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It looks like LJ got crazy and re-posted something I actually posted 3-4 YEARS AGO.
Please, do not pay attention to it, and sorry.

Pare che LJ sia impazzito ed abbia ri-postato roba che in realtà era stata pubblicata 3-4 ANNI FA.
Per favore, non fateci caso e scusate.

Thank You

Dec. 31st, 2014 08:51 pm
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December 31st, 08:35PM

I'm home alone with my puppies.
I just took dinner and in the silence I could think.
While I was eating I had all kind of thoughts, so I decided to write here.

I ate some fish my mom left home for me.
She bought it already cooked at the fish stand of the market yesterday morning.
It didn't taste good.
I was thinking it was annoying, then I remembered something.
That fish, gave his life for become my food. I should at least be grateful of it!
So I felt like crying, once again, and it's weird but the taste of the fish turned better.

I also remembered that someone... A friend, who is a chef, the past year told me that when he kills fish or other sea animals for cooking them at the restaurant where he works, he feels really bad...
So, someone that works there as dishwasher, and he's a native american, taught him a prayer for thanking and saying sorry to all the animals who die for becoming our food. I thought it was great, even though I still feel bad for them...

Speaking about it, that friend is someone who really hurt me. He isn't anymore in my life since November of the past year.
He was the kind of person who came back to town after 10 years spent working in another city, and randomly entered in my life careless. Then, after we were close and having asked for my help he disappeared, and re-came back after few months.
Then, after becoming really close to me, bringing back a lot of thing of the past, and having totally used me for solving all his problems...
(Because I was stupid enough to do everything I could for helping a friend, even though my health sucked and my situation wasn't so good)
Anyway, after all these things, he disappeared definitely, leaving me alone few days before my birthday, without saying a single "thank you" or explaining why he suddenly got cold and distant before to disappear.

Well, I'm going out of the topic so... Where we was?
Oh yeah, at my New Year's Eve dinner LOL

Before, I said "I felt like crying once again". Yep, because in these days I feel so sad, and I got easily mad. It's not because I'm alone this night, I'm used to it, plus, this year it was my choice. I really don't mind to be together with my puppies, I think it's the best instead ^^

The feeling of sadness is gave from the fact I haven't did anything good in this year that is going to finish. I don't like myself, I don't have any confidence, so I couldn't do anything.
It's not the world fault, it's not my country situation's fault, it's just me, who hasn't been strong enough to step forward and make my own future, my own life.
I know, but I haven't the guts of admitting it, so I keep on despising myself
deep insight, and getting angry and sad.

I'm so stupid and useless...
I hate that my parents always considered me as the "Stupid, ugly and useless" one,
but... They were right..
I always said I prefer the truth, said face to face...
But I guess this is the only case I would have liked that they lied.
I would have liked that they pretended to love me for giving me the self confidence and the strength to face my life.

Putting all these depressing things aside, I want to say anyway "Thank you" to this year.
Because as I always thought, everything happens for some reason, even though maybe we can't understand the true reason when that thing happens...
So, for this year 2014, I think it's the same...
Right now I feel like there wasn't anything good for me on this year, but...
Maybe there was, and I still can't see it...
So, Year 2014, thank you!

Speaking about the change of the year...
I don't know how old I was when I heard about this thing but...
This is the representation I always liked about the change of the year:
The old year, is a reeeally old man with long white hair and beard.
He's so tired, slow and weak, and he's gonna die. But he's not scared about death,
because he has come across his path.
In the moment he will die, a baby will born: The new year.
This baby will grow day by day, becoming a kid, a teenager, a man, an old man...
Until he will die on the next december.

So, this is the representation I like about the year... But... I always felt bad for the poor old man...
"Why he has to die?!" I always thought.
Well, I'm the kind of person who felt bad about a lot of things...
For example when I ate vegetables or fruits I ask myself: "And if this vegetable/fruit can feel the pain, and I'm making it suffer while I'm eating it?"
Or when I throw away some object, I think "What if it feels sad because I'm trowing it away?"
Yep I'm a weirdo...
After all what we know? Maybe they really have feelings and we don't know...

Ok, let's stop here with these kind of speakings or I'll never end this thing...
I was here for saying "thank you" isn't it?
So, it's better if I do it.

My "thank you" is for all the creatures living and not living who had part in my life during this year, but here I'll wrote only the persons who have a LJ for simplify the things.


Thank you for the first friends I met in the fandom, years ago.
[ profile] jemjem86 , thank you to be my friend. Even though we had tempestous periods and sometimes we haven't understood each other we're still here! I think it's great.
[ profile] silentkat76 , [ profile] cyloveyourself thank you very much for being my friends, for dealing everyday with me, with my annoyng requests about the fansub, and not saying me "just goes to the hell" LOL
You're really so kind, girls!
Oh, right, thank you also to all the persons who follow our fansub.

Thank you to the Madozoku members I got to know during the last years...
[ profile] hikaeru , you already know how much I like and respect you as person, and I'm so happy to be your friend!
Thank you for everything! 本当に本当に本当に本当に (PS: You're a great teacher!)
[ profile] drowsy_observer , you know I love you, right? We ended up being similar and liking the same things, so it always was simple to talk, to rant and everything else! Thank you to be my friend, and part of my life!
[ profile] yararanger ,  you're just so cute that I can't! Thank you to be yourself as the person you are! And sorry for always sounding weird and annoying... I'm the kind of person who makes a lot of messes trying to be helpful for people >.<
[ profile] raven_weasley , you're a person so funny and interesting! Thank you to be always so friendly with me <3
I hope we'll end up knowing each other more during 2015!
[ profile] yoki_seity , thank you to always say "thank you" to someone like me, who doesn't deserve so much kindness!

