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Happy New Year!!
So, as I do every year, I'm going to share my music playlist of 2016!

As always all the data are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate
enough to be shared...

Here my most listened artist during 2016:

01 - NEWS
02 - A.B.C-Z
03 - 超特急 (Choutokkyuu)
05 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuuma)
07 - √5 (Root Five)
08 - KAT-TUN
09 - TOKIO
10 - The LadyBird
11 - The Rasmus
12 - 細谷佳正 (Hosoya Yoshimasa)
13 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
14 - INKT
17 - Leverage
18 - 橋本良亮 (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
19 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
20 - tacica

Ok, if the 1st six places are pretty expected, because they're the artists I really followed the most this past year,
I'm pretty surprised by The LadyBird, The Rasmus and Hosoya Yoshimasa...
I didn't remember at all to have listened so much to them, while I believed to have listened more to SPYAIR and OLDCODEX.
Also, I didn't expect that INKT had dropped at the 14th place...Well, probably it's beause I didn't get its new album, so
I haven't listened to anything from them recently...

Here my most played songs during 2016:

01 - 細谷佳正 - go on (Hosoya Yoshimasa - Go On)
02 - NEWS - ヒカリノシズク (NEWS - Hikari No Shizuku)
03 - NEWS - Touch
04 - A.B.C-Z - Great5
05 - A.B.C-Z - PERIOD
06 - NEWS - Wonder
07 - NEWS - 星の旅人たち (NEWS - Hoshi no Tabibito-tachi)
08 - MY FIRST STORY - One Light
09 - A.B.C-Z - Tomorrow
10 - 橋本良亮 - Crazy about you (Hashimoto Ryosuke - Crazy About You)*
11 - 中山優馬 - Feeling Me Softly (Nakayama Yuuma - Feeling Me Softly)*
12 - MY FIRST STORY - 君の唄 (MY FIRST STORY - Kimi no Uta)*
14 - スキマスイッチ - Ah Yeah!! (Sukima Switch - Ah Yeah!!)**
15 - 超特急 Feat. Marty Friedman - Beautiful Chaser (Choutokkyuu Ft Marty Friedman - Beautiful Chaser)**
16 - MY FIRST STORY - Missing You**
17 - NEWS - BYAKUYA***
18 - tacica - Leo***
19 - A.B.C-Z - Fly a Flag****
20 - MY FIRST STORY - Home****
超特急 — Yell (Choutokkyuu - Yell)****

*/**/***/****= These song have the same number of listen,
and number 20 are both those songs because all of them have the same number of listen,
that actually are the same number of listen of number 19.

Waaaait, what?!?! Hosoyan's song at the first place?? Seriously???
I was truly convinced that my most listened song of the year was actually "One Light"
my obsession since I heard it for the first time, having me crying while listening to it.
For the rest I'm not so surprised... I just thought "Fly a Flag" was in upper positions and
that was present in the list BURNOUT SYNDROMES' song ヒカリアレ(Hikari Are) was in the list...

And after it:

The last song listened in 2016: 渋谷すばる — 琉我 (Shibutani Subaru - Ruwa)

The 1st song listened on 2017: セツナクルーズ — 777 (Setunacrews - 777 )

Ok, that's all for 2016 music...
So, what do you think about it? What is your 2016 play list?
If you feel like that leave me a comment and let's talk about it!
Have a nice day/afternoon/night!

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Hey you guys, guys playzone!

How are you all doing???? Is 2016 started well?

Soooo, I'm here to do the usual thing I'm doing in the latest 2 years...

My "Music playlist of the year 2016"

Also this time, all the data are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate enough~

Anyway if you want to share your list of songs, or discuss about it, please leave a comment!

Here my most listened artist during 2015:

01 - A.B.C-Z
02 - 超特急 (Choutokkyuu)
03 - TOKIO
04 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma)
06 - INKT
08 - KAT-TUN
09 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
10 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
11 - 雅-MIYAVI-
12 - セツナケルーズ (Setunacrews)
13 - √5 (RootFive)
14 - NEWS
15 - タッキー&翼 (Tackey&Tsubasa)
17 - Mr. Children
18 - Bon Jovi
19 - 橋本良亮 (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
20 - Poets Of The Fall

Oook.... I was really surprised about this ranking...
I mean, I knew that A.B.C-Z would have been in the upper places and Choutokkyuu too, but TOKIO 3rd?!
Really?? When I listened so much to them, again? O.o also Yuma... It's pretty high even if I knew I listened
to him a lot the past winter-spring (Pretty much fault of YOLOmoment I guess) but... Hasshi in the list...
I wouldn't ever imagined it...
Oh well, another playlist FUUULLLLLL of japanese music...

Here my most played songs during 2015:

01  - 中山優馬 - 貯金箱  (Nakayama Yuma - Chokin Bako)
02  - A.B.C-Z - ずっとLOVE (A.B.C-Z - ZuttoLOVE)
03  - A.B.C-Z - 恋に落ちたボディガード (A.B.C-Z - Koi Ni Ochita Bodyguard)
04  - A.B.C-Z - Finally Over
06  - セツナクルーズ - filter (Setunacrews - filter)
07  - Jonne Aaron - Taivas Itkee Hiljaa*
08  - 超特急 - ikki!!!!!i!! (Choutokkyuu - Ikki!!!!!i!!)*
09  - セツナクルーズ - extreme (Setunacrews - filter)**
10  - A.B.C-Z - A.B.C-Z LOVE**
11  - 超特急 - Believe×Believe (Choutokkyuu - Believe×Believe)**
12  - A.B.C-Z - ボクラ~LOVE&PEACE~ (A.B.C-Z - Bokura~LOVE&PEACE~)**
13  - A.B.C-Z - 僕らのこたえ〜Here We Go〜 (A.B.C-Z - Bokura No Kotae~Here We Go~)**
14  - ジャニーズWEST - My Best Friend (Johnny's WEST - My Best Friend)***
15  - セツナクルーズ - ハイブリッドマン (Setunacrews - Hybrid Man)***
16  - 橋本良亮 - One by One (Hashimoto Ryosuke - One by One)****
17  - セツナクルーズ - 旅立ちの日に (Setunacrews - Tabidachi No Hini)****
18  - 超特急 - EBiDAY EBiNAI (Choutokkyuu - EBiDAY EBiNAI)*****
19  - セツナクルーズ - Morning purple (Setunacrews - Morning purple)*****
20  - A.B.C-Z - 5 rings
        橋本良亮 - 恋涙 (Hashimoto Ryosuke - Koi Namida)
        戸塚祥太 - 君といた (Totsuka Shota - Kimi Toita)
        GLAY - 時計 (GLAY - Tokei)
        みーちゃん - The Fox (Mi-chan - The Fox)
        セツナクルーズ - sky Fall (Setunacrews - sky Fall)

