Anne's acting lately is really improved. The plot doesn't explain much of the drama, so let's take a look...


Broadcast network/ period: TV Asahi - Starting on April 18th.
Air time: Wednesday 23:15
Cast: Ohno Satoshi, Kiritani Mirei, Suda Masaki
Plot: Shinigami-kun is the Angel of Death N# 413, and his duty is to warn people who are about to die, and accompany them into the afterlife. Another of his duties is to prevent accidental and unscheduled deaths (for example deaths due to suicide) but he's still a rookie, and he will make various messes.
Why I wanna watch it: Who know me, know also that my nickname is Azrael, that replaced my hated real name. Azrael in Jewish means "Angel of Death", so... How I can't love a drama based on a Angel of Death?


Broadcast network/ period: TV Asahi - Starting on April 9th.
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Cast: Katori Shingo, Nishiuchi Mariya, Nakayama Yuma.
Plot: Basically this is the Japanese copy of CSI. The only difference is that the main character, Nagareta Enishi, also does tests by himself for solve cases that the police for some reason left behind.
Why I wanna watch it: At first I didn't want to watch this drama. And I'm still doubtful because this is not my gender. I got bored of the original CSI after the 1st season, so I already know that I won't like the japanese copy. Anyway, I want to watch at least the 1st episode, because Katori Shingo and Nakayama Yuma are in the cast.


Broadcast network/ period: NTV - Starting on April 12nd.
Air time: Saturday 21:00
Cast: Ninomiya Kazunari, Kanata Hongo, Nakajima Yuto.
Plot: Tamo Aoshi is a new teacher in a prestigious high scool, where students think only to study. When he became the coach of the baseball team, he tries to teach to the 5 members (who never won a match) that life is not only about study, and he gives them a new goal: Qualify for the high school championship.
Why I wanna watch it: Yaaa, finally a drama in "Rookies' style"! But this time the guys won't be delinquents but elite students... This sounds as the most interesting drama of the season together to Shinigami-kun and Bitter Blood!


Broadcast network/ period: NTV - Starting on April 19th.
Air time: Saturday 24:50
Cast: Hamada Takahiro, Kamiyama Tomohiro, Yamashita Ryo, Yasui Kentaro, Hagiya Keigo, Abe Aran, Jinguji Yuta, Shigeoka Daiki
Plot: Cloud5 are a 4 members band and they just had their major debut. However, there are problems and misunderstanding among the members, and they are close to disband, when they meet SHARK members, some kohai from the same record company, who teach them once again what the music is.
Why I wanna watch it: Obviously when it came to music drama, I always watch it XD Then, this is the 2nd season of SHARK that I'm still watching... So....


Genre: Suspense/Detective
Broadcast network/ period: TBS - Starting on April 10th.
Air time: Thursday 21:00
Cast: Maki Yoko, Nishijima Hidetoshi
Plot: A bomb explosion occur in Ginza, Tokyo. The wife of Kuraki Naotake, the Public Security's ace, lose her life in the explosion. Moved by angry and desperation Kuraki starts to investigate in his own, but the ones in charge of this case are Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Detective Osugi Ryota from investigative division and Akebono Miki from Public Security department. The 3 of them, don't get along at all, but somehow they find out that Kuraki's wife was a agent employed in a top secret mission. Meanwhile, Shingai Kazuhiko, a guy who lost his memory in the explosion, is told by a weird man he is the bomber, but he can't believe in it. What's the truth behind this case?
Why I wanna watch it: Why I didn't want to watch it: Again a detective drama, a not so interesting plot. Yep, at first I didn't listed this drama but then I saw the trailers and it took my curiosity... It doesn't seem so plan and it looks more like a suspense drama in "Bloody Monday Style" than a random detective drama.
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Yeee hello minna-san!
It's been so long since I wanted to write this post, but somehow I hadn't the time for writing it...
And I can't remember anymore all the thing I wanted to say but....

Two weeks ago, the release of ジャニズWEST (Johnny's WEST) single debut was announced!
And the single they chosen is ええじゃないか ( Ee? Ja Nai Ka? ← Eh? Isn't it? )
Ureshii desuuuu! I fell in love to that song at the first listen!
It remembers me a lot the first 関ジャニ∞'s ( Kanjani8's ) songs!
If someone still hadn't heard it, I ripped a Shokura performance and converted in a audio file HERE.

I'm so happy and proud of them~
And above all this is the first debut I experience first hand!
I mean, when my beloveds A.B.C-Z debuted, 2 years, 1 month and 22 days ago,
I was following them only since few months and I still didn't know about their past and stuff...
So... This is the 1st time that I really see some junior I love debuting...