Thank you to all the fandom friends! Guys, you made up my days when I was in a bad period...
I was able to keep on living thank you to your support!
[ profile] shisaigas , thank you for all our "deep" talks about all sort of things and all you're suggestions! It's been so fun! I hope we will keep on like that ^^
[ profile] himaori ,  thank you so much for all you taught me and for being a so nice friend! And also for understanding my "weird" way to be a fans!
[ profile] sky_fish7 ,  thank you for always be so warm and cheerful with me! You're such a sweet person! I hope we'll be friends for looong loong time ne~
[ profile] niji_bunny , thank you for everything, really! I miss you, and I hope you're doing fine, finding your answers and your path. Stay healthy and take care, please... Wherever you are!
[ profile] tomapiya ,  thank you for your huge kindness! You're so nice with everyone that it's so easy be friend with you!
[ profile] hakucchan, thank you for having been always so nice with me even though I asked weird questions and made weird talks!

Thank you also to all the people I ended up knowing only recently! I hope in the next year we'll know each other more!
[ profile] rosa_elefante , [ profile] yukiko_no_niji , [ profile] ichigo_85 , [ profile] mizuki_ichigou , [ profile] naryabutterfly and all the others!

Thank you guys!!

I'm counting on you for the 2015 too!!

So... I think no one will read all this thing from the beginning to the end but...
If someone will do it, thank you! And sorry if you find typos or grammar mistakes...
I haven't beta readed what I wrote, and I'm half asleep LOL

I wish all of you a great 2015!


Pelko Azrael
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Hello guys! I didn't wrote here for so long...
I had to upload stuff, but... I have a problem!

Yep, I have issues with my computer...
basically randomly the screen become black and the system re-starts because of a graphics card crash.

Now, I had this problem in the last 6 months, but lately it happen really really often...
I already know what's the problem and stuff, and it's a issue that they can fix changing the logic board...
But it costs LOTS of money that I don't have...


Notice that I have BIG problems in uploading everything.
(With my internet connection it takes to me around 2 hours for uploading 200MB, and if every 5-10 minutes the computer restarts by itself, I have to re-start the upload every time... It's fucking annoying!)

Same thing is for subs... Every time I open aegisub and I have to open a video, my graphics card panics and the computer re-starts, so I'm not even able to sub normally...

I seriously hope it will stop or I'll become crazy.

Salve gente! É da un sacco che non scrivo qui...
Dovevo caricare delle cose ma... Ho un problema!

Già, un problema con il computer...
Praticamente, lo schermo, ogni tot diventa casualmente nero e il sistema si riavvia a causa di un crash della scheda grafica.

Ebbene, ho avuto questo problema per tutti gli ultimi 6 mesi, ma ultimamente capita davvero spesso...
So già qual'è il nocciolo del problema e via dicendo, e sarebbe risolvibile cambiando la scheda logica...
Ma questo costerebbe UN OCEANO di soldi, che non ho...


Sappiate che ho GRANDI problemi nel caricare qualunque cosa.
(Con la mia connessione internet ci metto circa 2 ore per caricare 200MB, e se ogni 5-10 minuti il computer si riavvia da solo, io devo ricominciare il caricamento del file ogni volta...É dannatamente fastidioso!)

Stessa cosa per i subs... Ogni volta che devo aprire un video in aegisub, la mia scheda grafica va in panico ed il computer si riavvia, quindi non riesco a subbare normalmente...

Spero davvero che la pianti di fare così o impazzirò.
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Hello guys~
(Hey you guys! Guys Playzone!) ← No, this line isn't in the topic, but lately every time I say/write/read/listen to the word "guys" the song comes to my mind~

Days ago, I promised to my papa/imouto(?) Erunyan, that I would explained her the real story of Cinderella... And I also still have to explain her what the hell I studied in high school, since she was surprised when I said her I studied Architecture XD

Another thing.... Please, [ profile] hikaeru , stay safe! After what happened today in the crazy country where you live, I'm so worried about what can happen to you, that I really can't...
Sorry for being so annoying.

So... The subjects I studied in high school were:
Math [5 years] (algebra, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, analytic, science statistics, probability); physics [2 years] (Classical mechanics, Quantum mechanics, matter, electromagnetism, Astrophysics); chemistry [2 years] (Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, cultural heritage chemistry) ; Earth science [1 year] ; biology [1 year] ; Italian grammar [2 years], Literature [5 years](mostly italian and european), poetry, epic poetry, narrative ; UK Literature -in english -(poetry and narrative) [3 years] ; History of art [5 years] ; History of UK art -in english- [3 years] ; english grammar [2 years] ; Philosophy [3 years]; World History (focused on italian and european history) [2 years] ; Right and economy [2 years] ; Painting techniques [5 years] ; plastic arts and sculpture [2 years] ; architecture and urban planning [5 years] ; Project&Design [3years](Graphic Design -without pc softwares- , color theory and psychology, layout, Shape psychology, advertising) ; Physical education (both theoretical and practical) [5 years]
 ← I think it's all...

And now, I can finally talk about the real story of Cinderella.
(This is something that anyone who attended italians high school studied -or should have studied- so I'll write only in english.)

As the most of you know, Cinderella was written by the french writer Charles Perrault and later revisited by the Brothers Grimm. But the original story was written by the italian writer Giambattista Basile, who seems took inspiration from Egyptian tradition and chinese folklore (but this thing isn't still proved so, don't take it for sure, please)

Basile's story is different from the one we know...
And it's something like this:

once upon a time, lived a widower prince, who deeply loved his daughter, named Zezolla. He gave her the best teacher he could, for make her learn a lot of good things, and Zezolla was really happy but.. The new wife of his father didn't like her.

The girl was always scared by the stepmother, and she was always complaining with her teacher, saying she wanted the teacher was her mother...Until when...The teacher said her to her: "Just say to your stepmother you need an old dress, from the ones inside the chest, and when she'll lower, break her neck with the lid of the chest."

Zezolla did it, and then persuaded her father to marry her teacher.
After the marriage, Zezolla met a dove, which said her if she was in need she could call for her, "the dove of the Fairies from Sardinia island".
For a week the teacher was a good mother for the girl, and then, she introduced to the prince her 6 daughter she kept secret until then. The father was so into the stepdaughters that forgot about Zezolla, who ended up becoming a waitress, dressed in rags, who slept in front of the kitchen's fireplace, that's why they changed her name on "Cinderella" (Cinderella).

One day the father had to go to Sardinia island for job, and asked to all his daughters what they wanted as gift from the island.
The stepdaughters replied stuff like jewels, clothes... But Cinderella said to the father he only had to ask to the Sardinia's Dove to bring her something, and that he hadn't to forget about it, no matter what, or he would been blocked on the sea.