*/**/***/****= These song have the same number of listen,
and number 20 are all those songs because all of them have the same number of listen.

Yeah, I like Chokin Bako but!!!! Why first?!?! Have I really listened it SO MANY TIMES??
I thought the most listened song of 2015 was Choutokkyuu's "Beautiful Chaser" because I totally fell for that
song but it isn't even listed!! Why???
Also, ZuttoLOVE as second song??? Are you joking?? I don't dislike it but I never was really into that song O___O Also, Jonne Aaron's song... I remember I listened it the past winter but... SO MANY TIMES????
If LastFM-san didn't tell me I would never ever ever imagined such ranking!

And now:

The last song listened on 2015: タッキー&翼 - 青春の先の希望 (Tackey&Tsubasa - Seishun No Saki No Kibou)

The 1st song listened on 2016: 蛇足 / 【蓮】 - 盲目の宇宙飛行士 (Dasoku x Ren - Moumoku No Uchuu Hikoushi)

So... Have a nice day and a happy new year, once again!
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Hello guys! It's been a while since the last time I updated, isn't it?
Well, I'm busy with other stuff... As always...
BUT yesterday night, talking with [ profile] sky_fish7 I realised that I hadn't posted yet something I subbed...
Like in September-October...

At first I wanted to make an hardsub, but as the most of you know, I work on a mac, not on windows,
and, for what I know, there aren't mac softwares for hardsubbing karaoke...
So at first I gave up to upload it but then...
I started to talk with [ profile] naryabutterfly and we (both) got a bit angry for HOW people treat this band.

I explained it in detail HERE, in a old post where I'm sharing their full discography (well, almost full)...
But in few words, My First Story is a great rock band composed by serious musicians and...
The vocalist is ONE OK ROCK's Taka younger brother who has a voice really similar to his.
Unfortunately people know this band just as "the band of Taka's little brother", and don't pay attention to those guys... BUT...
Their music is great, and technically speaking they are even better than ONE OK ROCK.
ONE OK ROCK is really great, but it's "protected" by a big agency and a major recording company,
that's why its music is "influenced" and "built" from many expert people who take care of everything...
While MY FIRST STORY is an indie band, who auto-produces its music through a indie recording company.
The music is made just by them, and they collaborate with lots of groups and artists of the indie scene for
improve and grow as musicians.

So please people, STOP to call MFS as "Taka's younger brother's band", and give them a chance to rock your butt out!

Anyway... The song I subbed is a really sweet love song, a ballade, nothing so rockish compared to the other songs...
But if you want I recommend you some song or you want to have infos, feel free to ask me.


Ciao a tutti, è passato un po’ dall’ultima volta in cui ho scritto qualcosa, eh?
Beh, sono impegnata in altre cose… Come sempre…
MA, ieri notte, parlando con [ profile] sky_fish7 mi sono resa conto di non aver ancora postato qualcosa che ho subbato…
Tipo in Settembre-Ottobre…

All’inizio volevo fare un hardsub, ma come la maggior parte di voi saprà, io lavoro su un mac, non su windows,
e per quel che ne so, non esistono software per mac che hardsubbino karaoke.
Così all’inizio ci avevo rinunciato, ma poi…
Ho cominciato a parlare con [ profile] naryabutterfly e… ci siamo un po’ arrabbiate per COME la gente tratta questa band.

L’ho spiegato dettagliatamente QUI, in un vecchio post dove ho condiviso la loro discografia completa (o quasi)…
Ma in poche parole, i My First Story sono una grande rock band composta da musicisti seri e…
Il cantante è il fratellino minore di Taka degli ONE OK ROCK, che ha anche una voce simile al fratello maggiore.
Sfortunatamente la gente li conosce solo come "la band del fratellino di Taka", e non presta attenzione a loro, MA…
La loro musica è fantastica e tecnicamente parlando sono persino meglio degli ONE OK ROCK.
Gli ONE OK ROCK sono molto bravi, ma vengono "protetti" da una grande agenzia y e da un’importante casa discografica,
per questo la loro musica è "influenzata" e "creata" da molti esperti del settore, che si occupano di tutto quanto…
Mentre i My First Story sono una band indipendente che auto-produce la propria musica supportati solo da un’etichetta indipendente.
La loro musica è fatta solo da loro, che collaborano con un sacco di altri gruppi e artisti della scena indie per migliorare e crescere come musicisti.

Quindi per favore, SMETTETELA di chiamare i MFS "la band del fratellino di Taka", e date loro l’occasione di dimostrarvi ciò che valgono!

Ad ogni modo… La canzone che ho subbato è una canzone d’amore, piuttosto dolce, nulla di così rocckeggiante paragonata alle altre loro canzoni…
Ma se volete che vi consigli qualche loro canzone, o avete bisogno di informazioni, chiedete pure.


