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Hello minna!
We are Pel, Chii and Mò!
We subbed NazoDì special to wish
to get well soon at our dear friend Jem.

Ganbare ne sistaa!
We are all with you!

Motto ganbatte, ganbatte
kakenukete hikari wo oikoshite~

Hai! Faito for the eitooo!
Gomen Jem, I'm always off topic T.T

Fightin' Rò!
I hope hentai is with you!!

from the gospel according Chii...

Hai, hai, hai, hai, Haiiii!
<- She became Inspector Kazamatsuri!

Even though you're far away,
I'm close to you. Take care.

I Feel smell of tatic to
steal the ichiban! Neeee?

Iie! We made a deal: She got the
precedence about the ichiban,

and I wait my turn...
Meanwhile you enjoy Uepi...

What? R U maybe able to read my mind??

We wanna thanks very much [ profile] aishizuki  for her very good english subs,
And [ profile] ourhour that provided the RAW.

I wanna thanks from the heart [ profile] midnightfo and [ profile] cyloveyourself for help me
to take on this project, and for their efforts in auditing and Q.C.

I also wanna apologize to the fansub who booked this SP drama.
I really don't want to steal you this job, it's only happened because
it was the only way I knew to give a little smile to my dear friend
who was hospitalized 700 km away from me.

And now, enjoy our subs!

Hello minna! (salve gente)
Siamo Pel, Chii e .
Abbiamo subbato lo Special di NazoDì
per augurare buona guarigione alla nostra Jem!

Ganbare ne sistaa!
Siamo tutte con te! 

Motto ganbatte, ganbatte
kakenukete hikari wo oikoshite~


Hai! Faito for the eitooo!
Gomen Jem, sono sempre fuori tema T.T

Fightin' Rò!
E che l'hentai sia con te!!

Dal vangelo secondo Chii...

Hai, hai, hai, haiii!
<- è diventata l'ispettore Kazamatsuri T.T

Anche se sei lontana ti sono vicina.
Prenditi cura ti te. Faitooo!

Sento puzza di tattica per 
rubarti l'ichiban... Neeee?

Iie! Noi due abbiamo un patto:
Lei ha la precedenza sull'ichiban,

ed io aspetto il mio turno...
E intanto ti spupazzi Uepi...

Ma che mi leggi nella mente??

Ringraziamo molto [ profile] aishizuki per i suoi splendidi subs inglesi,
[ profile] ourhour per averci fornito la RAW.

Ringrazio di cuore [ profile] midnightfo[ profile] cyloveyourself per avermi aiutato
a realizzare questo progetto, e per il loro impegno nella revisione e nel QC.

Voglio anche scusarmi con il fansub che ha prenotato questo Special.
Non era davvero mia intenzione "rubarvi" il drama, è capitato solamente perchè
è stato l'unico modo che mi è venuto in mente per regalare un sorriso ad una mia
cara amica ricoverata in ospedale a 700 km da me.

Ed ora godetevi questi subs!


RAW:  MF Folder


*Per una corretta visualizzazione dei sottotitoli siete invitati ad installare i font utilizzati per i subs sul vostro computer, non vi creeranno alcun tipo di problema, anzi vi permetteranno la miglior visualizzazione possibile. Se non sapete come installarli seguite QUESTA GUIDA (in fondo al masterpost).*

PASSWORD: housekini_NDSP

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Hi people, hi Pel I'm back!
Konnichiwa Jem! R U ok?
HAI! But...yesterday I saw a bad movie at cinema..
Really? Ahh not good! So 
it wasn't  a beautiful night I guess..
Yep..............But I could dream about Sho tonight!
Aaaahhh??? RRRealllly??? Talk me, talk mee!
There's Sho on a Mandarin's tree...
Was on a mandarin's tree??
Yes, and..the childrens say him to get off...
Ah? Chotto! Turn back from the start...
Ok..there was Sho on a mandarin's tree on my grandfather land... I shooting him with mandarins and he cried a lot, so the kids say him : "Daddy, Daddy, don't cry, get off, Mom will forgive you!"
Waaah! So strange!
Sho crying was so beautiful..................................
èhm..what are you thinkin' about?? 

Oh, nothing..but when I woke up I was angry...
Maybe steal he your loved mandarins? 

No, nothing like it.. Mmmmnnnn...
Your dreams are so strange...
But I usually don't dream..
In truth we dream each time we sleep, but we arn't always able to remember our dreams..
Oh...If only I could remember another kind of dream 'bout Sho.........
Anothet Kind of dream??? HENTAI!
*Hentai is the Japanese for Pervert/Maniac
You always think bad! 
What would you suggest nyaa?
That you think always bad think 'bout me...
So..tell me, what other kind of dream you wished do?
Is there not another question?
No, I think.. I abstain...
Hahaha Ok..
Yosh! See U soon people!
C U soon! Have a grat week end!
Pel! Today is only Thursday!'re right, sorry! So..Have a nice evening! Byee
Ja ne!


I can't imagen what can think people who read our posts..
Nande??  *Nande is the Japanese for Why
For the people I seem a maniac!
Maybe you would say you're not it?
What fu**in' questions you do?? Are you calling me freak?
You can't convince me..
èhh I'm late for dinner byee Jeeem
Hey! Dont Runaway!

Hi There

Oct. 24th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Hi, I'm Pel and I am Jem!

Hereafter we'll wrote in two differents colorsto be recognized.

I (Pel) wrote in Cyan 'cause I really love this color..

And I (Jem) wrote in RED!!  

Red? Because is Sakurai Sho color of course '-.- you're fixed up whith this guy!!

No, I'm not ! It's just matter of heart: We are two parts of the same heart, so all that is indivisible!! 

Yosh! We totally lost her... ANYWAY......

We are from Italy, me from the north, near Milan, and I come from the deeper of a town unknown to humans, called Latina, near Rome...
We're here to lose our time talk and know about Japan and especially about kakkoi japaneses.  
Hey Jem! Your hentai-mode is on!! Stop it!!
Whey, why I got the part of the freak
Because you usually is the maniac and me the moralizer....
Ah ok..let me know it...
In our conversations is really always like this...
It's the old age, I leak...
Why  you think the worst? You are freaky too!

Ok...It's the time to talk 'bout Japan........(Jem, start to wrote! Be poetic!)
Japan is in's ok Pel?
Among their people there are some human puppies who make shine western's eyes...
OMG...Chotto Matte Jem! What 'bout you're talkin'???
Sorry now I bring my brother to the gym..
Ah? Playing him basketball?
No, he play taekwondo..he won two gold medals and one silver...
What's that??
A korean martial art!
Ahh,  he beat  others guys...
Athletic and acrobatic fights!
Ohhh, good... I let you go.... C U later!



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