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So guys, today I'm here just for letting you all know
that starting from May, 2017 I stopped to upload A.B.C-Z radio show here on my journal.

I'll continue the upload only at [ profile] crazy_accel .
(Check the "radio" tags on the community to find the masterpost)

Have a nice summer~

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Here the masterpost for Go!Go!5's January episodes!

As always, this post will be locked a week after the upload of the last episode of the month .


☆2017.01.07 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #41 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.14 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #42 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.21 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #43 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.28 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #44 >>DOWNLOAD<<

*Click HERE for episodes #36~#40 (December, 2016)*

*Click HERE for episodes #44~#48 (February, 2017)*

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Hey guys, here the January masterpost for
ダイヤルA.B.C☆E (Dial A.B.C☆E) episodes!

I hope you all are doing fine!
Sorry for taking so long with the updates.

As always, this post will be locked a week after the upload of the last episode of the month .

Radio Show Website:
Radio Show Twitter:
Radio Show Email:

☆2017.01.06 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #15 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.13 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #16 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.20 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #17 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.01.27 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #18 >>DOWNLOAD<<

*Click HERE for episodes #10~#14 (December, 2016)*
*Click HERE for episodes #19~#22 (February, 2017)*
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Happy New Year!!
So, as I do every year, I'm going to share my music playlist of 2016!

As always all the data are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate
enough to be shared...

Here my most listened artist during 2016:

01 - NEWS
02 - A.B.C-Z
03 - 超特急 (Choutokkyuu)
05 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuuma)
07 - √5 (Root Five)
08 - KAT-TUN
09 - TOKIO
10 - The LadyBird
11 - The Rasmus
12 - 細谷佳正 (Hosoya Yoshimasa)
13 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
14 - INKT
17 - Leverage
18 - 橋本良亮 (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
19 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
20 - tacica

Ok, if the 1st six places are pretty expected, because they're the artists I really followed the most this past year,
I'm pretty surprised by The LadyBird, The Rasmus and Hosoya Yoshimasa...
I didn't remember at all to have listened so much to them, while I believed to have listened more to SPYAIR and OLDCODEX.
Also, I didn't expect that INKT had dropped at the 14th place...Well, probably it's beause I didn't get its new album, so
I haven't listened to anything from them recently...

Here my most played songs during 2016:

01 - 細谷佳正 - go on (Hosoya Yoshimasa - Go On)
02 - NEWS - ヒカリノシズク (NEWS - Hikari No Shizuku)
03 - NEWS - Touch
04 - A.B.C-Z - Great5
05 - A.B.C-Z - PERIOD
06 - NEWS - Wonder
07 - NEWS - 星の旅人たち (NEWS - Hoshi no Tabibito-tachi)
08 - MY FIRST STORY - One Light
09 - A.B.C-Z - Tomorrow
10 - 橋本良亮 - Crazy about you (Hashimoto Ryosuke - Crazy About You)*
11 - 中山優馬 - Feeling Me Softly (Nakayama Yuuma - Feeling Me Softly)*
12 - MY FIRST STORY - 君の唄 (MY FIRST STORY - Kimi no Uta)*
14 - スキマスイッチ - Ah Yeah!! (Sukima Switch - Ah Yeah!!)**
15 - 超特急 Feat. Marty Friedman - Beautiful Chaser (Choutokkyuu Ft Marty Friedman - Beautiful Chaser)**
16 - MY FIRST STORY - Missing You**
17 - NEWS - BYAKUYA***
18 - tacica - Leo***
19 - A.B.C-Z - Fly a Flag****
20 - MY FIRST STORY - Home****
超特急 — Yell (Choutokkyuu - Yell)****

*/**/***/****= These song have the same number of listen,
and number 20 are both those songs because all of them have the same number of listen,
that actually are the same number of listen of number 19.

Waaaait, what?!?! Hosoyan's song at the first place?? Seriously???
I was truly convinced that my most listened song of the year was actually "One Light"
my obsession since I heard it for the first time, having me crying while listening to it.
For the rest I'm not so surprised... I just thought "Fly a Flag" was in upper positions and
that was present in the list BURNOUT SYNDROMES' song ヒカリアレ(Hikari Are) was in the list...

And after it:

The last song listened in 2016: 渋谷すばる — 琉我 (Shibutani Subaru - Ruwa)

The 1st song listened on 2017: セツナクルーズ — 777 (Setunacrews - 777 )

Ok, that's all for 2016 music...
So, what do you think about it? What is your 2016 play list?
If you feel like that leave me a comment and let's talk about it!
Have a nice day/afternoon/night!