★ So guys, this song is called 花ー0714ー (Hana-0714-), that means "Flowers, July 14th";
but it's read as " 離れないよ " (Hanarenai Yo), that means something like "don't leave me".

I transcribed the kanji I found in the original booklet, and I translated the lyric from them, and I just
started to self-learning japanese, so there are surely mistakes.
So please, don't claim it as yours, don't share elsewhere and if you find some mistake let me know about them,
I'll be happy to fix them.

Also, Hiro changes the lyric while singing during this live gig,
so in the subs I obviously wrote the lyric he was singing, instead of
the original one I'm writing here.


★ Bene ragazzi, questa canzone si intitola 花ー0714ー (Hana-0714-), che significa "Fiori del 14 Luglio";
ma va letto come" 離れないよ " (Hanarenai Yo), che significa "non lasciarmi".

Ho trascritto i kanji che ho trovato nel booklet originale per poi tradurre il testo da quelli, ed ho appena cominciato a studiare il giapponese da autodidatta,
e ci saranno sicuramente un sacco di errori.
Quindi per favore, non dite che le traduzioni sono vostre, non condividetele su
altri siti, e se trovate degli errori fatemelo sapere per favore, sarò felice di correggerli.

Inoltre nel concerto live Hiro cambia le parole mentre canta,
quindi nei subs ho scritto il testo che sta cantando e non quello originale
che ho postato qua sotto.



Do not repost, do not put on streaming site and do not hotlink.
The post will be locked in a week.
I ripped and cut the RAW from my own original DVD so I'll be able to tell right away if you used it.

Vietato caricare su altri siti, mettere in streaming e condividere questi link.
Questo post diventerà friends-locked in una settimana.
Ho rippato e tagliato la RAW dal mio DVD originale, quindi mi accorgerò subito se qualcuno la userà.


生まれて初めて こんな気持ちになった…

何一つ取り柄も 持ち合わせてないけど
ねぇ、お願い… 隣に居てよ!!

だって紛れもなく ただ君を愛してる…

100年先もずっと 君をみてたいの!!
君は僕の 全て捧げた人だから!!
笑って 泣いて 手をとりながら最後まで…

君はもう 一生分の愛をくれたね
次は僕が 君にあげるよ…

大した言葉も あんまり言えないけど



何もしてあげられない こんな僕と
Umarete hajimete kon'na kimochi ni natta…
Kimi ni yatto meguri aeta!!

Nani hitotsu torie mo mochiawase tenai kedo
Nee, onegai… Tonari ni ite yo!!

Shichi gatsu juu yon nichi ni kimi to issho ni naru to kimeta! !
Datte magire mo naku tada kimi wo aishiteru…

Hyaku-nen saki mo zutto kimi o mitetai no! !
Kimi wa boku no subete sasageta hito dakara! !
Waratte naite te wo torinagara saigo made…

Kimi wa mou isshou bun no ai wo kureta ne
Tsugi wa boku ga kimi ni ageru yo…

Taishita kotoba mo anmari ienai kedo
Sono kawarini “hana” wo okuru yo!

Shichi gatsu juu go nichi ni aratamete kidzukasa reta!
Yappa eranda michi wa koko de yokatta’nda…

Kimi wo aishiteru yo! !

Boku ga nokori no toki wo kakete
Kitto kimi wo shiawase ni suru kara! ! !
Nani mo shite agerarenai kon'na boku to
Issho ni ite kurete arigatou!
Chikai no yubi wa, kimi wa uketotte kuremasu ka…?
It’s the first time that a feeling like this is born..
I finally met you!!

Me, who has no value,
Hey, stay beside me.. I pray you!!

On July 14th, I decided to stay with you!!
Because it’s evident, I love you..

I’ll watch over you even in 100 years!!
Because you’re the one I devoted all myself!!
Laughing, crying, while we hold our hands until the end..

You filled my life with love
Now I’m the one who will give it to you..

I’m not someone who says so many great words,
I give you flowers instead!

On July 15th, I become aware of it!
As I thought, I’m glad to have chosen you along this road..

I love you!!!

For all the rest of my life
I’ll surely make you happy!!!
Thank you for staying with me
Even though I can’t give you anything!
Will you receive this ring as oath?
É la prima volta che in me nasce un sentimento del genere..
Finalmente ti ho incontrata!!

Io, che non ho alcun valore,
Hey, stammi accanto.. Ti prego!!

Il 7 Luglio ho deciso di stare con te!!
Perché è evidente che ti amo..

Veglierò su di te anche fra 100 anni!!
Perché tu sei colei a cui ho dato tutto me stesso!!
Ridiamo, piangiamo, mentre ci teniamo per mano fino alla fine..

Tu hai riempito la mia vita d’amore
Ora sarò io a dartelo..

Non sono il tipo che ti dice tante belle cose,
Però ti mando dei fiori!

Il 15 Luglio me ne sono reso conto!
Come pensavo, sono felice di avere scelto te, lungo questa strada.

Ti amo!!!

Per tutto il resto della mia vita
Ti farò sicuramente felice!!!
Grazie di stare con me
Anche se non riesco a darti nulla!
Accetterai questo anello, come giuramento?
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I did the same thing the past year, so why not doing the same this year?

All the datas are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate enough ^^

Anyway if you want to share your list of songs, or discuss about it, please leave a comment!