And I really, really, really hope that their bond will stay strong and that nothing terrible will happen...
I mean... The first JE group I fell in love (and that introduced me to JE) was KAT-TUN, and...
Look at what happened to them in the last 4 years....
Looking back at the old shows, when they were still juniors make me think they were the most talented and
bright group ever... But then lots of things happened and... It made suffer so much their fans...
(Thank you a lot to my new friend L. for telling me about the old days, when I still wasn't aware about JE, Japanese entertainment and this kind of stuff)

Anyway, back to JWest issue...
(Yes, I decided to call them JWest or JW)
The single will be released in 5 damn versions!!
Here the details from J-web:
Read more... )

And now I wonder what will happen to their Album debut...
Yes, because at first they had to debut with an Album...
And they were still in the middle of choosing the song to include...
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Here the 10th.
Ecco la 10°.


"Ore 13. Dopo aver fissato il menu del ristorante del quartiere, ho scelto il piatto a base di crocchette."

"1 PM. After staring at the menu in a neighborhood restaurant for a while, I picked the croquette meal. "
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Here the 9th.
Ecco la 9°.


"11 del mattino. Il mio stomaco brontolava, quindi sono andato in questo ristorantino nel mio quartiere!"

"11 AM. My stomach growled, so I went to this diner in my neighborhood!"
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Here the 8th.
Ecco la 8°.


"6 del mattino. Sono a letto dopo aver disegnato Tottsu-Koma!"

"6 AM. I'm in bed after drawing Tottsu-Koma!"
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Hey guys! How are you?
I was planning to write this post 3 days ago, but lately I didn't feel good, so...
I'm going to write it now...

March 12, 2014.
This is a day to remember!
Are you wondering why?!
Of course because it was Ebi day!!

Basically A.B.C-Z had a Album Debut!
I mean, they debuted 2 years ago, in February 1st, but...
They always released DVDs until now, and finally...
Their 1st album, "from A.B.C to Z".

On the previous day I already was in "I can't wait" mode, and the fact that a friend said in her twitter that she already received her copy, didn't help me to stop XD
I kept on saying to her things like "I'm in abstinence from Ebi!!"
Sorry Ellen, when it comes to Ebi I always can't wait...

When I checked the phone, in the morning of March 12nd, I found a mail from Ebi!

Ah~ They really are precious, isn't it?

Anyway, while I was downloading Ellen's copy....
They delivered my copies!

There were also 2 clearfiles as bonus~
Ebi are amazing~
(Ok, that asshole from the customs added again further customs duties and I got angry, but... Seriously, Ebi are Ebi! Only who knows Ebi can understand it!)
Oh, right... I got Gocchi's card this time...
Usually I find the Hasshi one, but this time Gocchi's...
Not bad, isn't it?
Well, I always wanted to get Tottsu or Fumi, but it's ok also like that ^^
I wanna think that this is Gocchi period!

Uhmn... What else I should say?
Oh, right! I got addicted right away to 5Rings!
Thinking that Tottsu wrote it, makes me feel so proud of him,
and of Ebi!!
And... Still a thing!

Ebi left some message on j-web for the album release!

Uhmn... I still have things not-Ebi related to write, but I feel so tired and weak...
And I also have to do laundry...
So, I think I'll stop here for now...
See you in another entry... But...

I would like to know what's your favorite song from Ebi album, and
if you enjoyed it ^^

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Here the 7th.
Ecco la 7°.


"Sommersi dalle Torte"

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Ok, I decided... If no-one will comment until when Vol.8 will be released, I'll stop to doing this entries.
Ok, ho deciso... Se nessuno commenterà entro l'uscita del Vol.8, smetterò di postare questa serie.


"La vita quotidiana di un logo."                        

housekini: (Tottsu2 Housekini)
Hey, you out there! There is someone interested in this serie?
Hey, voi là fuori! C'è qualcuno interessato a questa serie?


"Fuggire dai loghi"

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I'm thinking to quit in posting this series... This entries are never commented by anyone...
Sto pensando di smettere di postare questa serie... Questi post non sono mai stati commentati da nessuno...


"Dallo sguardo minaccioso"
(From the menacing scowl)                            

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The 1st entry of the year, by Fumi~
Il 1° post dell'anno di Fumi~

❃Vol.18 01.01.2013

Ho deciso di aspettare fino all'anno nuovo
per aggiornare il blog!
Non mi ero dimenticato. (lol)

Buon Anno!
Conto sul vostro supporto anche per il
Per quest'anno è stato annunciato il rilascio del
nostro CD, quindi voglio fare del mio meglio ed
essere fiero di me stesso sia individualmente che
come parte degli A.B.C-Z (^_^)V
Il 30 gennaio, apparirò nel drama di Takizawa-kun [Takizawa Hideaki]
Nezumi Edo O Hashiru.
É stato il mio primo drama, ed anche il primo video
in costume d'epoca, quindi ero molto nervoso. (lol)
Spero che lo aspetterete con ansia!
Dategli un'occhiata!