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Here the latest episodes of October,
you can find the 1st episodes of November in new posts.


☆2016.10.29 - A.B.C-Z Go!Go!5 #31

☆2016.10.28 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #05
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Hi guys!
This time I'm sharing the 2nd Ebi regular radio show...
I didn't plan to do it, because Budhe-chan [ profile] tetsuko_himura was already sharing it,
but since she missed the 3rd episode, and I was going to upload it for her,
I thought I should have uploaded it for everyone needs it.

A.B.C-Z Konya wa J's Club (A.B.C-Z Tonight's J's Club) is a radio show that airs the last Tuesday of each month,
and it looks like many guests (especially Johnny's Jr) will appear in it.

Note: I don't live in Japan, so I'm not the one recording this radio show, it's people living there who share it with me,
so I can't guarantee that they'll keep on recording/sharing it, but as long as they'll do I'll keep on uploading it.

RADIO SHOW EMAIL: >>Click Here<<

☆2016.04.26 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #01 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.05.04 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #02 >>DOWNLOAD<< 「スペシャル10時台」

☆2016.05.31 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #03 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.06.28 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #04 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.07.26 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #05 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.08.12 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #06 >>DOWNLOAD<< 「夏スペシャル8時台」Guest: ふぉ〜ゆ〜 (4U.)

☆2016.08.12 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #06 >>DOWNLOAD<< 「夏スペシャル9時台」Guest: ふぉ〜ゆ〜 (4U.)

☆2016.08.30 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #07 >>DOWNLOAD<< NOT AIRED BECAUSE OF THE TYPHOON.

☆2016.09.23 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #07 >>DOWNLOAD<<「秋スペシャル 前半」Guest: 屋良朝幸 (Yara Tomoyuki)

☆2016.09.23 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #07 >>DOWNLOAD<<「秋スペシャル 後半」Guest: 屋良朝幸 (Yara Tomoyuki)

☆2016.09.27 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #08 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.10.18 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #09 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.11.29 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #10 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.12.27 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 20161227 #11「年末スペシャル8時台 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2016.12.27 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 20161227 #11「年末スペシャル9時台 >>DOWNLOAD<<

For 2017 Masterpost click HERE
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Hey you guys, guys playzone!

How are you all doing???? Is 2016 started well?

Soooo, I'm here to do the usual thing I'm doing in the latest 2 years...

My "Music playlist of the year 2016"

Also this time, all the data are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate enough~

Anyway if you want to share your list of songs, or discuss about it, please leave a comment!

Here my most listened artist during 2015:

01 - A.B.C-Z
02 - 超特急 (Choutokkyuu)
03 - TOKIO
04 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma)
06 - INKT
08 - KAT-TUN
09 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
10 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
11 - 雅-MIYAVI-
12 - セツナケルーズ (Setunacrews)
13 - √5 (RootFive)
14 - NEWS
15 - タッキー&翼 (Tackey&Tsubasa)
17 - Mr. Children
18 - Bon Jovi
19 - 橋本良亮 (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
20 - Poets Of The Fall

Oook.... I was really surprised about this ranking...
I mean, I knew that A.B.C-Z would have been in the upper places and Choutokkyuu too, but TOKIO 3rd?!
Really?? When I listened so much to them, again? O.o also Yuma... It's pretty high even if I knew I listened
to him a lot the past winter-spring (Pretty much fault of YOLOmoment I guess) but... Hasshi in the list...
I wouldn't ever imagined it...
Oh well, another playlist FUUULLLLLL of japanese music...

Here my most played songs during 2015:

01  - 中山優馬 - 貯金箱  (Nakayama Yuma - Chokin Bako)
02  - A.B.C-Z - ずっとLOVE (A.B.C-Z - ZuttoLOVE)
03  - A.B.C-Z - 恋に落ちたボディガード (A.B.C-Z - Koi Ni Ochita Bodyguard)
04  - A.B.C-Z - Finally Over
06  - セツナクルーズ - filter (Setunacrews - filter)
07  - Jonne Aaron - Taivas Itkee Hiljaa*
08  - 超特急 - ikki!!!!!i!! (Choutokkyuu - Ikki!!!!!i!!)*
09  - セツナクルーズ - extreme (Setunacrews - filter)**
10  - A.B.C-Z - A.B.C-Z LOVE**
11  - 超特急 - Believe×Believe (Choutokkyuu - Believe×Believe)**
12  - A.B.C-Z - ボクラ~LOVE&PEACE~ (A.B.C-Z - Bokura~LOVE&PEACE~)**
13  - A.B.C-Z - 僕らのこたえ〜Here We Go〜 (A.B.C-Z - Bokura No Kotae~Here We Go~)**
14  - ジャニーズWEST - My Best Friend (Johnny's WEST - My Best Friend)***
15  - セツナクルーズ - ハイブリッドマン (Setunacrews - Hybrid Man)***
16  - 橋本良亮 - One by One (Hashimoto Ryosuke - One by One)****
17  - セツナクルーズ - 旅立ちの日に (Setunacrews - Tabidachi No Hini)****
18  - 超特急 - EBiDAY EBiNAI (Choutokkyuu - EBiDAY EBiNAI)*****
19  - セツナクルーズ - Morning purple (Setunacrews - Morning purple)*****
20  - A.B.C-Z - 5 rings
        橋本良亮 - 恋涙 (Hashimoto Ryosuke - Koi Namida)
        戸塚祥太 - 君といた (Totsuka Shota - Kimi Toita)
        GLAY - 時計 (GLAY - Tokei)
        みーちゃん - The Fox (Mi-chan - The Fox)
        セツナクルーズ - sky Fall (Setunacrews - sky Fall)

*/**/***/****= These song have the same number of listen,
and number 20 are all those songs because all of them have the same number of listen.

Yeah, I like Chokin Bako but!!!! Why first?!?! Have I really listened it SO MANY TIMES??
I thought the most listened song of 2015 was Choutokkyuu's "Beautiful Chaser" because I totally fell for that
song but it isn't even listed!! Why???
Also, ZuttoLOVE as second song??? Are you joking?? I don't dislike it but I never was really into that song O___O Also, Jonne Aaron's song... I remember I listened it the past winter but... SO MANY TIMES????
If LastFM-san didn't tell me I would never ever ever imagined such ranking!

And now:

The last song listened on 2015: タッキー&翼 - 青春の先の希望 (Tackey&Tsubasa - Seishun No Saki No Kibou)

The 1st song listened on 2016: 蛇足 / 【蓮】 - 盲目の宇宙飛行士 (Dasoku x Ren - Moumoku No Uchuu Hikoushi)

So... Have a nice day and a happy new year, once again!
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I did the same thing the past year, so why not doing the same this year?

All the datas are provided from lastfm, so they are supposed to be accurate enough ^^

Anyway if you want to share your list of songs, or discuss about it, please leave a comment!

Here my most listened artist during 2014:

01 - A.B.C-Z
03 - INKT
04 - KAT-TUN
05 - ジャニーズWEST (Johnny's WEST)
06 - 中山優馬 (Nakayama Yuma)
07 - Sexy Zone
08 - Guys Playzone (Playzone Cast from 2011-2012-2013)
09 - Koma'n
10 - √5
11 - FT Island
12 - The LadyBird
13 - Tarja Turunen
14 - Poets Of The Fall
15 - 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8)
16 - Hammerfall
17 - NEWS
19 - Elvenking
20 - Kis-My-Ft2

Awww somehow I think there's something weird in this ranking LOL
For the 1st 3 position I expected it... They are my most loved groups right now...
But... KAT-TUN in the 4th position?? Seriously?? I didn't expect it at all!
Plus, Sexy Zone at 7th!! I was really into "Bad Boys" and "Power of Run" I guess...
Koma'n at the 9th is weird as well... I mean, I don't remember when was the last time I listened to his music O.O
Same thing for Hammerfall and Elvenking! NEWS I guess it's because I loved the World Cup Theme Song, and I overlistened to it LOL About Kisumai I don't exactly know... Oh, right, it could be because of "Luv Sick"...
But I think it's still odd...