Here my most listened artist during 2014:

01 - A.B.C-Z
03 - INKT
04 - KAT-TUN
05 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
06 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma)
07 - Sexy Zone
08 - Guys Playzone (Playzone Cast from 2011-2012-2013)
09 - Koma'n
10 - √5
11 - FT Island
12 - The LadyBird
13 - Tarja Turunen
14 - Poets Of The Fall
15 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
16 - Hammerfall
17 - NEWS
19 - Elvenking
20 - Kis-My-Ft2

Awww somehow I think there's something weird in this ranking LOL
For the 1st 3 position I expected it... They are my most loved groups right now...
But... KAT-TUN in the 4th position?? Seriously?? I didn't expect it at all!
Plus, Sexy Zone at 7th!! I was really into "Bad Boys" and "Power of Run" I guess...
Koma'n at the 9th is weird as well... I mean, I don't remember when was the last time I listened to his music O.O
Same thing for Hammerfall and Elvenking! NEWS I guess it's because I loved the World Cup Theme Song, and I overlistened to it LOL About Kisumai I don't exactly know... Oh, right, it could be because of "Luv Sick"...
But I think it's still odd...

Here my most played songs during 2014:

01 - A.B.C - Z - 僕らのこたえ 〜Here We Go〜  (A.B.C - Z - Bokura No Kotae ~Here We Go~)
02 - ジャニーズWEST - ええじゃないか (Johnny's WEST - Ee Ja Nai Ka)
03 - Kis-My-Ft2 - Luv Sick
04 - ジャニーズWEST - バンザイ夢マンサイ (Johnny's WEST - Banzai Yume Mansai)
05 - Poets Of The Fall - Cradled In Love
06 - ジャニーズWEST - その先ヘ...(Johnny's WEST - Sono Saki e...)
07 - ジャニーズWEST - 浪速一等賞! (Naniwa Ittoushou!)
08 - 中山優馬 - Missing Piece (Nakayama Yuma - Missing Piece)
09 - A.B.C - Z - 5rings
10 - INKT - A Whole New World
11* - 中山優馬 - 愛までがナイフ (Nakayama Yuma - Ai Made Ga Naifu)
12* - 中山優馬 - High Five (Nakayama Yuma - High Five)
13**- 中山優馬 - So Crazy (Nakayama Yuma - So Crazy)
14**- MY FIRST STORY - 不可逆リプレイス (MY FIRST STORY - Fukyagaku Replace)
15**- INKT - Iron Heart
16**- INKT - Fight For Freedom
17**- INKT - Nobody Knows
18***- 中山優馬 - Blossom Tree (Nakayama Yuma - Blossom Tree)
19***- INKT - 45'
20 - INKT - Trigger

*/**/***= These song have the same number of listen.

Wow... I totally didn't expect this kind of list..
The only one I knew was the 1st place...
I was totally into "Bokura no Kotae"... But the others...
Ehhh? All those JWest songs? Really? And even Yuma's?!
Plus... Luv Sick... O.o This isn't even my fav song of Kisumai...
But I guess it's because I listened to it a lot of times while I was karaoking it -.-
Damn my scrobber who scrobs basically from everywhere I turn on music.
I'm shocked for the low position of Fukyagaku Replace...
I loved so much that song but... Somehow it's only at 14th place O.O
So weird!!

Anyway, I want also add:

The last song listened on 2014: 男闘呼組 – 翼なき疾走 (Otokogumi - Tsubasa Naki Shissou)

The 1st song listened on 2015: Ill Niño - Me Gusta La Soledad

So... Have a nice day and a happy new year, once again!
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Hey guys! How are you?
I was planning to write this post 3 days ago, but lately I didn't feel good, so...
I'm going to write it now...

March 12, 2014.
This is a day to remember!
Are you wondering why?!
Of course because it was Ebi day!!

Basically A.B.C-Z had a Album Debut!
I mean, they debuted 2 years ago, in February 1st, but...
They always released DVDs until now, and finally...
Their 1st album, "from A.B.C to Z".

On the previous day I already was in "I can't wait" mode, and the fact that a friend said in her twitter that she already received her copy, didn't help me to stop XD
I kept on saying to her things like "I'm in abstinence from Ebi!!"
Sorry Ellen, when it comes to Ebi I always can't wait...

When I checked the phone, in the morning of March 12nd, I found a mail from Ebi!

Ah~ They really are precious, isn't it?

Anyway, while I was downloading Ellen's copy....
They delivered my copies!

There were also 2 clearfiles as bonus~
Ebi are amazing~
(Ok, that asshole from the customs added again further customs duties and I got angry, but... Seriously, Ebi are Ebi! Only who knows Ebi can understand it!)
Oh, right... I got Gocchi's card this time...
Usually I find the Hasshi one, but this time Gocchi's...
Not bad, isn't it?
Well, I always wanted to get Tottsu or Fumi, but it's ok also like that ^^
I wanna think that this is Gocchi period!

Uhmn... What else I should say?
Oh, right! I got addicted right away to 5Rings!
Thinking that Tottsu wrote it, makes me feel so proud of him,
and of Ebi!!
And... Still a thing!

Ebi left some message on j-web for the album release!

Uhmn... I still have things not-Ebi related to write, but I feel so tired and weak...
And I also have to do laundry...
So, I think I'll stop here for now...
See you in another entry... But...

I would like to know what's your favorite song from Ebi album, and
if you enjoyed it ^^

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Today I feel to write some random stuff that come to my mind in these days....

First of all...
Lately my J-Web app doesn't work well...
I guess you are thinking "I couldn't care less about it".
But for me is a real pain in the ass...

Days ago when I checked the J-Web I found this info:

I was basically SCREAMING when I read "7 members....
Fujii Ryusei, Hamada Takahiro, Kamiyama Tomohiro"

OMG I'm so happy and proud of them!

Yes, the Johnny's West debut was announced back in
Johnny's Countdown 2013, when B.A.D.'s Akito & Junta (complete with a banner)
announced that they would debut soon together with 7WEST's ShigeDaiki and Nozomu in
a 4 member group called "JW4 - Johnny's West 4".

In the first moment I was happy but suddenly I felt sorry for the 2 7WEST members
left behind and above all for Hama-chan... Left alone as the older Kanju, once more...