Quindi, manca ancora un mese alla conclusione del
Johnny's World! Me lo godrò. (^0^)

C'è qualcuno di fianco a me che mi dice "scrivi il
mio nome", quindi immagino che lo farò!

Yabu. [Yabu Kota degli Hey! Say! JUMP]

Conto su di voi anche quest'anno (^_^)V
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How my friends know, I'm trying my best to somehow learn japanese by myself,
even though I'm a total disaster in self-learning and self-motivation.
And so I'm trying to learn in ways that I don't get bored...
That's why yesterday I decided to try to transcribe Kanji and to write Romaji and Translation
of a song from Wednesday's Shokura that I heard for the 1st time.
It's a sweet song written, composed and sung by the Junior Kyomoto Taiga.
I surely committed some mistakes in the translation, then, if you're good at japanese,
please let me know my mistakes and I'll fix it ^^
Thank you in advance for the help!


You can find the audio and the HQ video HERE at [ profile] kyomototaiga

好きだよ  好きだよ  好きだよ  
決して見せられない  僕の愛しい君には
なぜだるう  隣に君がいろのに
今日の夜空は  綺麗じゃない
切り出せず俯く君の手を 優しく強く握つてみた
サヨナラの雨に   打たれる前に
好きだよ  好きだよ  好きだよ
この想いはもう君にな  届くはずもなくて 
決して見せられない 僕の愛しいきみには。。。

suki dayo suki dayo suki dayo
kimi wo shinatte mo zutto
kesshite miserarenai boku no itoshii kimi ni wa
naze darou tonarini kimi ga iru no ni
kyou no yozora wa  kirei ja nai
megaaau to gikochinaku warau kimi
boku ni sasaru owari no hane ga
kiridasezu utsumuku kimi no te wo yasashiku tsuyoku nigitte mita
yurusareru nara dakishimetei
Sayounara no ame ni butareru mae ni
suki dayo suki dayo suki dayo
kimi wo shinatte mo zutto
kono omoi wa mou kimi ni na todoku hazu mo nakute
hoho tsutatte nagareru kanashimi no shizuku wo
kesshite miserarenai boku no itoshii kimi ni wa…

I like you I like you I like you
You too, are always lost.
I'll never can show you how much you are dear to me.
I wonder what is the color next to you.
Today's nocturnal sky isn't so clear.
Observing it, you awkwardly laugh.
In the end, I'm stick to the feathers.
I tried to gently grasp your hand, nonchalantly looking down.
I would to hug you, if you allowed me,
Before to being struck by the goodbye's rain.
I like you I like you I like you
You too, are always lost.
I guess this thought won't reach you anymore.
A drop of sadness is flowing on your cheek.
I'll never can show to you how much you are dear to me.

Mi piaci Mi piaci Mi piaci
Anche tu sei sempre persa.
Non riuscirò mai a mostrarti quanto ci tengo a te.
Chissà qual'è il colore che hai accanto.
Oggi, il cielo notturno non è molto limpido.
Osservandolo, ridi goffamente
Alla fine, sono incollato alle piume.
Ho provato ad afferrare dolcemente la tua mano, guardando in basso, come se niente fosse.
Avrei voluto abbracciarti, se solo me l'avessi permesso,
prima di venire colpito dalla pioggia dell'addio.
Mi piaci Mi piaci Mi piaci
Anche tu sei sempre persa.
Immagino che questo pensiero non ti raggiungerà più.
Una goccia di tristezza sta scivolando sulla tua guancia.
Non riuscirò mai a mostrarti quanto ci tengo a te.
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Here the last j-web of 2013!
Ecco l'ultimo j-web del 2013!

❃Vol.17 10.12.2013

Buongiorno ☀!!

Sono Tsuka-chan, e dato che il mio compleanno
è il 10 Dicembre, ho appena compiuto 27 anni ^^

Grazie mamma e papà!!!!

Se qualcun'altro è nato il 10 Dicembre,
condividiamo la nostra felicità ☺✦✧

Buon compleanno!! (‾‾ Δ‾‾)

Quando ero piccolo, immaginavo che a 27
anni sarei stato un adulto davvero fico e
affascinante come Brad Pitt, ma questo non
è successo ^^

Va tutto bene io interiore, non ti preoccupare!!