The prince remembered the stuff for the stepdaughters but not the thing to do for Cinderella, and his ship couldn't depart from the harbor, but the master of the ship, dreamed about a fairy, and the fairy said him that the prince forgot about his daughter request. So, the day after, the prince went to the
fairie's cavern, and received from the fairies a seed, a hoe, a golden bucket and a silk tablecloth for Cinderella, who had to farm the seed.

In a week the seed became a big plant, and a fairy came out from the plant asking for Cinderella desire. The girl said she would like going out to the home without her sisters knew about it. The fairy taught her a magic formula and she was magically dressed in a beautiful way, and sitting in a carriage.

When she was out home, the king noticed her, and fell for her beauty, so he asked to his servant to follow her and discover who she was, but Cinderella was able to escape, and came back home.
It happened again, and again, until when, during her runaway, Cinderella lost a shoe...
Then the servant bring the shoe to the King, who searched the owner of the shoe between all the women of the reign, and when he found Cinderella, he made of her his Queen. *Singing "King&Queen&Joker" by Sexy Zone*


Well, it's similar to the modern version, isn't it?
But here there isn't the midnight stuff, and above all...
Cinderella is actually a murderer, not a innocent poor girl.
Here, in the first part of the tale she's a spoiled kid who kills her stepmother for get what she want,
and, even though she did something bad, she had the fortune to met the magic dove who quickly settled all her problems...
In the modern version, she's a pure girl who had only 1 stepmother (not 2) who was really bad, however she stay honest and worked hard, until the fairy went to rescue her, and thanks to this immaculate image they were able to come up with a moral, which isn't in the original story.
That's why the story is called "La Gatta Cenerentola" (the Cat Cinderella), because the girl, was sly and cunning like a cat ^^

Ok... That's all... Thank you for reading until the end...
I hope I didn't forget anything...Well I studied this stuff 10-11 years ago, so I can't be enough accurate, but I hope I explained a bit the thing...

Well, now I'm really tired, so...
Goodnight everyone!
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Hello guys!

And... Sorry for still not having replied to all your the PM/comments, I'll manage to do it today or tomorrow...

Ahhh it's a busy period!

By the way, lately I realized that me, the one who never trusted people and who never relied on anyone because I was betrayed too much times, also from my family members...
I'm seriously in love with my fandom friends!

Seriously guys, we are far apart, and I don't know well some of you, but in my heart I really feel I love you!
You are the reason I'm still fighting in this world ^^

Since my friends have different religions and I don't know if all of them understand what really are religious celebrations as Christmas and
Easter, today I'll try to explain them in few words what really are and how we celebrate it (here in Italy).

My religion is Catholic Christian, that is my Country's official religion. Actually I never was a believer, but my parents gave me baptism and made me do Communion and Confirmation because if someone dies without make these sacraments, they won't have a funeral, and they can't be buried. (I never understood this rule, but it works in this way).

As I said, I'm not religious, but maybe just because of it, I'm able to accept and respect all the different religions and different belief.
I mean, for what I think, everyone is absolutely free to believe in what he wants! It can be a God, a Spirit or whatever...
It's just ok! And... It's not in the topic, but I'm ok also with sexual differences. I always had homosexual friends and I love them for what they are. I really don't care if they love people of their same sex or what. They're free to love who their heart chose!

Ok, re-starting to talking about celebrations:
Christmas (in italian Natale) = The birthday of Jesus Christ, son of God and Virgin Mary and it's celebrated every year in December 25th.
Easter (in italian Pasqua) = The resurrection of Jesus Christ, 3 days after his death. The celebration day changes every year but it's always on Sunday. It changes because it follows Lunar Phases, and it's celebrated on the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon, after the Spring Equinox (March 21st).

Easter is the most important celebration of Christian Catholicism, even though Christmas has spread more around the world because the Coca-Cola company, created Santa Claus XD
Yes, it was Coca-Cola company the one who created the modern Santa Claus, dressed in red.
They mixed the italian tradition of the bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra (Nikolaos of Bari - Nicola di Bari) with the germanic mythology of Odin (Wôtan <- Hoping I wrote it well) and they came up with this old man with white beard who became famous basically everywhere....

Easter is more important than Christmas because it symbolize the liberation of human sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ was crucifix, and after 3 days from his death he rise again, in Paradise with his father, God.

Easter celebrations are changed during the years, but the symbols are still the same:

- FIRE: It represents the victory of the Light against the Darkness. During the Easter's night, the priests light a candle outside the churches.
- CANDLE: It symbolizes the resurrection, the new life that Christ gave to the humans. After the priest light the candle, the believer follow him into the Church, who represents the way for the salvation.

- WATER: It represents the purification, a new baptism. During the Easter Mass, the priest blesses the believer and their eggs using blessed water.

- EGGS: It symbolizes life, rebirth and Spring. In the old times, starting from middle ages, and also when I was a kid (I feel so old!!) there was the tradition of decorate the shell of boiled eggs, and exchange it with friends and family, then eating it at the end of Easter Lunch.
In the last years, boiled eggs are been replaced by big chocolate eggs, wrapped in colorful paper, that people buy to the supermarket or chocolate shops. There also chocolate eggs decorated with icing and sugar ^^

- BUNNY: It symbolizes Christ, and represents the resurrection. Usually during Easter there are bunnies drawn everywhere, who carry baskets full of eggs... He's the one who brings the new life.

- DOVE: It symbolizes Peace and is a recall from the Genesis. Here in italy, during Easter, we eat a gateau with a dove-shape.

- LAMB: It represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the tradition is to eat Lamb meat during Easter lunch. (I never ate it, poor lamb!)

- BELLS: It represents the sound that announce to the believers that something is happened. During Easter they ring the churches' bells a lot! This morning they started at 7. So noisy!!

Well, this is more or less what Easter is, or at least what I know about Easter in my religion...
I hope it will be helpful for the ones who didn't know about it...