BTW, Hama-chan and Kami-chan from 7WEST, together with Akito&Junta were my
favorite Kanju, I couldn't think to the 2 of them left behind T____T

And so I was really happy...
Then, I searched for additional infos and....
I discovered that Akito and the other 3 selected for debut, asked to
Johnny-san to debut together with their companions !!!
And Johnny-san replied "As long as you take responsabilty for this, it is fine."

I dunno if I'm more pleased by Johnny-sama answer
or by the fact JW4 asked him to debut as a 7 member group
for not leaving behind their friends!
They are been so nice doing that for their companion sake!!
I know that Johnny-san in the deep is a good person but...
They still risked to not debut because of their request...

And about Johnny-sama I always deeply respected his talent in his job.
I can easily understand all his choices and he never failed!
I can't tell the same thing about his niece '-.-
She's not suited for this job at all.
All the artists under her care are slowly decaying...
And I can't neither understand and approve any of her choices.

I'm so glad that JWEST and my beloved A.B.C-Z are under the
care of Johnny-san...
But I'm also scared about what will happen to this groups and to
the agency when the president will die...
Speaking about it...
It seems that Julie is already the Agency's president since
few years...
But for what I can read from J-webs and stuff,
Johnny's members (both Juniors and debuted) with the
word "President" always referred to Johnny-san, and not
to Julie...
I think they understood as well who is the real mind
of the agency...

And talking about Ebi...
Yesterday ( Or maybe the day after yesterday?)
I found on J-web the jacket cover of their 1st album!!!!


I always loved Ebi dressed in suits, but...
They look so good with jeans and casual clothes!!
OMG Tottsu and Gocchi are so... So.............
Ok it's better I shut up or I'll can't stop flailing...

See you soon minna-san!

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Hi there! Today I felt to translate a song who is stuck in my head since when I listen to it for the first time...
Well, I'm not so good at finnish, but I tried my best to translate it in the better way...
It's Taivas Itke Hiljaa (The Sky Is Quietly Crying) from Jonne Aaron Liimatainen (Negative singer)
first solo album,Onnen Vuodet (Lucky Years) released on April, 26th 2013.

Ciao a tutti! Oggi mi è girata di tradurre una canzone che ho conficcata in testa dal primo momento in cui l'ho sentita...
Beh, non sono un gran che in finlandese, ma ho cercato di fare del mio meglio per tradurla decentemente...
Sto parlando di Taivas Itke Hiljaa (Il Cielo sta piangendo dolcemente) tratta da Onnen Vuodet (Anni Fortunati),
il primo album da solista di Jonne Aaron Liimatainen (il vocalist dei Negative), uscito il 26 Aprile 2013.

You can listen it here:
Potete ascoltarla qui:

Or download it here:
O scaricarla qui:

Oli elokuinen aamu kun tähän maailmaan
Poika kapaloihin saapui, äiti itki onneaan
Minä olin kahdentoista kun äidin kanssa jäin
Heti isän lähdön jälkeen jokin särkyi sisälläin
Kyllä aika haavat parantaa
Joku joskus pääsi sanomaan

Ja niin, taivas itkee hiljaa
Vasten mun ikkunaa
Ja niin, taivas itkee hiljaa

Heti rippikoulun aikaan sinut ensikerran näin
Olit kaunis kuin ensilumi joka varhain maahan jäi
Kotikylän joen vartta me usein aikaisin
Aamulla kahden kouluun kuljimme jalkaisin
Sen kerran tultiin kotiinpäin
Tytön kuolleen joessa mä näin

Ja niin, taivas itkee hiljaa
Vasten mun ikkunaa
Ja niin, aamu vaihtui iltaan

Talvi teki tuloaan
Sä mitä silloin teet kun on voimas ehtyneet
Ja ystävistä ympärillä jää vain kyyneleet
Ja niin, taivas itkee hiljaa

Päälle tumman puisen kirstun siihen samaan eteiseen
Hetkeksi nyt istun, havahdun tunteeseen

Ja niin, taivas itkee hiljaa
Vasten mun ikkunaa
Ja niin, aamu vaihtuu iltaan

Talvi tekee tuloaan
Sä mitä silloin teet kun on voimas ehtyneet
Ja muistoistasi ympärillä jää vain kyyneleet
Ja niin, taivas itkee hiljaa
It was an August morning when in this World
Arrived the baby in swatting clothes, and his mother wept by happiness.
I was twelve when I stayed with my mother,
Right after my father departure that broken her inside.
Yes, this is the time for the wounds to improve
Someone once said

And so, the sky is quietly crying
Against my window
And so, the sky is quietly crying

The first time I saw you, during Confirmation
You were as beautiful as the 1st snow of the Early Earth was
The local village along the river where we often walked
In the early morning, going to school
It was the time we came back home
When I saw the girl died in the river

And so, the sky is quietly crying
Against my window
And so, the sky is quietly crying

Winter was coming
What will you do when you'll run out of force
And your left friends, will make you only fall tears?
And so, the sky is quietly crying

Now I sit for a while in front of it, on the top of the dark wood
In the same hall, waking up my feelings.

And so, the sky is quietly crying
Against my window
And so, the sky is quietly crying

Winter was coming
What will you do when you'll run out of force
And your left friends, will make you only fall tears?
And so, the sky is quietly crying
Era un mattino d'agosto, quando in questo mondo
giunse il bambino in fasce, e sua madre pianse di gioia.
Avevo 12 anni quando rimasi con mia madre,
Subito dopo la partenza di mio padre, che la distrusse dentro.
Sì, è giunto il momento che le ferite migliorino
Ci disse qualcuno una volta.

E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente
Contro la mia finestra
E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente

La prima volta che ti vidi, durante la Cresima,
Eri bella quanto la prima neve dell'Era Primordiale.
Il nostro paese natale, costeggiato dal fiume lungo cui camminavamo
Il mattino presto per andare a scuola.
Era l'ora in cui tornavamo da scuola,
quando vidi la ragazza morta nel fiume.