Here my most played songs during 2014:

01 - A.B.C - Z - 僕らのこたえ 〜Here We Go〜  (A.B.C - Z - Bokura No Kotae ~Here We Go~)
02 - ジャニーズWEST - ええじゃないか (Johnny's WEST - Ee Ja Nai Ka)
03 - Kis-My-Ft2 - Luv Sick
04 - ジャニーズWEST - バンザイ夢マンサイ (Johnny's WEST - Banzai Yume Mansai)
05 - Poets Of The Fall - Cradled In Love
06 - ジャニーズWEST - その先ヘ...(Johnny's WEST - Sono Saki e...)
07 - ジャニーズWEST - 浪速一等賞! (Naniwa Ittoushou!)
08 - 中山優馬 - Missing Piece (Nakayama Yuma - Missing Piece)
09 - A.B.C - Z - 5rings
10 - INKT - A Whole New World
11* - 中山優馬 - 愛までがナイフ (Nakayama Yuma - Ai Made Ga Naifu)
12* - 中山優馬 - High Five (Nakayama Yuma - High Five)
13**- 中山優馬 - So Crazy (Nakayama Yuma - So Crazy)
14**- MY FIRST STORY - 不可逆リプレイス (MY FIRST STORY - Fukyagaku Replace)
15**- INKT - Iron Heart
16**- INKT - Fight For Freedom
17**- INKT - Nobody Knows
18***- 中山優馬 - Blossom Tree (Nakayama Yuma - Blossom Tree)
19***- INKT - 45'
20 - INKT - Trigger

*/**/***= These song have the same number of listen.

Wow... I totally didn't expect this kind of list..
The only one I knew was the 1st place...
I was totally into "Bokura no Kotae"... But the others...
Ehhh? All those JWest songs? Really? And even Yuma's?!
Plus... Luv Sick... O.o This isn't even my fav song of Kisumai...
But I guess it's because I listened to it a lot of times while I was karaoking it -.-
Damn my scrobber who scrobs basically from everywhere I turn on music.
I'm shocked for the low position of Fukyagaku Replace...
I loved so much that song but... Somehow it's only at 14th place O.O
So weird!!

Anyway, I want also add:

The last song listened on 2014: 男闘呼組 – 翼なき疾走 (Otokogumi - Tsubasa Naki Shissou)

The 1st song listened on 2015: Ill Niño - Me Gusta La Soledad

So... Have a nice day and a happy new year, once again!
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So, it happened that a couple of weeks ago I fell in love so much with THIS song, that...
( [ profile] drowsy_observer it's your fault!! XP )

I decided to try to write down the lyric...
<-- Feel free to download the song and flail at Ebi!!

It's juts the short version they performed at Shokura (you can download the performance HERE at
[ profile] tomapiya 's journal) ,
but it's SSSSOOO cool!


It's finally over
ここから 始まりの 時動き出す
Restart 舞うよ 歪んで空を
変えてゆく この手で…
Bright Now!

戦いの中残る 5stars
手にした (力で)
(Baby…) 痛み 苦しむ闇
(Ready!) 終わらせに行こう

It’s finally over   必ず 掴むんだ  あの光を
Restart 飛べよ  はぐれ多世界
Fly High!

Yeah, ready go

さあ今こそたたえろ 歓喜の声 so yellow
頭上続くblueへ 上昇誘うNew Wave
闇に陽が混じリpurple world
烈火な情熱Red Color

Ready… Let’s go!
(Break the World)
(Break the World)
(Break the World)
(Break the World)

It’s finally over   必ず 掴むんだ  あの光を
Restart 飛べよ  はぐれ多世界
It’s finally over (It’s finally over)
ここから (change the world)
始まりの時動き出す (don’t never stop)
Restart 舞うよ
歪んで空を (Yes bright now! Yeah!)
変えてゆく この手で…
Bright Now!
Bright Now! Yeah!


It’s finally over
Koko kara   hajimari no  toki ugokidasu
Restart  mauyo hizunde sora wo
Kaete yuku kono te de…
Bright Now!

Tatakai no nakanokoru 5stars
Nani ka wo kanji atsumaru 5rings
Yume wo tomoni kanaeru 5people
Tenishita (chikara de)
Mamori ataeru mono
(Baby…) namida itami kurushimu yami
(Ready!) omaharase ni yukou

It’s finally over kanarazu tsukamunda ano hikari wo
Restart tobeyo hagureta sekai
Kowo egaki hitotsu ni…
Fly High!

Yeah, ready go!