See you soon, and Happy Easter again~
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Just a quick update for letting know at who is interested that I just updated this season drama HERE in the old post, with 2 new entries XD

SHARK 2nd season and MOZU 1st season ^^

The drama I'll watch will be...

If you want to talk about it, feel free to do it even if I don't know you!
Everyone is welcome ^^

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Hello~ Yes, today I'm in a "writing-mode" and so I'm writing another post XD
Well, this is the first time I post something like that,
but since I'm a drama-addicted I thought I should post it...

I feel to say that reading the plots of this season drama I was a bit disappointed because they are almost all detective-drama, and I really don't like detective/police drama and police drama.

Anyway, this is the list of drama that I'm planning to watch during the upcoming season...

(Please, don't copy&paste the plots I wrote, or I can get really mad. I don't know how much they are accurate, because I have written it on my own, reading the infos from official japanese sites, and I'm not good in Japanese, so it's possible that I get something wrong. Among other, if I took the effort to trying to write something, based on what I understood, you can do the same thing since all of us are born with a brain that just asks to be used. Ok?)


Genre: Detective
Broadcast network/ period: Fuji TV - Starting on April 15th.
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Cast: Sato Takeru, Watabe Atsuro, Katsuna Shiori.
Plot: Akimura Shimao is the n#1 detective from Ginza Police Department, even though he's a crazy playboy. One day the young detective Sawara Natsuki is put under his care, and it happens that Natsuki is Akimura's son. They didn't see each other in the last 10 years because Akimura divorced to his wife, and Natsuki (who hates his father) was raised by his grandparents.
Why I wanna watch it: Yep, it's a detective drama, and I wrote just before that I don't like detective drama, but according to the plot it seems more a "human" that a "detective" drama, and Sato Takeru is one of my favorite actors, so I want to try to watch it.


Genre: Human / Business
Broadcast network/ period: Fuji TV & KTV - Starting on April 8th.
Air time: Tuesday 22:00
Cast: Sawamura Ikki, Kuroki Meisa
Plot: Mitamura Yukio is the president of a big Company who cares only about profit and takes advantage from his employees. One day he decide to study " company management" at university, and there he meet young university mates and the teacher Akiyama Kyoko, who slowly change his way of think.
Why I wanna watch it: I'm still not sure about this drama, but I should to take a look, because it can have a good story even though I never liked Kuroki Meisa's expressionless face in whatever role she plays.


Broadcast network/ period: TV Asahi - Starting on April 10th.
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Cast: Oguri Shun, Aoki Munetaka, Furuta Arata
Plot: Ishikawa Ango is a detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Area and one day a criminal shoots him in the head. He miracolously survive, but the bullet get stuck in his head. When he goes back to work, he goes to the crime scene of a murder case, and he sees a crying kid. The strange thing is that he's the only one who can see that kid, because the child is actually the victim of the murder.
Why I wanna watch it: Yep, again a detective drama... I told you before that this season will be full of detective/police stuff, isn't it? Anyway this is very particular and I guess it won't bother me.


Broadcast network/ period: FujiTV - Starting on April 19th.
Air time: Saturday 23:10
Cast: Sawajiri Erika, Nakamaru Yuuichi, Nanao
Plot: Yoshinari Chinami is a girl who always dreamed to work in the Fashion field, but she works at a clothing material shop. One day she suddenly have to work for a fashion magazine. Soon she realizes that it's a troublesome job full of jealousy and dirty tricks, but the assistant photographer Nishihara Itsuki will help her.
Why I wanna watch it: Once in a while I like to watch a romance drama, and this looks a bit similar to Rich Man Poor Woman... I mean: A girl who has a dream that seems so far but somehow a prince appear and helps her... The fact that Nakamaru plays the prince is a plus!


Genre: ???
Broadcast network/ period: FujiTV - Starting on April 14th.
Air time: Monday 21:00
Cast: Ono Machiko, Miura Shohei, Naka Riisa, Shiina Kippei
Plot: Kanzaki Kaoru is a girl who works hard with all she has because she's afraid of poverty since when she was a child and her mom's restaurant went bankrupt. One day she lend to a colleague in need 1 million yen she had carefully saved, and because of it, she get into debts. Trying to fix this situation, she enter in Koshimizu Management Consultant and meets people that maybe can guide her.
Why I wanna watch it: The first part of the plot, recalls me Zenkai Girl... And the 2nd part isn't so clear, so... I wanna try...


Broadcast network/ period: NTV - Starting on April 16th.
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Cast: Anne, Kamikawa Takaya, Osugi Ren
Plot: Hanasaki Mai is a bank employee, and her job is find what doesn't work within the bank, and fix it. She's a straight person and she has no problems to go against her bosses.
Why I wanna watch it: The type of character remembers me a lot of Saito-san, and Anne's acting lately is really improved. The plot doesn't explain much of the drama, so let's take a look...


Broadcast network/ period: TV Asahi - Starting on April 18th.
Air time: Wednesday 23:15
Cast: Ohno Satoshi, Kiritani Mirei, Suda Masaki
Plot: Shinigami-kun is the Angel of Death N# 413, and his duty is to warn people who are about to die, and accompany them into the afterlife. Another of his duties is to prevent accidental and unscheduled deaths (for example deaths due to suicide) but he's still a rookie, and he will make various messes.
Why I wanna watch it: Who know me, know also that my nickname is Azrael, that replaced my hated real name. Azrael in Jewish means "Angel of Death", so... How I can't love a drama based on a Angel of Death?


Broadcast network/ period: TV Asahi - Starting on April 9th.
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Cast: Katori Shingo, Nishiuchi Mariya, Nakayama Yuma.
Plot: Basically this is the Japanese copy of CSI. The only difference is that the main character, Nagareta Enishi, also does tests by himself for solve cases that the police for some reason left behind.
Why I wanna watch it: At first I didn't want to watch this drama. And I'm still doubtful because this is not my gender. I got bored of the original CSI after the 1st season, so I already know that I won't like the japanese copy. Anyway, I want to watch at least the 1st episode, because Katori Shingo and Nakayama Yuma are in the cast.