E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente
Contro la mia finestra
E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente

Stava arrivando l'inverno
Cosa farai quando esaurirai le forze
E gli amici che ti sono rimasti non faranno che farti versare lacrime?
E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente

Ora sederò per un po' di fronte ad esso, in cima al legno scuro
nella stessa sala, risvegliando i miei sentimenti.

E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente
Contro la mia finestra
E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente

Stava arrivando l'inverno
Cosa farai quando esaurirai le forze
E gli amici che ti sono rimasti non faranno che farti versare lacrime?
E così, il cielo sta piangendo dolcemente
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Hi there! It's been a while, ne? How are you minna-san?
I'm still fighting against sadness, but I think It's my way to be...
Anyway... When I was young I always was addicted to the "Answer books", "Oracle books", "Symbols meanings books"...
But since they was a bit useless and too expensive for my empty pockets I never bought it XD
Actually at that time I always hoped some friend or relative gave it to me as a birthday present but it never happened...
So when I went in a bookshop I always peeled it asking random questions...It's not like I believed in these things, but it was so funny...

So a few days ago an idiotic idea came to me: If we can do it with book, why not with music?
So I tried to do it with "Random Mode" on my Itunes (but all multimedia players are ok)...
Below you'll can read my Questions-Answers and have fun X*D but before I'll explain you the rules for do it...

01 - List 5 questions, or 10, or how much questions you want to ask at the " musical oracle"...
02 - Put your multimedia player in random mode, and turn on it...
03 - At the end of the first song (I think this song was already choose by you),
start to asking your first listed question...and the title of the song that will start ,will be your answer...
04 - After the first answer go on asking your questions as the songs will continue...
Have fun!

Ciao a tutti! è da un po' che non ci si sente, ne? Come va minna-san?
Io sto ancora combattendo contro la tristezza, ma credo che sia il mio modo d'essere...
Comunque... Da ragazzina ero fissata con i "Libri delle risposte", "Libri dell'oracolo", "Libri sul significato dei simboli"...
Ma dato che erano piuttosto inutili e troppo costosi per le mie tasche vuote, non li ho mai comprati XD
In realtà ll'epoca ho sempre sperato che qualche amico o parente me li regalasse per il mio compleanno, ma non è mai successo...
Quindi, quando andavo nelle librerie li sfogliavo sempre, facendo domande a caso... Non che creda in queste cose, ma era divertente...

Così qualche giorno fa mi è venuta un'idea idiota: Se possiamo farlo con i libri, perchè non con la musica?
Quindi ho provato a farlo con la "modalità casuale" su Itunes (anche se qualsiasi media player va bene)...
Qui sotto potete leggere le mie Domande-Risposte e farvi due risate X*D ma prima vi spiegherò le regole del gioco...

01 - Elencate 5 domande, o 10, o quante ne volete da fare all' "oracolo musicale"...
02 - Mettete il vostro lettore multimediale in modalità casuale e accendetelo...
03 - Alla fine della prima canzone (che credo abbiate scelto consapevolmente),
cominciate a fare la prima domanda...e il titolo della canzone che comincerà, sarà la vostra risposta...
04 - Dopo la prima risposta, andate avanti a fare le domande man mano le canzoni proseguiranno...
Buon divertimento!

01 - What's the meaning of my life? (Che senso ha la mia vita?)

Flumpool - Two Of Us   (O.o eh? )

02 - What's my own skill? (Qual'è il mio pregio?)
Flumpool - Guilt (O.O Sugoi... )

03 - Soon or after, I'll be able to enjoy my life? (Prima o poi riuscirò ad amare la mia vita?)
FT Island - Love Letter (What's that?! It has no meaning O.o / Che significa?! Non ha senso O.o)

04 - I'll be able to reach my goals? (Sarò in grado di raggiungere i miei obbiettivi?)
Flumpool - Kakusei Identity ( It means "arousal identity" Anyway why still flumpool??/ Significa "il risveglio dell'identità"...Quindi?? Comunque perchè ancora i flumpool??)

06 - When I'll die? (Quando morirò?)
Takizawa Hideaki - Shalala ('-.- Wow, an answer full of meaning / '-.- Wow, una risposta piena di significato)

07 - What/Who I was in my past life? (Cosa/Chi ero nella mia vita passata?)
Kanjani8 - Osaka Rainy Blues (O.O Whaaaat?! Was I maybe a blues player from Osaka? hahahaha/ O.O Cooosa?! Sarei stata una musicista blues proveniente da Osaka? hahahaha)

08 - In what  matter I totally sucks? (In cosa faccio totalmente schifo?)
Flumpool - Over The Rain ~ Hikari No Hashi ~ (instrumental) (Again flumpool? Again rain?? so what about "over the rain~bridge of light"? I can't find the meaning..../ Ancora flumpool? Ancora pioggia?? quindi che sarebbe "sotto la pioggia~ponte della luce"? Non riesco a coglierne il senso)

09 - Am I an idiot?
NEWS - Easy Come , Easy Go ( '-.- Is it a "yes" I guess / '-.- Immagino sia un "sì")

10 - Where I'll be since 10 years from now?
Flumpool - Kono Jidai Wo Ikinuku Tame Ni ( Ok I totally don't like this answer. This title means "In order to survive you had to submit to the stronger" and...I never liked it./ Ok non mi piace affatto questa risposta. Questo titolo significa " Per sopravvivere  bisogna sottomettersi al più forte" e...Non ho mai sopportato sta cosa.)

I'll wait for your question-answers!! / Aspetterò le vostre domande/risposte!!

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[Poll #1840419]
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Hello guys!
Is it all ok?