Saa ima koso tataero  kanki no koe so yellow
Zujou tsudzuku blue he joushou sasou new wave
Ai de somari iku pink na heart
Yami ni higa konjiri purple world
Rekka na jounetsu Red Color

Ready… Let’s go!
(Break the World)
Kako wa sutero
(Break the World)
Mae ni susume
(Break the World)
Yume no tame ni
(Break the World)

It’s finally over kanarazu tsukamunda ano hikari wo
Restart tobeyo hagureta sekai
Kowo egaki hitotsu ni…
It’s finally over (It’s finally over)
Koko kara (change the world)
Hajimari no  toki ugokidasu (don’t never stop)
Restart mauyo
Hizunde sora wo (Yes bright now! Yeah!)
Kaete yuku kono te de…
Bright Now!
Bright Now! Yeah!

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Here the last episode.
Ecco l'ultimo episodio.



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Here episode 12.
Ecco l'episodio 12.


"17:00! Dopo di che, mi sono diretto verso la cassa del ristorante del quartiere, per pagare il conto!"

"17:00! After that I walked over to pay the bill at the register in my neighborhood restaurant!"
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Here episode 11.
Ecco l'episodio 11.


"Ore 15. Ho infilzato la crocchetta dall'esterno con le bacchette."

"3 PM. I poked through the outside of the croquette with the chopstick. "
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Here the 10th.
Ecco la 10°.


"Ore 13. Dopo aver fissato il menu del ristorante del quartiere, ho scelto il piatto a base di crocchette."

"1 PM. After staring at the menu in a neighborhood restaurant for a while, I picked the croquette meal. "
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Here the 9th.
Ecco la 9°.


"11 del mattino. Il mio stomaco brontolava, quindi sono andato in questo ristorantino nel mio quartiere!"

"11 AM. My stomach growled, so I went to this diner in my neighborhood!"
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Here the 8th.
Ecco la 8°.


"6 del mattino. Sono a letto dopo aver disegnato Tottsu-Koma!"

"6 AM. I'm in bed after drawing Tottsu-Koma!"
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Hey guys! How are you?
I was planning to write this post 3 days ago, but lately I didn't feel good, so...
I'm going to write it now...

March 12, 2014.
This is a day to remember!
Are you wondering why?!
Of course because it was Ebi day!!

Basically A.B.C-Z had a Album Debut!
I mean, they debuted 2 years ago, in February 1st, but...
They always released DVDs until now, and finally...
Their 1st album, "from A.B.C to Z".

On the previous day I already was in "I can't wait" mode, and the fact that a friend said in her twitter that she already received her copy, didn't help me to stop XD
I kept on saying to her things like "I'm in abstinence from Ebi!!"
Sorry Ellen, when it comes to Ebi I always can't wait...

When I checked the phone, in the morning of March 12nd, I found a mail from Ebi!

Ah~ They really are precious, isn't it?

Anyway, while I was downloading Ellen's copy....
They delivered my copies!

There were also 2 clearfiles as bonus~
Ebi are amazing~
(Ok, that asshole from the customs added again further customs duties and I got angry, but... Seriously, Ebi are Ebi! Only who knows Ebi can understand it!)
Oh, right... I got Gocchi's card this time...
Usually I find the Hasshi one, but this time Gocchi's...
Not bad, isn't it?
Well, I always wanted to get Tottsu or Fumi, but it's ok also like that ^^
I wanna think that this is Gocchi period!

Uhmn... What else I should say?
Oh, right! I got addicted right away to 5Rings!
Thinking that Tottsu wrote it, makes me feel so proud of him,
and of Ebi!!
And... Still a thing!

Ebi left some message on j-web for the album release!

Uhmn... I still have things not-Ebi related to write, but I feel so tired and weak...
And I also have to do laundry...
So, I think I'll stop here for now...
See you in another entry... But...

I would like to know what's your favorite song from Ebi album, and
if you enjoyed it ^^

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Here the 7th.
Ecco la 7°.


"Sommersi dalle Torte"

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Ok, I decided... If no-one will comment until when Vol.8 will be released, I'll stop to doing this entries.
Ok, ho deciso... Se nessuno commenterà entro l'uscita del Vol.8, smetterò di postare questa serie.


"La vita quotidiana di un logo."                        

housekini: (Tottsu2 Housekini)
Hey, you out there! There is someone interested in this serie?
Hey, voi là fuori! C'è qualcuno interessato a questa serie?


"Fuggire dai loghi"

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I'm thinking to quit in posting this series... This entries are never commented by anyone...
Sto pensando di smettere di postare questa serie... Questi post non sono mai stati commentati da nessuno...


"Dallo sguardo minaccioso"
(From the menacing scowl)                            



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