Broadcast network/ period: NTV - Starting on April 12nd.
Air time: Saturday 21:00
Cast: Ninomiya Kazunari, Kanata Hongo, Nakajima Yuto.
Plot: Tamo Aoshi is a new teacher in a prestigious high scool, where students think only to study. When he became the coach of the baseball team, he tries to teach to the 5 members (who never won a match) that life is not only about study, and he gives them a new goal: Qualify for the high school championship.
Why I wanna watch it: Yaaa, finally a drama in "Rookies' style"! But this time the guys won't be delinquents but elite students... This sounds as the most interesting drama of the season together to Shinigami-kun and Bitter Blood!


Broadcast network/ period: NTV - Starting on April 19th.
Air time: Saturday 24:50
Cast: Hamada Takahiro, Kamiyama Tomohiro, Yamashita Ryo, Yasui Kentaro, Hagiya Keigo, Abe Aran, Jinguji Yuta, Shigeoka Daiki
Plot: Cloud5 are a 4 members band and they just had their major debut. However, there are problems and misunderstanding among the members, and they are close to disband, when they meet SHARK members, some kohai from the same record company, who teach them once again what the music is.
Why I wanna watch it: Obviously when it came to music drama, I always watch it XD Then, this is the 2nd season of SHARK that I'm still watching... So....


Genre: Suspense/Detective
Broadcast network/ period: TBS - Starting on April 10th.
Air time: Thursday 21:00
Cast: Maki Yoko, Nishijima Hidetoshi
Plot: A bomb explosion occur in Ginza, Tokyo. The wife of Kuraki Naotake, the Public Security's ace, lose her life in the explosion. Moved by angry and desperation Kuraki starts to investigate in his own, but the ones in charge of this case are Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Detective Osugi Ryota from investigative division and Akebono Miki from Public Security department. The 3 of them, don't get along at all, but somehow they find out that Kuraki's wife was a agent employed in a top secret mission. Meanwhile, Shingai Kazuhiko, a guy who lost his memory in the explosion, is told by a weird man he is the bomber, but he can't believe in it. What's the truth behind this case?
Why I wanna watch it: Why I didn't want to watch it: Again a detective drama, a not so interesting plot. Yep, at first I didn't listed this drama but then I saw the trailers and it took my curiosity... It doesn't seem so plan and it looks more like a suspense drama in "Bloody Monday Style" than a random detective drama.
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Yeee hello minna-san!
It's been so long since I wanted to write this post, but somehow I hadn't the time for writing it...
And I can't remember anymore all the thing I wanted to say but....

Two weeks ago, the release of ジャニズWEST (Johnny's WEST) single debut was announced!
And the single they chosen is ええじゃないか ( Ee? Ja Nai Ka? ← Eh? Isn't it? )
Ureshii desuuuu! I fell in love to that song at the first listen!
It remembers me a lot the first 関ジャニ∞'s ( Kanjani8's ) songs!
If someone still hadn't heard it, I ripped a Shokura performance and converted in a audio file HERE.

I'm so happy and proud of them~
And above all this is the first debut I experience first hand!
I mean, when my beloveds A.B.C-Z debuted, 2 years, 1 month and 22 days ago,
I was following them only since few months and I still didn't know about their past and stuff...
So... This is the 1st time that I really see some junior I love debuting...

And I really, really, really hope that their bond will stay strong and that nothing terrible will happen...
I mean... The first JE group I fell in love (and that introduced me to JE) was KAT-TUN, and...
Look at what happened to them in the last 4 years....
Looking back at the old shows, when they were still juniors make me think they were the most talented and
bright group ever... But then lots of things happened and... It made suffer so much their fans...
(Thank you a lot to my new friend L. for telling me about the old days, when I still wasn't aware about JE, Japanese entertainment and this kind of stuff)

Anyway, back to JWest issue...
(Yes, I decided to call them JWest or JW)
The single will be released in 5 damn versions!!
Here the details from J-web:
Read more... )

And now I wonder what will happen to their Album debut...
Yes, because at first they had to debut with an Album...
And they were still in the middle of choosing the song to include...
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Hey guys! How are you?
I was planning to write this post 3 days ago, but lately I didn't feel good, so...
I'm going to write it now...

March 12, 2014.
This is a day to remember!
Are you wondering why?!
Of course because it was Ebi day!!

Basically A.B.C-Z had a Album Debut!
I mean, they debuted 2 years ago, in February 1st, but...
They always released DVDs until now, and finally...
Their 1st album, "from A.B.C to Z".

On the previous day I already was in "I can't wait" mode, and the fact that a friend said in her twitter that she already received her copy, didn't help me to stop XD
I kept on saying to her things like "I'm in abstinence from Ebi!!"
Sorry Ellen, when it comes to Ebi I always can't wait...

When I checked the phone, in the morning of March 12nd, I found a mail from Ebi!

Ah~ They really are precious, isn't it?

Anyway, while I was downloading Ellen's copy....
They delivered my copies!

There were also 2 clearfiles as bonus~
Ebi are amazing~
(Ok, that asshole from the customs added again further customs duties and I got angry, but... Seriously, Ebi are Ebi! Only who knows Ebi can understand it!)
Oh, right... I got Gocchi's card this time...
Usually I find the Hasshi one, but this time Gocchi's...
Not bad, isn't it?
Well, I always wanted to get Tottsu or Fumi, but it's ok also like that ^^
I wanna think that this is Gocchi period!

Uhmn... What else I should say?
Oh, right! I got addicted right away to 5Rings!
Thinking that Tottsu wrote it, makes me feel so proud of him,
and of Ebi!!
And... Still a thing!

Ebi left some message on j-web for the album release!

Uhmn... I still have things not-Ebi related to write, but I feel so tired and weak...
And I also have to do laundry...
So, I think I'll stop here for now...
See you in another entry... But...

I would like to know what's your favorite song from Ebi album, and
if you enjoyed it ^^

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Today I feel to write some random stuff that come to my mind in these days....

First of all...
Lately my J-Web app doesn't work well...
I guess you are thinking "I couldn't care less about it".
But for me is a real pain in the ass...

Days ago when I checked the J-Web I found this info:

I was basically SCREAMING when I read "7 members....
Fujii Ryusei, Hamada Takahiro, Kamiyama Tomohiro"

OMG I'm so happy and proud of them!