Hontoni gomen nasai (I'm really sorry)
I havn't yet translated O-PARTS ep.3!
In this period I'm very busy,
so I struggle to hand over in time my translations.

I promise I'll try hard to translate
that episode during this week...
Be patient please and
Thank you for follow my subs!

Tonikaku, (anyway)
this evening I upload here
my first Karaoke!
(Thank you very much to Jem for her patience
in teaching me the fundamentals!)


Sorry me for the bad quality of it...
I know the timing isn't perfect
and maybe also the typesetting...

Forgive me, it's my really first karaoke!
I hope at last you enjoy the song:


Salve gente!
Tutto bene?

Hontoni gomen nasai (scusatemi davvero)
non ho ancora tradotto l'ep. 3 di O-PARTS!
In questo periodo sono molto occupata,
Così fatico a consegnare in tempo le mie traduzioni.

Prometto che farò del mio meglio per tradurre
l'episodio durante questa settimana...
Per favore portate pazienza e
grazie di seguire i miei subs!

Tonikaku, (comunque)
Questa sera, carico qui sopra
il mio primo Karaoke!
(Grazie mille a Jem per la sua pazienza
nell'insegnarmi i fondamentali!)


Scusatemi per la scarsità del karaoke...
So che il timing non è perfetto
e forse nemmeno la composizione...

Perdonatemi, è davvero il mio primo karaoke!
Spero che almeno vi piaccia la canzone:


A.B.C-Z - VANILLA (Shounen Club, 07.03.2010)


Password: housekini_vanilla

Vanilla, give me your touch
Because you may damage me
It's burning love and sweetest kiss
Tonight, I'll be there for you
Vanilla, give me your love
Because you may play with me
Let's make it dirty, by you and me

It's so lazy night Yureru light
Fureta yubisaki wo
Sakeru Lip kokoro wo moteasobu you ni
Botan hazushita yami no nakare
Boku wo jiyuu ni tsukatte

Yaba sugiru nioi wo (I can see...) kanjitemo nigerarezuni
Kimi to no kyori wo hakarenai mama
Mabataki mo dekinai

Vanilla nagai yoru dakara
Motto kimi wo misasete
Kono mama futari sekai ga owaru made daki aitai
Sonna yuuwaku ni oborete

To see your smile is all I need (all I need)
Nozomu mama subete sasageru
To know that you're my destiny (my destiny)
Ikiru imi wo kurata kara

Vanilla amai yume no you na
Warui kimi ga hoshii yo
Midara na Kiss de hodokenaku naru made daki aitai

Vanilla nagai yoru dakara
Motto kimi wo misasete
Kono mama futari sekai ga owaru made daki aitai
Soshite eien ni ochiteku...

Vanilla, give me your touch
Because you may damage me
It's burning love and sweetest kiss
Tonight, I'll be there for you
Vanilla, give me your love
Because you may play with me
Let's make it dirty, by you and me

Vanilla, concedimi il tuo tocco,
Perchè tu possa danneggiarmi,
Questi sono un amore ardente ed il più dolce bacio.
Stanotte sarò qui per te.
Vanilla, dammi il tuo amore,
Perchè tu possa giocare con me.
Sporchiamolo, passandolo da te a me.

É una notte così tranquilla, la luce è tremolante,
Le punte delle dita che mi toccano,
Stai evitando le mie labbra come se stessi giocando col mio cuore.
Slacci i miei bottoni nel buio,
Usami a tuo piacimento.

Quel profumo è troppo penetrante (lo so...) ma non posso rinunciarci.
La distanza che c'era tra noi due
Non è durata nemmeno un battito di ciglia.

Vanilla, dato che la notte è lunga,
Desidero che tu mi streghi ancor di più,
Noi due resteremo così fino alla fine dei tempi, desiderosi di stringerci.
Sto affogando nelle tue tentazioni.

Tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno è vedere il tuo sorriso (tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno)
Ti offrirò tutto ciò che desideri.
So che sei il mio destino (il mio destino).
Perché mi hai dato un motivo per vivere.

Vanilla, come un dolce sogno,
Desidero che tu sia crudele,
Donami peccaminosi baci, fino a non riuscire a fermarti, desiderando stringerci l'un l'altra.

Vanilla, dato che la notte è lunga,
Voglio che tu mi streghi ancor di più,
Noi due resteremo così fino alla fine dei tempi, desiderosi di stringerci.
E sarò innamorato per l'eternità.

Vanilla, concedimi il tuo tocco,
Perchè tu possa danneggiarmi,
Questi sono un amore ardente ed il più dolce bacio.
Stanotte sarò qui per te.
Vanilla, dammi il tuo amore,
Perchè tu possa giocare con me.
Sporchiamolo, passandolo da te a me.
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Nov. 24th, 2011 10:12 pm
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Konbanwa minna! (good evening guys) I'm Pel! How are you?
Today I'm totally out...but..I've a thought for Chii-chan ( [ profile] cyloveyourself), a PelJem's friend...
So... I am here today to introduce a finnish rock band:


Line Up:

Jussi Selo - vocals
Janne Samuli Selo - guitars
Pasi Viitala - guitar
Teemu Rajamäki - bass
Antti Matikainen - drums

Origin: Tampere, Finland

Style: Rock

(Clicca qui per la Biografia in Italiano)

Uniklubi (the finnish for Dream Club) is a finnish rock band which singing in its originary language.
Born in 1999 under the name Pincenez they started to play in night clubs an year after and
recorded a indie demo in english language.
So in 2001 they kept the attention of Lumbago/Universal that sign up the band.

In 2003 Uniklubi recorded their first album Rakkautta Ja Piikkilankaa (Love & Razorblade) but the
drummer quit, so Antti Matikainen join the band.In the May, 21 od 2004 they release first album
and it shot into the Finnish Top Five. THen the album reached platinum in Finland solding more than 30,000 copies.
The title track soon became 2004's most requested track on YleX
(Finland's biggest radio station), and Uniklubi went on to win an Emma for Best New Band.