Sono piuttosto sicuro che Brad Pitt non andrebbe
in giro ad autoincoraggiarsi, dicendo cose tipo:
"Va tutto bene io interiore, non ti preoccupare" (>__<)''

Ma non importa ciò che mi dicono gli altri,
l'unica cosa che posso dire a testa alta è...

Penso di avere una vita più soddisfacente
di Brad Pitt✦✧✦✧✦✧

Devo fare così tante cose meravigliose ogni
giorno, e questo mi rende felice ♪

Di recente ho avuto una fantastica esperienza
andando al "2013 FNS Kayosai" ^^ !!!
L'anno scorso l'ho guardato da casa, ma il
mio obbiettivo era esserci quest'anno, e
devo un sacco a tutte le persone che l'hanno
reso possibile♥

Stavolta abbiamo partecipato allo show con una
canzone in collaborazione con Moritaka Chisato-san, [Hanno fatto da backdancers alla cantante]
ma stiamo facendo del nostro meglio per partecipare
anche l'anno prossimo al FNS Kayosai, e cantare
una nostra canzone✦✧

Quando abbiamo terminato la nostra esibizione, e
ci siamo diretti verso il tavolo rotondo, abbiamo superato
Domoto Koichi-kun [Dei Kinki Kids] e quando l'ho salutato...

Tsuka-chan: "Bunasera! Bel lavoro!"

Koichi-kun: "Yo! Hai una bella parte posteriore,

Tsuka-chan: "Grazie! É in qualche modo capitato
esercitandomi con le acrobazie!"

Koichi-kun: "Oh, bene...!"

E poi Koichi-kun è andato a prepararsi per la sua

Parlare con Koichi-kun alla fine dell'anno
mi ha fatto ricordare quando ho partecipato
allo SHOCK in cui lui recitava ^^ [Lo SHOCK è un Butai]

Saranno stati... 10 anni fa..? [Gli A.B.C hanno partecipato allo SHOCK nel 2003 e nel 2005]
C'era un segmento di nome "Dio Dragone" nel quale io venivo mangiato
da un enorme drago, ma poi appariva Koichi a salvarmi.^^

In qualche modo tutto questo mi ha fatto pensare agli
avvenimenti dell'epoca e come mi sentivo✌

Casualmente, al Kayosai, indossavo una camicia
a quadrettoni, con una spilla sul risvolto,
e quella spilla era addirittura fatta a
mano da uno degli stilisti!!!
Pare che l'abbiano costruita partendo da zero,
con dei materiali presi in un negozio che vende
parti per decorazioni ed accessori ;-) ♪

Ero davvero emozionato dall'avere una
cosa simile ✩

É proprio bellina!  ( ≧ ∇ ≦ ) ✦✧

Spio un Babbo Natale-san!!!
Per ognuno dei membri, c'era un tipo diverso
di Babbo Natale, ma solo il mio
aveva una stella ^^ !

Fantastico, vero? ^^✩

E a pensarci, Natale arriverà presto,
vero? ✦✧

Cosa chiederete a Babbo Natale-san??


Voglio uno scaffale per il mio microonde (>___<) !!!

Uno che si adatta a spazi piccoli sarebbe

E preferibilmente mi piacerebbe bianco!

Babbo Natale-san conto su di te!
( ‾‾ ∇ ‾‾ )✦✧

Se si mette un microonde sul pavimento, sia l'interno
che il retro si riempiono di polvere, no?
Fateci tutti attenzione ;-)

Credo che mi fermerò qui per oggi.

Grazie per aver letto fino alla fine!!!
Spero leggerete anche la prossima volta ^^ ♪

Ci vediamo (^^)/ ✦✧


Ed immagino che questo sarà il mio ultimo
aggiornamento dell'anno ^^ ?!

Un'ultima cosa allora...

Se dovessi riassumere quest'anno in un singolo
Kanji, penso sceglierei...

逢 [ai, ou, hou - significa "incontro"]

Sento di aver incontrato più persone quest'anno
che negli anni scorsi!!

Ci sono stati dei personaggi televisivi che ho incontrato
per la prima volta, e musicisti, e comici.

Ci sono stati dei membri dello staff con cui ho lavorato
per la prima volta ed altri che mi supportano da tanto tempo.

Ci sono fans che mi hanno sempre incoraggiato, e
fans che hanno cominciato a farlo

E fans che sono una via di mezzo ^^ (lol)

Sono stato in tour nazionale,
e in Australia,
in TV e alla radio,
e mi sono esibito in butai,
e sono apparso sulle riviste,

E sono stato molto ispiraro da tutte
le persone che ho incontrato!!

Aver potuto parlare con così tante persone,
mi ha fatto sentire come se avessi ancora tanta
strada da fare ( >__< )!!

Toccherò il suolo correndo nel 2014, quindi
conto sul vostro supporto♥



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