Yes, the Johnny's West debut was announced back in
Johnny's Countdown 2013, when B.A.D.'s Akito & Junta (complete with a banner)
announced that they would debut soon together with 7WEST's ShigeDaiki and Nozomu in
a 4 member group called "JW4 - Johnny's West 4".

In the first moment I was happy but suddenly I felt sorry for the 2 7WEST members
left behind and above all for Hama-chan... Left alone as the older Kanju, once more...

BTW, Hama-chan and Kami-chan from 7WEST, together with Akito&Junta were my
favorite Kanju, I couldn't think to the 2 of them left behind T____T

And so I was really happy...
Then, I searched for additional infos and....
I discovered that Akito and the other 3 selected for debut, asked to
Johnny-san to debut together with their companions !!!
And Johnny-san replied "As long as you take responsabilty for this, it is fine."

I dunno if I'm more pleased by Johnny-sama answer
or by the fact JW4 asked him to debut as a 7 member group
for not leaving behind their friends!
They are been so nice doing that for their companion sake!!
I know that Johnny-san in the deep is a good person but...
They still risked to not debut because of their request...

And about Johnny-sama I always deeply respected his talent in his job.
I can easily understand all his choices and he never failed!
I can't tell the same thing about his niece '-.-
She's not suited for this job at all.
All the artists under her care are slowly decaying...
And I can't neither understand and approve any of her choices.

I'm so glad that JWEST and my beloved A.B.C-Z are under the
care of Johnny-san...
But I'm also scared about what will happen to this groups and to
the agency when the president will die...
Speaking about it...
It seems that Julie is already the Agency's president since
few years...
But for what I can read from J-webs and stuff,
Johnny's members (both Juniors and debuted) with the
word "President" always referred to Johnny-san, and not
to Julie...
I think they understood as well who is the real mind
of the agency...

And talking about Ebi...
Yesterday ( Or maybe the day after yesterday?)
I found on J-web the jacket cover of their 1st album!!!!


I always loved Ebi dressed in suits, but...
They look so good with jeans and casual clothes!!
OMG Tottsu and Gocchi are so... So.............
Ok it's better I shut up or I'll can't stop flailing...

See you soon minna-san!

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I said I would have written something personal but...
Every time I try to start writing, I don't know what I should say...
But today I have something to say to someone...
I'll try to write it in japanese...

エルーさん大好き (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

I hope I wrote it in the right way  (・_・;)

Anyway that's all...
for now....
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Ohayou people from this side of the World!
Konnichiwa/konbanwa people from other sides of the World!
I put a strange title, isn't it?
Well, actually a few minutes ago I read my LJ friends page and I saw an article talking about
Akanishi Jin comeback.
Nothing strange but... I just talked about it with a friend yesterday!
And it isn't the first time!
Time ago I talked about Pi career with a friend, saying it was strange Pi hasn't drama or single
releases in his schedule and that his solo career was a bit slack in the last period...
2 days after, came out the news: Pi starring in summer drama "Summer Nude" and singing the theme song '-.-
Then I talked about Julie Keiko, the mess she create in the company and about the fact she hasn't the talent of her uncle in their job. A few days later came out a picture, in which is rumored NEWS Tegoshi is hugging and kissing? her...
And in the end yesterday... I was watching the pictures of Akanishi's sweet daughter and thinking that the publications of those pictures, looked like a strategic marketing move for his comeback.
I mean... Japanese way of thinking and to relate to things is different from European and American... And I think there isn't a "right way", Japanese, European or American isn't better or worst than other, simply different, so....
According to the psychological and cultural analysis of japanese girls, they follow idols because they make them dream, isn't it?
So, "idols can't get married, because it will destroy japanese fans dreams"... The Akanishi japanese fans club crashed because of it... He was no more "helpful" in girls dreams because a young, beautiful, pregnant actress took him away.
But in the same way japanese girls love guys who love kids and pets...
When they see a guy with a baby or a pet they starts with "kawaiiiiii~" and this kind of stuff...
And looking at the pictures... There wasn't one with the 2 parents and the baby girl... But, two pictures, one mother and daughter, one father and daughter. The background of the mother one, is darker and the individuals are more distant from the lens then the father one. And also the graphic design that introduces us the two pictures is designed... Designed for being "Kawaii". The subject of the picts isn't "The happy matrimonial life" but "The beautiful sweet daughter with her proud father"...
This way wouldn't get mad the fans, rather it can give to Akanishi a new face, and a new way to be introduced to the fans.
Obviously he can't go back to being an idol... So the agency will surely create a new way for "sell him". The musician way, the actor way... (I guess the first thing is more suitable to him) and I also think the agency will start promoting him, putting him in TV shows, discovering his "comic" side.
I talked about it with my friend yesterday and today I saw that magazine who talked about a possible Akanishi comeback...
So I was wondering: Does JE placed bugs in my house?? It can't be that everytime I talk about something JE-related, a few days later come out some news related at it!