At November,2 of 2005 was released the second album, Kehä (Circle)that entered the charts at number one.
It stayed in the charts for over 5 months in the Top20 .
The band won a couple more awards that year: the music video for Huomenna snagged an EMMA for Best Video,
and Uniklubi were given a Panda-Femma award for best makeup.
First single of the album Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin (All that I gave) entered the charts at number one.
The second single, Kiertää Kehää (In Orbit) entered the charts at number ten.

In Summer 2006 the band had to cancel its first tour out of Finland in cause Jussi lost his voice for
a bump on his vocal cords. He got a surgery so the band re-started to play during December.

In the 2007 Uniklubi recorded the third album, Luotisade (bullet Rain) which was released the August, 22
preceded in My by the single Vnus.

On September, 17 of 2008 Uniklubi released its first Best Of: Kaikki mitä mä annoin 2003–2008
that contains the new track Rakkaudesta hulluuteen (Love Madness) and their first photobook
by the finnish photograph Jarkko Tiitinen.Then they quit with Universal and sign for
Sony Music, under that recorded the fourth album, Syvään valoon (In the deep of light) which is
realized the March , 4 of 2009. From this album they extract two singles: Polje (Box) and Kukka (Flower).

OnSeptember 22, of 2010, after much gig played with an orchestral band, Uniklubi release their fifth and last album: Kultakalat (Goldfishes)
produced by Jyrki Tuovinen, Lordi and Apulanta's producer before. The album entered the YLEX's charts at number one for 5 weeks
and the two single Aikasi On Nyt(Now it's Your Time) and Maailma Puhaltaa(The World Isn't Lovely) dominated the charts.
and started for the album tour. Then the band started for a tour since August 2011.

Now they take a little break in that had some separate experiences:
Jussi play in an own band called Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefer
Teemu and Antti play in a project-band called Jupiter with Antti Anatomy (Negative) and Paavo Pekkonen (Bloodpit).
The band let we know that on 2012 will record their new album.

Jussi Selo in 2002 played the lead role for the movie Perhöshakki and act in Bloodpit Music Video
of Wise Men Don't Cry starring Antti Anatomy (Negative) .
Jussi also sung for finnish band Lovex, and gived backing vocals for finnish band Negative and Sisu.
Janne previously sung for finnish band Bitch So Sweet and replace Entwine's guitarist for some gigs.


* The password for all downloads is: unkpeljem

2000 Kylmää ja Romanssi (EP)

2000 Olemme yhtä (EP)

2004.04.02 Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa (Single) Download

1.Rakkautta ja Piikkilankaa
3.Rakkautta ja Piikkilankaa  Video

2004.05.21 Rakkautta Ja Piikkilankaa (Album) Download

Kiinni jään
Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa
Totta vai tarua
Näiden tähtien alla
Niin se meidät löytää
Hetki hiljaisuutta
Lupa tuntea
Olemme yhtä

2004.07.30 Kylmää (Single) Download

1. Kylmää (radio edit)
2. Kauniit

2005.08.31 Totuus (Single)

2005.09 Näiden Tähtien Alla (Promotional Single)

2005.11.02 Kehä (Album) Download

Kiertää kehää
Kaikki mitä mä annoin
Ei kukaan
Kaksi kuvaa

2005.10 Kaikki Mitä Ma Annoin (Single) Download

1. Kaikki mitä mä annoin
2. Olemme yhtä

2005.11 Huomenna (Promotional Single)

2006.02 Tuhka (Promotional Single)

2006.03.08 Kiertää kehää (Single) Download

1. Kiertää Kehää
2. Totta Vai Tarua (live at Tampereen Klubi 20.02.05)
2007.05.07 Vnus (Promotional Single)

1. Vnus

2007.05.30 Vnus (Single) Download

1. Vnus
2. Aurinkoni

2007.06 Luotisade (Promotoional Single)

1. Luotisade

2007.08.22 Luotisade (Album) Download

Älä jää
Paha sisällä
Varjoon juuttunut
Aika mustaa muistot
Vapauta meidät
Se ei lähde pois

2007.11.21 Varjoon Juuttunut (Single) Download

1. Varjoon juuttunut
2. Koko talvi kesämökillä

2008.02 Varjot (Promotional Single)

2008.09.18 Kaikki mitä mä annoin 2003–2008 (Album) Download

Rakkaudesta hulluuteen
Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa
Kaikki mitä mä annoin
Näiden tähtien alla
Kiertää kehää
Liian lähellä
Varjoon juuttunut
Kiveen (akustinen versio)
Koko talvi kesämökillä

2008.11 Rakkaudesta Hulluuteen (Single)

1. Rakkaudesta Hulluteen

2009.01.12 Polje (Promotional Single)

1. Polje

2009.02.04 Polje (Single) Download

1. Polje
2. Lasinsirpaleilla (Akustinen version)

2009.03.04 Syvään Valoon (Album) Download

En rakasta sinua enää
Mitä vittua?
Syvä valo
Liian lähellä
Niin kuin kaikki muut
Loppuun asti

2009.06 Kukka (Promotional Single)

1. Kukka

2009.08.26 Mitä vittua? (EP) Download

1. Mitä vittua
2. Reikiä Seinään
3. T.N.S.M.T.
4. Vnus (Live)
5. Kiinni jään (Live)

2010.07.30 Aikasi On Nyt (Single)

1. Aikasi On Nyt

2010.09.22 Kultakalat (Album) Download

Aikasi on nyt
Maailma puhaltaa
Silkkiin käärittyinä
Poispäin minusta
Sinä maalaat mieleni

* The password for all downloads is: unkpeljem

This downloads are only for promotional intent. If you enjoy this music support the artist and buy original  CD.



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