Ohayou gente di questo lato del mondo!
Konnichiwa/konbanwa gente degli altri lati del mondo!
Ho usato uno strano titolo, vero?
Beh, in realtà qualche minuto fa ho letto la friends page del mio LJ ed ho visto un articolo che riguardava il ritorno di Akanishi Jin.
Nulla di strano ma... Ne ho parlato con un'amica giusto ieri!
E non è la prima volta!
Tempo fa ho parlato della carriera di Pi con un'amica, dicendo che era strano che tra gli impegni di Pi non ci fossero
drama o rilasci di singoli e che la sua carriera individuale era un po' sottotono nell'ultimo periodo...
2 giorni dopo, è uscita la news: Pi reciterà nel drama estivo "Summer Nude" e canterà la theme song '-.-
Poi ho parlato di Julie Keiko, del casino che ha creato nell'azienda e del fatto che non ha lo stesso talento dello zio per quel lavoro. Qualche giorno dopo è uscita una foto, nella quale si dice che Tegoshi dei NEWS la stia abbracciando e..baciando?
E alla fine ieri... Stavo guardando la foto della dolcissima bimba di Akanishi e pensando che la pubblicazione di quella fotografia, appare come una mossa strategica di marketing finalizzata al suo ritorno.
Voglio dire... Il modo giapponese di pensare e di rapportarsi alle cose è diverso da quello europeo o americano... E penso non ci sia un "modo giusto" di farlo. Non ce n'è uno migliore o peggiore, sono semplicemente diversi, quindi...
Secondo l'analisi psicologica e culturale delle ragazze giapponesi, ne esce che loro seguono gli idols, perchè gli idols permettono loro di sognare, giusto?
Quindi, "gli idols non possono sposarsi perchè distruggerebbero i sogni delle ragazze giapponesi"... Il fans club giapponese di Akanishi è crollato perchè... Lui non era più "utile" nei sogni delle ragazze, in quanto una bella giovane attrice incinta se l'era preso.
Ma allo stesso tempo, le ragazze giapponesi adorano i ragazzi a cui piacciono i bambini ed i cuccioli...
Quando vedono un ragazzo con un bambino o un cucciolo cominciano con i "kawaiiiiii~" e quel tipo di cose...
E se si guardano quelle foto... Non c'è una fotografia che rappresenta 2 genitori e la loro figlioletta... Ma due fotografie, una con madre e figlia, l'altra con padre e figlia. Lo sfondo di quella con la madre è più scuro, ed i soggetti sono più distanti dall'obbiettivo rispetto a quella del padre. E anche la grafica che ce le presenta è studiata... Studiata per essere "Kawaii". Il soggetto delle immagini non è "La felice vita matrimoniale" bensì "La bella figlioletta con il suo orgoglioso padre"...
Questo modo di presentarle non avrebbe fatto arrabbiare le fans, anzi, può dare ad Akanishi una nuova faccia, ed un nuovo modo per essere presentato al pubblico.
Ovviamente non può ricominciare ad essere un idol... Quindi l'agenzia creerà sicuramente un nuovo modo di "venderlo". Magari come musicista, come attore... (Immagino che la prima cosa sia più adatta a lui) e credo anche che l'agenzia lo comincerà a promuovere piazzandolo in programmi TV, e scoprendo il suo "lato comico".
Ieri ho parlato di questo con la mia amica, ed oggi ho visto che un giornale riportava la notizia di un possibile ritorno di  Akanishi...
Quindi mi stavo chiedendo: La JE ha piazzato delle cimici in casa mia?? Non è possibile che ogni volta che parlo di qualcosa che riguarda la JE, passa qualche giorno ed esce una notizia relativa a quello di cui ho parlato!
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Hi there!
It's been a while, ne?
Well today I feel like I have to talk about a thing...
It's about thieves of others works.
Today I read about a fansubber who use other people translation for make her subs
of an on air drama.
It made mi sick.
It really pissed me off.
I can't really suffer such a thing!
Why people use other people works pretending it's their own works?!
What's the matter of doing this kind of things?!
People who hardwork for provide subs FOR OTHERS need respect!
Yes, for others, because subs are not for the person who provide it, because that person can watch the dorama without subs in her own language if she's able to translate it, isn't it?
This theft thing is common also in other backgrounds...
As some of you already know, although I work as employee,
I'm an illustrator and a graphic...
Time ago, when I still attended university I made illustrations and graphic designs for free for my friends... And once they put it on the web, there was always people who stolen it, modified it and sometimes pretending to own it.
It really made me mad.
This thing happened everytime until I made my decision: I'll never do no more illustrations or graphic designs for free.
Such a sad decision but I had no choice.

I know the most of you understand it...
So please... Respect other people works, thanks.

Ciao a tutti!
è passato un po', eh?
Beh, oggi sento di avere una cosa da dire...
Riguarda i ladri di lavori altrui.
Oggi ho letto che un fansubber ha usato le traduzioni di altri per creare i propri subs di un drama on air.
Mi ha dato fastidio.
Me le ha fatte davvero girare.
Non sopporto proprio certe cose!
Perchè la gente usa lavori di altri spacciandoli per suoi?!
Che c. significa fare una cosa del genere?!
La gente che lavora sodo per fornire AGLI ALTRI i subs va rispettata!
Sì, per gli altri perchè i subs non sono per chi li crea, dato che chi li crea conosce la lingua da cui li traduce, quindi può guardare i drama anche nell'altra lingua, no?
Questa cosa dei furti è comune anche in altri ambiti...
Come alcuni di voi sapranno, anche se lavoro come impiegata
Sono un'illustratrice e grafica...
Tempo fa, quando ancora frequentavo l'università, creavo illustrazioni e grafiche gratis per i miei amici... E una volta che loro li caricavano sul web, c'era sempre qualcuno che li rubava modificandoli e a volte spacciandoli per propri.
Mi dava davvero sui nervi!
Questa cosa è sempre successa finchè ho preso la mia decisione: Non avrei più fatto illustrazioni o grafiche gratis.
Una decisione sofferta, ma non avevo altra scelta.
So che la maggior parte di voi capisce cosa intendo,
Quindi per favore...Rispettate il lavoro altrui.
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Hi there!
I'm writing this useless post because...
Yesterday I told to [ profile] silentkat76 I'm waiting for the next translation of
NEWS member Kato Shigeaki's novel and adapted manga "Pink To Gray".
I started to read it in english a few months ago but the translators stopped to translate it T.T So sad...
And because my mind is a self-setted thing, I came to think about "How if they'll release a drama version?"
So Kat told me: "Well, he will be the main actor..."
And me: "Uhmn...No, he's not suited for Daiki's role...For this role the best choice in johnnys could be...Oh my God! Tottsu!! (A.B.C-Z member Totsuka Shota) and for his old friend Shingo role...Well... Lady Tegoshi...(NEWS/Tegomass member Tegoshi Yuya)..
Kat: Eeh? Tegoshi? Uhmn....

She was a bit thoughtful so I shared to her a pict with both the manga characters compared to the pictures of Tottsu&Tego...
And so she agreed with me...they're perfect for the drama cast XD

Ciao a tutti!
Sto scrivendo questo post inutile perchè...
Ieri ho detto a [ profile] silentkat76 che sto aspettando le prossime traduzioni
del romanzo, e relativo adattamento del manga "Pink To Gray" scritto da Kato Shigeaki dei NEWS.
Cominciai a leggerlo in inglese qualche mese fa, ma i traduttori hanno smesso di tradurlo T.T Tristezza...
E dato che il mio cervello è una cosa a sé stante, ho cominciato a pensare "E se facessero il drama?"
Così Kat mi ha detto: "Beh, in quel caso lui sarebbe il protagonista..."
Ed io: "Uhmn...No, non è adatto ad interpretare il ruolo di Daiki...Per quel ruolo la scelta migliore tra i johnnys credo sia...Oh cavolo! Tottsu!! (Totsuka Shota degli A.B.C-Z) e per il ruolo del suo migliore amico, Shingo...Beh...Miss Tegoshi...(Tegoshi Yuya dei NEWS/Tegomass)...
Kat: Eeh? Tegoshi? Uhmn....

Lei era pensierosa a riguardo, così le ho passato un'immagine con entrambi i personaggi del manga, da paragonare con un paio di foto di Tottsu&Tego... Alla fine ha concordato con me...Sarebbero perfetti per il cast del drama XD

Here I put the image I was talking about:
Metto qui l'immagine di cui parlavo:

What do you think about it?
Che ne pensate?

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Hi there! It's been a while, ne? How are you minna-san?
I'm still fighting against sadness, but I think It's my way to be...
Anyway... When I was young I always was addicted to the "Answer books", "Oracle books", "Symbols meanings books"...
But since they was a bit useless and too expensive for my empty pockets I never bought it XD
Actually at that time I always hoped some friend or relative gave it to me as a birthday present but it never happened...
So when I went in a bookshop I always peeled it asking random questions...It's not like I believed in these things, but it was so funny...

So a few days ago an idiotic idea came to me: If we can do it with book, why not with music?
So I tried to do it with "Random Mode" on my Itunes (but all multimedia players are ok)...
Below you'll can read my Questions-Answers and have fun X*D but before I'll explain you the rules for do it...

01 - List 5 questions, or 10, or how much questions you want to ask at the " musical oracle"...
02 - Put your multimedia player in random mode, and turn on it...
03 - At the end of the first song (I think this song was already choose by you),
start to asking your first listed question...and the title of the song that will start ,will be your answer...
04 - After the first answer go on asking your questions as the songs will continue...
Have fun!

Ciao a tutti! è da un po' che non ci si sente, ne? Come va minna-san?
Io sto ancora combattendo contro la tristezza, ma credo che sia il mio modo d'essere...
Comunque... Da ragazzina ero fissata con i "Libri delle risposte", "Libri dell'oracolo", "Libri sul significato dei simboli"...
Ma dato che erano piuttosto inutili e troppo costosi per le mie tasche vuote, non li ho mai comprati XD
In realtà ll'epoca ho sempre sperato che qualche amico o parente me li regalasse per il mio compleanno, ma non è mai successo...
Quindi, quando andavo nelle librerie li sfogliavo sempre, facendo domande a caso... Non che creda in queste cose, ma era divertente...

Così qualche giorno fa mi è venuta un'idea idiota: Se possiamo farlo con i libri, perchè non con la musica?
Quindi ho provato a farlo con la "modalità casuale" su Itunes (anche se qualsiasi media player va bene)...
Qui sotto potete leggere le mie Domande-Risposte e farvi due risate X*D ma prima vi spiegherò le regole del gioco...

01 - Elencate 5 domande, o 10, o quante ne volete da fare all' "oracolo musicale"...
02 - Mettete il vostro lettore multimediale in modalità casuale e accendetelo...
03 - Alla fine della prima canzone (che credo abbiate scelto consapevolmente),
cominciate a fare la prima domanda...e il titolo della canzone che comincerà, sarà la vostra risposta...
04 - Dopo la prima risposta, andate avanti a fare le domande man mano le canzoni proseguiranno...
Buon divertimento!

01 - What's the meaning of my life? (Che senso ha la mia vita?)

Flumpool - Two Of Us   (O.o eh? )

02 - What's my own skill? (Qual'è il mio pregio?)
Flumpool - Guilt (O.O Sugoi... )

03 - Soon or after, I'll be able to enjoy my life? (Prima o poi riuscirò ad amare la mia vita?)
FT Island - Love Letter (What's that?! It has no meaning O.o / Che significa?! Non ha senso O.o)

04 - I'll be able to reach my goals? (Sarò in grado di raggiungere i miei obbiettivi?)
Flumpool - Kakusei Identity ( It means "arousal identity" Anyway why still flumpool??/ Significa "il risveglio dell'identità"...Quindi?? Comunque perchè ancora i flumpool??)

06 - When I'll die? (Quando morirò?)
Takizawa Hideaki - Shalala ('-.- Wow, an answer full of meaning / '-.- Wow, una risposta piena di significato)

07 - What/Who I was in my past life? (Cosa/Chi ero nella mia vita passata?)
Kanjani8 - Osaka Rainy Blues (O.O Whaaaat?! Was I maybe a blues player from Osaka? hahahaha/ O.O Cooosa?! Sarei stata una musicista blues proveniente da Osaka? hahahaha)

08 - In what  matter I totally sucks? (In cosa faccio totalmente schifo?)
Flumpool - Over The Rain ~ Hikari No Hashi ~ (instrumental) (Again flumpool? Again rain?? so what about "over the rain~bridge of light"? I can't find the meaning..../ Ancora flumpool? Ancora pioggia?? quindi che sarebbe "sotto la pioggia~ponte della luce"? Non riesco a coglierne il senso)

09 - Am I an idiot?
NEWS - Easy Come , Easy Go ( '-.- Is it a "yes" I guess / '-.- Immagino sia un "sì")

10 - Where I'll be since 10 years from now?
Flumpool - Kono Jidai Wo Ikinuku Tame Ni ( Ok I totally don't like this answer. This title means "In order to survive you had to submit to the stronger" and...I never liked it./ Ok non mi piace affatto questa risposta. Questo titolo significa " Per sopravvivere  bisogna sottomettersi al più forte" e...Non ho mai sopportato sta cosa.)

I'll wait for your question-answers!! / Aspetterò le vostre domande/risposte!!



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